Love that Exersaucer

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After we had our first baby, there weren’t too many gadgets that we felt we “had to have” with subsequent babies. We borrowed many of the items that we didn’t want to invest big bucks on.

But one item that we did not want to do without was the Exersaucer. With babies 1 through 5, we were able to borrow an Exersaucer from friends. However, with our last, FishChick 2, we shelled out the big bucks.

And it was worth it.

Not only did it give her opportunity to stretch her legs and build her muscles, but it also gave her a means to interact with the family without being held 24/7. We appreciated not having to hold her 24/7.

Plus, it helped her development without my having to do this:

This week Evenflo is offering an Exersaucer and a “Genius in Training” tshirt to one LifeasMOM reader.

Simply leave a comment on this post, telling us your favorite baby toy.

The winner will be randomly selected and notified by email. S/he will have 48 hours to respond in order to claim the prizes. Comments will be accepted until Sunday, January 16th, 8 pm PST.

This giveaway is now closed. Congrats to walker.shondra@

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  1. Joslyn DeBoode says:

    fave toy: Joobles

  2. We love an exersaucer too. For some reason the simple set of plastic keys kept our little ones entertained.

  3. Busy Ball Popper – My little girl loves it!

  4. My favorite baby toy is Sophie the Giraffe (a teething toy)!

  5. I love the swing!

  6. We love the baby gym for the early days!

  7. The EXERSAUCER was my favorite! We were never able to afford one till baby #4 and then gave it a way when finished. Thinking we would have no more. Well, SURPRIZE! Baby #5 is on the way and I would LOVE to have one again!

  8. Lego! All the way! Duplo for the little guys, Lego for the bigger guys (including moms and dads). They’re open-ended and inspire imagination, and long-lasting. Who wouldn’t love them? Except when you step on them in the middle of the night, they’re great.

  9. We LOVE our swing!! It’s my absolute fave when I have a new baby.. after that, I love a good activity toy or walker.

  10. Thank you for this giveaway! With my first son, I didn’t get an exersaucer until he was about 10 months old…a friend let me borrow it. He used it for a few months but I wondered how I ever survived without it. It has since been returned to my friend. Now that I am expecting #2, I cannot imagine a toy that I would like to have more than an exersaucer. So much fun for the child and entertaining…also a safe place to play!

  11. Jennifer Ott says:

    Oh, I want this; we’ve never had one, and our newest baby (5 weeks old tomorrow) could use it for sure! We love Melissa and Doug wooden toys, esp. our snake and “snapping” turtle.

  12. For babies, gotta be the exersaucer!!!

  13. The exersaucer is great, tied with a jumparoo!

  14. Pam Frohn says:

    We love Bilibos. (and cardboard boxes)

  15. I am due with my first child in July and this would be great! Since I dont have any kids, Ill just share my fav toy when I was young. The original Polly Pockets! Loved them!

  16. Our swing…can’t live without that one! πŸ™‚

  17. My favorite baby toy is a baby swing. Ahhh…soooo soothing for baby!

  18. We didn’t have room for an exersaucer with my first, but now we have plenty of room for one for this baby.

    hmm- favorite baby toy? My daughter absolutely adored her fisher-price rainforest gym.

  19. I don’t have kids, but my favorite toy growing up (and fun gift to give away) was that blue and red ball from Tupperware! It had yellow handles and you could pull it apart and out came various shapes (square, circle, star, etc.) in yellow plastic. Then the ball had each shape cut into it and I would spend hours playing with it! πŸ™‚

  20. I think Little People are a favorite here!

  21. So far, my 2-month-old son loves his play gym. We have this one from Fisher Price:

  22. She loves Sophie the giraffe!

  23. Probably my cell phone πŸ˜‰

  24. right now, my daughter loves her doll which goes everywhere with us.

  25. My son loved his exersaucer and the swing. He also loved just laying on a blanket with some soft toys nearby. He is 3 now, and one thing we still use, that we used from night number 1 in the hospital, and even last night is his “Sleep Sheep”. It plays soothing sounds like a babbling brook, rain, whales, etc. And sleeping with the baby monitor on every night, my husband or I have been known to go back in his room to check on him (and to turn the sheep back on). I don’t think I could sleep without it now! Ha.

  26. Megan Froehlich says:

    We just pulled out some of our old toys from when the boys were babies. The Exersaucer is definitely one that needs to be replaced. The teethers are chewed on and the rattles are all scratched. I have to say that Exersaucer has to win by far as a favorite toy for both of my boys. I am sure that our little girl coming in May will love one just as much!

