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Some interesting tidbits that stood out to me recently:

Free admission to Disneyland on your birthday in 2009. Very cool, especially since we will be living just a little over an hour away!

I loved Tammy’s attitude about hard work in this post on canning a surprise bounty of tomatoes, “Did I need the extra tomatoes right now? No, I didn’t. But what if next year’s need was being supplied right now — and I refused it? How can we throw away food today and yet expect tomorrow’s needs to be supplied.” Great way to see how God’s hand is providing for all our needs.

I’m intrigued by this blog, $5Dinners. I, too, often calculate the cost of our dinnertime meals and am always pleased when I can feed our crew for supercheap. Check out some great recipes and frugal meal ideas.

How about 10 Tips for Mastering a Messy House? Yes, ma’am. I’ll take all the help I can get.

Frugal Dad’s got a good reminder about being patient here. And we all know that I need a good dose of that virtue this week.

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  1. Love $5 Dinners! How come my cheap dinners never look so yummy? And I feel slightly obsessed with looking at the picture of the blue door. Do you know where it is? (And if you say it’s your house, I will have to come find you. 🙂 )

  2. Thanks for those links! I especially love the Disneyland one. We have not been yet. Money..everything takes money!

    I’ll be anxious to head over to that five buck meal one too! Again. .. money. 🙂

  3. Katie, you’re funny. No, it’s not my door. But, the francophile in me says that it’s somewhere in Europe, probably France.

  4. Hey our family has Disney passes and we are about 40 min away in Pasadena so we will have to meet up on your birthday…..course we are down in SD a lot too. I will be praying for your move.

  5. PS…..October 1-31 is free for kids at the San Diego Zoo and Adults are 10% off if you have AAA. WE might head down for that. Thought you would like to know another free deal in your new area.

    I will be thinkin of ya tomorrow on the plane.

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