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Just a few things that I appreciated this past week or so. Enjoy!

I liked this idea for a drawstring bag from Small Notebook. I’m thinking of kid-ifying it by sewing them out of themed fabric. I could make one for each kid and fill it with love notes, candies, and a few gift cards. Yes, similar to stocking stuffers, but the rip into those pretty quickly.

Thankfully, most of my kids have hard teeth like mine and aren’t susceptible to too many cavities. However, I am woefully aware of what inadequate brushing can do. Check out this post about Brushing Your Baby’s Teeth for some helpful suggestions.

My cyber-friend JessieLeigh maintains a great blog to support and encourage parents of premature infants — and to educate the rest of us. I’ve learned a lot, in particular this little tidbit about how you can help hospitalized children. I was struck by the fact that pulltabs from pop cans are worth something! Go here for more details on how to support the Ronald McDonald House charities.

Be inspired by families who adopt children with Down Syndrome here. I love this demonstration of love.

Lastly, I really appreciated the wisdom in Shannon‘s post, What We Remember; gave me pause (again) to think through what memories I’m leaving my kids with.

No wants a crabby mom.

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  1. JessieLeigh says:

    There are some great links there… thanks, Jessica! Shannon’s post made me cry but in a good “I’m-a-sap-and-it’s-OK-if-I-cry-and-blubber-because-well-I’m-a-girl-so-there!” kind of a way. 🙂

  2. bassackwards mom says:

    ever ran across this problem?? I bought my blog layout and someone has stolen it from me by doing a screenshot!! I am so frustrated! I love blogging, but this has really left me with a bad taste in my mouth!! Not to mention she’s advertising hers EXACTLY word for word as mine!!!

    What would you do??? You seem to be an avid blogger, and I adore your site. I did a recent blogpost about it on my blog. I’m hoping by sheer embarassment she’ll take down her ripped off screenshot copy of my blog.

    my blog:

    HER blog:

  3. I started taking my kids to a pediatric dentist when I moved here and got the best advice ever on how to brush their teeth….No toothpaste and have them lay their head in your lap like they would be in a dentist chair…it is so much easier to get their back teeth especially. Then when I am done they do their own with a little toothpaste. He said that you really don’t need toothpaste to get their teeth clean and when they are young it is better without. Since I switched to this method it has been easier to get ALL their teeth clean and they are getting 95-100% on their brushing scores when they do see the dentist.

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