  27. Sophie the giraffe……..I don’t know why but she’s baby magic!

  28. I loved the exersaucer when they got a bit bigger, before that were floor playmats. I loved being able to let my kids stretch out and play with the hanging toys on them!

  29. we love our swing!

  30. We loved our bouncer (AND our exersaucer). I’m not sure I could have lived without either of them!

    Thanks for the great giveaway!

  31. I absolutely love my linkz toy. Lion loves to play with them by the hour and it really helps to keep his hands occupied.

  32. My kids always love Tupperware measuring cups.

  33. Our first baby is on its way. I have bought only a few items in planning for the arrival, and I love the Sassy Earth Brights Wooden Toy Dove, and hope baby will enjoy it as well.

  34. Blocks. Best toys ever.

  35. Our favorite toy at the moment is our play gym. We can lay our baby on the floor and she loves to look up at the toys, especially the mirror!

  36. Exersaucer as well!

    We are also borrowing items from friends for #3 as we thought we were done having children ….. so we are without the swing, bouncy seat and exersaucer we loved so much with the first 2. So grateful to friends who share with us! πŸ™‚

  37. our swing!! definitely!

  38. Shannon B says:

    Little People toys for one daughter and PlayMobile for the other! Soon to have another little one and sold my exersaucer it was a MUST have when the girls where little!!!!

  39. Baby #3 latched onto a teddy bear- “Brown Bear”, we so creatively call her. πŸ˜‰ I love exersaucers, though! Just don’t get me started about walkers…

  40. My little one loves his washcloth!

  41. Love, love, love the baby swing.

  42. I don’t have any kids yet but I am due in May with my first. I think this would be a great addition.

  43. Squishy books! A favorite of both of my babes!

  44. The glider from fisher price! It was a life saver!!

  45. Alex Hall says:

    My favorite baby toy would be either the exersaucer, swing, or bouncy seat. They all allow mom to have her hands free! I just gave birth on the third, so we’ll be using all of these toys in the very near future, although we could use a new exersaucer as ours has already been through 4 kids and has taken a beating!

  46. The jumparoo..

  47. My favorite baby toy is a rattle. I love watching them learn cause and effect.

  48. Def. anything to hang on the carrier. It keeps them occupied in the car!

  49. We love peek-a-blocks! They are so cute!

  50. Peek-a-blocks!

  51. lilly burkhart says:

    my grand daughter has a toy she loves it is a dozen eggs in a caton and when you open the caton it plays songs and you can open the eggs she just loves it.

  52. My favorite has to be Sophie. She loooooves to gnaw on that thing!

  53. Exersaucer is way up there for us, too…..and right now, for 2-yr-old big brother, the rough-and-tough cardboard blocks you and build with…and build and build and build and knock down again and again!

    Thank you for entering us. πŸ™‚

  54. the jumperoo!

  55. My son’s favorite toy was a stuffed Lamb, he was a beautiful cream color to begin with, but over time he lost his luster and carried a lot of ‘love’ around on his fur…

  56. pinkbeary says:

    love the exersaucer as well. my kids all love(d) it and it’s the only way that i can take a shower.

  57. Cathy Hocutt says:

    My son “loved” his exersaucer and now at 23yrs old he is going to have his own son! I bet they have even gotten better. I would love to be able to present him with his very own for his son! Thanks. Love your site.

  58. A bit narcissisistic, but my kids have always loved mirrors. I guess they are their own favorite toy! We’ve held out on an exersaucer until now, too. Baby #4 is due next month, so my fingers are crossed!

  59. Our fav too! Owned 3 different versions starting 15 yrs. ago when our oldest was born.

  60. Rebecca P says:

    We really like the exersaucer and also the johnny jumper (the doorway jumper on a spring) :o)

  61. My baby loves anything that rattles.

  62. exersaucer, for SURE!

  63. I loved a soft set of plastic measuring spoons held together with a ring. They jingled. They were easy to hold. They were super easy to clean, and the smaller ones made great teething toys!

  64. Kim D. in TX says:

    The exersaucer is my # 1 choice! It is a lifesaver when trying to get things done!

  65. Our swing and the Johnny-Jump-Up

  66. Favorite toy: either her fisher-price play mat or her bumbo seat. Yes, I know the seat is not a toy, but anything that lets the baby sit with the “big girls” while they’re playing (which entrances her!) is a good thing in my book.

