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A box of love letters in the garage holds many memories and the start of our marriage.

This post is sponsored by Hallmark.Love Letters - A box of love letters in the garage holds many memories and the start of our marriage.Twenty-two years ago today I was wandering the streets of Paris with my friend Sarah and some new girls we’d met on the plane overseas. I was, as my French mom so often introduced me, une jeune fille americaine. I was uber-optimistic, totally clueless, and much naive about the world. I had book knowledge, but I had a long way to go in street smarts. Ha! In many ways I still do.

About six months before I left, I met the man I would marry. I thought so at the time, and it’s been confirmed this past twenty years and six kids later. Fish was nine years my senior and a huge encouragement to my jetting off to France for a year. Unlike the boyfriends of my peers, he knew that if I stayed home for him I would always regret it and wonder.

I’ve always been incredibly thankful for his wisdom. This was early evidence of it.

That ten months (it wasn’t quite a year) was hard in many ways. I’d never really been away from my family. I had a boyfriend with whom I was totally smitten. And my French skills were abominable. Today, as I research our family’s European Vacation, I shake my head in wonder about how many details I missed because of the language barrier. If only we’d had the internet back then….

My college days were before widespread email or internet use. Computer geeks knew what they were, but the rest of us, we used good old fashioned pen and paper.

And for that, I am extremely thankful. In our garage is a banker’s box full of the “love letters” we wrote to each other over that ten month time period.

Love Letters - A box of love letters in the garage holds many memories and the start of our marriage.

This is just an itty-bitty part of that stack. We gave those mailmen a workout, I tell ya. The box is chock full of cards and letters that we sent to each other, without typewriters, computers, email, or text. It’s a tangible way to enjoy the memories of that season. If we had texted or emailed during that year’s time, I doubt that I would have this box of memories. I have rarely printed an email in my life.

We knew then that we wanted to get married. Now we have sappy, handwritten evidence of it! These letters and cards are in some way a piece of history to hand down to our kids and grandkids someday. They are written in our own handwriting. They tell the story of day-to-day life in the US as well as new discoveries made by a young American girl in France.

I don’t know that we would be married if we hadn’t had this international exchange of letters. It kept us in each other’s minds. It worked out our relationship. It helped us know one another’s hopes and dreams without being overly self-conscious to speak them aloud.

I can’t say that there’s one specific card that stands out over the others, but the collection is dear to me. It shows my husband’s thoughtfulness that has stood the test of time. Oh, I don’t get cards that often anymore. But, he shows me in lots of little ways that he thinks of me, that he values me, that he is happy for our past as well as our future together.

Love Letters - A box of love letters in the garage holds many memories and the start of our marriage.

This is us in December 1992. Fish visited me while I was a student, pausing our letter exchanges for real life. We returned to Paris in May 1994 for our honeymoon.

We thought then that we would visit France on a yearly basis. Instead we had babies, dealt with money issues, and worked out life together, for better and for worse. We’re not done yet. Well, we’re probably done with the babies part. But, we are still working out life and money, for better and for worse.

Last night we sat at the table with French maps, notebooks, and iPads. My groom of 20 years now wears reading glasses. He looks so distinguished! And wow! How did we get here? It reminds me of the Browning quote:

Grow old along with me! The best is yet to be.

As we plan our European vacation with all six kids in tow, we’re retracing our steps of that first trip so long ago. We’re enjoying the memories — and looking forward to making new ones with our children.

Love Letters - A box of love letters in the garage holds many memories and the start of our marriage.

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  1. So sweet and precious 🙂

    Now do me a favor, and go photograph what you’ve written in all of those cards for digital preservation – just in case – and in truth – your kids will enjoy them and they can’t all HAVE them years from now, ink fades etc.

    Not like you have anything else to do LOL – make it an archiving project for someone’s history lesson, see what they glean 🙂

    1. oooh better yet make a picture book somewhere online and give it to your hubby for valentine’s day 🙂

      Sorry, LOL getting back to my personal reality now!

  2. I have kept my kid’s artwork; cards and notes to Mama and daddy; and other treasures. From birth to 3 years, I wrote my daughters letters each month. The letters included much of the information typically found in a baby book, but they also included family memories and funny stories. Numerous friends have told me over the years that they do not keep any of this stuff. I think they will regret it later. My kids love to go through their old treasure boxes. They particularly enjoy reading the stories about the silly stuff mom and dad did when we were kids. Anytime I am feeling overwhelmed by motherhood (tweens can be challenging!) and life in general, looking through this stuff brings all those wonderful feelings flooding back. No matter how small our house may be, I always find a place to tuck these away for safe keeping.