  67. My youngest loved his bouncy seat–he could see everyone and had a few toys to play with.

  68. Whitney A says:

    We couldn’t afford one for baby #1 (hubby was in school) but it was always on my dream list. I would love to win this one for baby #2!!

  69. Wedgits

  70. Jen Logan says:

    Our favorite toy has been good ol’ wooden shakers/rattles. My oldest is 4 and still uses it as a musical instrument.

  71. Christina says:

    The play mat was our favorite – my kids could play for hours under it.

  72. Brandy Fisk says:

    We loved Discovery Toys products and Usborne books.

  73. My favorite baby “item” was our Arm’s Reach Co-Sleeper so that the baby could sleep in his own bassinet, but it was attached to my bed. Saved me precious sleep time. Our favorite baby “toy” was our swing, which almost always knocked him right out. πŸ™‚

  74. Favorite baby toy hands down, is an exersaucer. We’ve owned two, maybe three (one for each level of the house is best!) and they’ve all been loaned out, and loved up! We’d love to have a new one for baby #5 that is due soon. πŸ™‚

  75. Ours is currently the swing but when we had an exersaucer it was our #1 πŸ™‚

  76. All of my children have loved a star-shaped rattle made by First Years that vibrates when placed in their mouth. It’s meant to be teething toy, but all of them have seemed to enjoy it LONG after the teeth have come in! I wonder if I can part with it before baby #4 arrives? πŸ™‚

  77. Our daughter’s favorite toy was the bouncer. She lived in that thing when she was super small. πŸ™‚

  78. My favorite baby toy is her big brother! He never fails to entertain and keep her giggling!

  79. My children LOVE the jumparoo! πŸ™‚

  80. Favorite toy so hard! For me the sqwish, my older kids Legos, and for my baby the exersaucer. I can’t wait until the youngest can use this but as our has been through two kids already and very roughly and intensely used with the last one (two toys broke) we could really use a new one for the baby.

  81. Baby number one is due on the 24th of this month – so I don’t have a favorite baby toy yet. I’m sure next year I’ll have some more opinions. πŸ™‚

  82. Definitely the exersaucer!

  83. We have purchased at garage sales and picked up in free piles and have passed along ~and we loved them…nothing like getting the baby outside in a safe way. Now, this would be great for my neighbor with her baby arriving soon, this could be something to check off her list.

  84. The swing! Both my kids like it…sometimes it would help them fall asleep

  85. Great giveaway! I wish we’d had one of these with our first, I think it’s going to be a must-have now that #2 is on the way. One of the most popular baby toys around here was this cool wooden fish

  86. Fun giveaway! Favorite toy is the gym ini right now

  87. I love classic wooden blocks for all my kids.

  88. Caroline S says:

    It’s a tie… Sophie the giraffe or her taggies doll

  89. My son will be 2 in March and still has to have “bear” who has been around since age 4 months. I think he’ll be around quite a while longer!

  90. We have an Around We Go, which is like an inside-out exersaucer. We love it!

  91. I don’t know if this counts as a toy, but the bouncy seat! Mainly because that is the only way I got a shower with my first 2, and I imagine it will be the same with the new one on the way as well.

  92. We have gotten a lot of mileage out of a leapfrog singing barn fridge thing. Right now it is a shoelace though. The Exesaucer was worth its size in gold when he was at that stage.

  93. I like the baby mats that have the toys hang down over the baby…I think it called jungle gym

  94. Our son had a little turtle that when you pushed his shell he lit up and played music. Our son just loved it, now he can’t wait to share it with his little sister!

  95. The Jumparoo is fantastic and has always been a favorite!

  96. Bouncy seat if that counts as a toy!

  97. My favorite are the stacking, nesting, colorful balls from fisher price. Hours of entertainment (and not just for the little one)

  98. Our baby swing definitely was a favorite with our first!

  99. What a cutie!

    After giving away all our baby stuff, I’m busy gathering the basics for #4. Our kids’ favorite toy has been the doorway jumper or Johnny Jump Up, as my mom calls it.

  100. We are hoping for a baby in the near future and I already know an Exersaucer is a must. I’d also like to have a Boppy. I definitely don’t want many gadgets!

  101. Rebecca Latham says:

    We loved the Lamaze toy Mortimer Moose. It was his favorite form of entertainment for the stroller/car seat and now that he is 2 we still keep it in his diaper bag because he likes it so much

  102. My son’s favorite baby toy was Discovery Toy’s Super Yummy Teether.

  103. The peek-a-blocks are popular at my house. My kids have so much fun watching the stack tumble and the baby’s expression when it does. Thanks for the chance to win a great product!

  104. Duplo blocks!

  105. favorite baby toy: johnny jump up!

  106. Stephenie says:

    Blocks and balls are the favorite baby toys around here.
    Would love to win this…just found out that #7 will be joining us this summer!

  107. plastic spoons!

  108. We have a stuffed monster that goes ‘blah’ when you squeeze it and our son loved it when he was a baby.

  109. the baby swing for sure!

  110. Stacking cups – so simple, but both of our daughters loved them.

  111. What perfect timimg! Our little one is in need of an excersaucer. Our 3 older children LOVED theirs. We gave it away thinking we were done having babies. That had to be our favorite baby toy of all time.

  112. So far (on baby #2) the swing….

  113. I too love the excersaucer. Ours is sitting right beside me as I type, being used with baby #3. I love that the toys are interchangeable, although I do need some more toys! I also think a bouncy seat is a must have for baby!

  114. I don’t know much about kids’ toys but I did babysit a 6-month old who LOVED the exersaucer.

  115. Rebecca Scott says:

    The doorway jumper

  116. Meredith C. says:

    We love sophie the giraffe here. My daughter can’t sleep without her and my son just got one for christmas and loves her.

  117. I am being induced tonight! I would love to win!

  118. My little one preferred being held constantly to any of his baby toys. =) However, when he could be persuaded to let his Momma rest her biceps, his favorite toy was his Skip Hop Outer Space Play Mat. He will still drag it out of the “baby” closet and insist we put it together and let him play with it. He turned two in December!

  119. Jumper swing!

  120. I will be a new mom sometime in the next few weeks- so I don’t have a ton of experience with baby toys, but I do love the interactive toys that pull apart and make noises. They seam to keep the little ones entertained.

  121. The boucy seat–the vibrations would put my son right to sleep

  122. We’ve never had an exersaucer but we do have a jumparoo. My 6-month-old LOVES it (which is funny because my other kids couldn’t care either way).

  123. jumpy swing is the best!!

  124. I love the fisher price learning table. The babies can pull up to it and play. So fun!

  125. Kim in sunny AZ says:

    Would LOVE love LOVE a chance to win. We have six kiddos like you and the saucer from kiddo #1 is barely making it for kiddo #6. I know she would absolutely love this!!! And, with 21 grandkids in the family, we could definitely share it within the family when she finishes. Thanks for a chance to win.

  126. Tabitha P says:

    Been trying to think of something other then the excersaucer that was a “staple” of baby toys but I have to say that is the one and only toy that went through all 3 kids so far! I love it!!!!!!!! And would recommend it to everyone!

  127. The bumbo, my son can set and watch me work and he cant get away.

  128. Our favorite baby toy is the mobile. Little Miss can look at it for hours in awe!

  129. It’s not really I toy, I guess…but, I LOOOVED the Bumbo! Especially with the attachable tray!

  130. I also found my exersaucer to be my favorite.

  131. Mine loved the jumper. Jungle theme and they would tire themselves out every time.

  132. Thanks for the great giveaway! We are expecting our first child in March so I’m not sure what our favorite will be, but we don’t have an Exersaucer yet so it would be great to win one : ) I’ve heard from friends that the swing is a lifesaver!

  133. Our favorite toy is a Johnny Jump Up.

  134. My babies have always loved swings.

  135. Our favorites for our infants have been the bouncer seat and any toys that make music or crackly sounds!

  136. I could not live without the baby swing!!!!

  137. Mom23boys says:

    Different favorites with each boy, but the bouncy seat with toy bar kept me sane through them all. with the third coming up on sitting and moving about, an exersaucer would be cool!

  138. Catherine says:

    The Rainforest Jumparoo was one of our favorites.

  139. motherfish says:

    Siblings…of the baby are the best toys around!

  140. Melissa B. says:

    We couldn’t live with a the swing! It’s been a life saver.

  141. Sophie the teething giraffe.

  142. We did not have an exersaucer for #1, but she loved her swing!

  143. The swing was always a favorite.

  144. This would be great for my son who is turning 6 month tomorrow. With my daughter who is now 12, activity toys weren’t really the big thing. I can say that both my kids have loved their swings though and we couldn’t have done without them!

  145. Our son loved the tag book from ToysRUs. We called it Bookbook. He then (and still) fell in love with his burp cloths from gerber. He carries them every where and calls it Taggy. Thankfully any one any color as long as it has the gerber baby on the tag.
    An exersaucer would be awesome as we are on th waiting list to be chosen for adoption of an infant. So any day now we could be new parents!

  146. We love the swing for the beginning but to have an exersaucer is great later on.

  147. My favorite baby toy is blocks. They are so simple yet the colors and shapes are great to babies and toddlers.

  148. Wooden blocks

  149. We loved our bouncy seat with our last two kids. I’d love to try a exersaucer with our next one!!

  150. Margaret K says:

    We love our Fisher Price cradle swing. The babies just look so comfortable in there!

  151. I would love to win this. We had an Evenflo exersaucer with our first three children but sold it because we thought we were done. SURPRISE! Baby #4 is due by the end of February.

  152. Catherine says:

    We’re expecting our first child so I’m not sure about a favorite toy yet. BUT, my nephew sure loves Little People sets!

  153. Amanda P. says:

    our favorite baby toy was definitely our swing, and the gym! our daughter loved to watch the toys dangle above her and try to swat and grab them!

  154. The haba wooden teethers have been wonderful. They are bright and attractive to the babes, fun to twist for the older children, and have paint I don’t have to worry about coming off. They were our first of many treasured haba gifts.

  155. Best baby toy is a bouncy seat!

  156. My daughter’s favorite toy now is my cell phone. But as a baby, she liked her swing. Thanks for the chance

  157. Exersaucers are THE BEST!!! Our Grands have all loved them and so have we(Did I mention Moms and Dads love them!!). We now have swim and band and dance and ballet and baseball champs!! Exersaucers REALLY help with muscle and hand -eyee coordination! They are FUN for all. We get yo enjoy them too! An interaction toy! What a novel idea!! We have bought them for years…given some for gifts, also! Thanks for this giveaway and for your blog that is a gift of love!

  158. I was just thinking about looking for an exersaucer for my baby. She is not quite ready yet, but will be soon! Currently, her favorite toys are links, and the little butterfly that came with her play gym. I love books she can touch and feel!

  159. Mary Ascol says:

    We had an exercauscer (purchased at a Reruns Are Fun sale) with babies #2 & #3, loved it, then donated it when we moved to another state. Sweet blessing #4 is here now & likes to be carried as much as I will let her in the front carrier. Her current favorite toy is a turtle that plays music:)

  160. I loved the baby swing for my first son!

  161. Love the baby gym.

  162. I love the Johnny Jump Up for the same reason as the excersaucer. Baby gets to exercise, and mom’s arms get a break.

  163. Our little girl (who is 6 months) really enjoys the mobility of her walker. Prior to figuring it out, she really enjoyed her jumparoo.

  164. My little ones have always loved to play with blocks of any kind. And my new little one, due in May, would love an exersaucer! πŸ™‚

  165. With my 3rd we bought a Bumbo and even at one month old he was able to sit up and watch what was going on. He would watch me make dinner, clean the older two dance and do silly things. He loved it!

  166. We loved the swing in our house!

  167. My grandbaby loves anything that he can grab and put in his mouth. The tools hanging done from Carseat or wiggling in a jumparoo. I would love to have an exersaucer for play at my house. Thanks,

  168. Christin Attebury says:

    I think our favorite baby toy would have to be the bouncy seat.

  169. My first 2 loved the exersauce but we got rid of it before number 3 arrived. I would love to get one for her too as I think she would love it too.

  170. Our favorite toy? Probably a simple stuffed leopard christened Bartholomew by a priest friend of ours (or cheetah? We’re not sure). This was the first toy Liam, our three month old, attached himself to, and now Bartholomew goes everywhere with us.

    Close second: a Playmobile nativity set: a gift from my parents. Liam is too small to play with it, but that doesn’t mean I can’t.

  171. A swing! Especially the electric ones that play music and don’t eat up batteries πŸ™‚

  172. All my kids loved the soft books they could chew on!

  173. My girl loved the exersaucer- we borrowed one from family… Now that she’s outgrown the exersaucer she’s a litereary fool- books, books, books- that’s all she wants!

  174. An exersaucer is definetally in one of top spaces also, soft blocks (great for stacking, juggling, chewing on, etc).

  175. Danielle Hull says:

    Cloth books that have a crinkle sound and a teething edge. They usually say spot clean, but I just throw them in the wash anyway!

  176. Well, I’m pregnant with my first baby so to be announced. But we do have an exersaucer on the registry and really hoping to get it!

  177. Swings are great, so are all the bouncers and other crazy gadgets. In reality what keeps little ones most entertained? Things they think they shouldn’t have! Answer to this? Wash cloth to chew on (great for soaking up that teething drool), plastic containers or bottles to toss around, empty boxes, empty wet wipe containers with pieces of fabric in it (sew the edges to avoid strings)… anything that is not a danger to the child that has the look of “I’m not supposed to play with that”

  178. my baby would love to have this!

  179. Definitely the exerciser when they are little b/c it keeps them entertained for what seems like hours on end.

  180. We had the Fisher Price Jumperoo for my first & really liked it- I’d love to get an Exersaucer for my 2nd!

  181. We LOVED our Exersaucer that we borrowed — definitely a could NOT live without item!

  182. My son’s favorite toys? Sensory balls have stood the test of time (and continue to be a favorite at nearly 14 months). And anything made of foam. Oh yeah, and the dog.

  183. My favorite Baby “essential” is the Exersaucer!!!! Love it!

  184. definitely the swing

  185. My favorite baby toy is Johnny Jumper. Great Exercise for your little one πŸ™‚

  186. Bumbo… so handy. The baby can stay right in the center of the action!

  187. Renata Sommerville says:


  188. Shelia Coffman says:

    Mr. Fish!! It’s what we call our daughters Fisher Price theething rattle. She won’t put it done, she loves it so much!!

  189. Love the Exersaucer and also the aquarium for the crib, it has been a big hit with both of our girls.

  190. We love Weebles and the PlayMats for Tummy Time.

  191. We love our bouncy seat! The baby sleeps great in it, and we can move it around the house as needed.

  192. I love our bouncy chair. We have had more success with kids playing in them for hours when they are little then any other baby item we have owned.

  193. the johnny jump-up

  194. Definitely play gym/mat!

  195. We have had different favorites, but all my kids loved their exersauser. I know #4 will be loving it too!

  196. My baby boy loves his playgym!

  197. Baby’s favorite toy: a phone! The lights and buttons really entertain her.

  198. My 5 month olds current favorite toy is her play gym. She loves it when we lay toys beside her and she has the toys hanging above her.

  199. My favorite kids toy is the Little Tikes rocking horse. My daughter spends hours and it and once even fell asleep on it :P!

  200. We love our ABC bear! So cute and cuddly!

  201. My favorite is the musical crib toy we attached to the side of the crib. We have the FP Rainforest one and it is wonderful!

  202. Both my kids loved the whoozit. And the Jumper (for the doorframe) – a must have!

  203. My kids always liked the play gym we would lay on the floor for them to play with. I would love to win this for my first gbaby coming in Feb. Your baby is a doll! jhoorm01atyahoodotcom

  204. I’ve never been a big fan of the exersaucer but now with baby#2 already wanting to constantly be on her feet at 6mos I’m desperately wanting one, unfortunately money is so tight I just can’t swing it.

    My favorite toy with baby#1 was the summer infant seat with toy ring. She loved to sit and play with toys on the floor and with the toy ring.

    With baby #2 it has to be Peek-a-Blocks and Peek-a-Balls. What could be more fun than blocks that stack that have objects inside or different textures or fabrics. Even better then they are rolling moving balls that make noise

  205. Well, I’m still pregnant so I’m not completely sure yet…but the jumperoo and exersaucer both look awesome!

  206. Exersaucers are top of the list!

  207. Our swing was a life saver for the first few months and then my son loved his walker.

  208. I have 4 kids and they all loved a firetruck toy that had buttons on it to play music including the Abc’s. Gotta love those educational toys!

  209. Our third needs an exersaucer. She is just starting to get bored with her seat and it isn’t feasible to hold her all the time. Would love to win this giveaway!

    My favorite kid toys are quiet and encourage imaginative play!!!!

  210. We like a swing and johnny jumper here.

  211. Both of my kids loved the Exersaucer! A favorite baby toy was the stacking cups or blocks that nestled inside one another.

  212. Our favorite baby toy was the stacking cups.

  213. We have loved our exersaucer, also. But, I think our most useful baby item has been the baby bjorn carrier as we are avid outdoors people.

  214. We loved Little People and the big building blocks as well as an old exersaucer a hand me down from a friend, and the playmats.

  215. Hi! Our favorite baby toy is the baby piano kicker thingy – at least that’s what I call it! Thanks!

  216. blocks are a great go to toy!

  217. My 17-month-old loves his block sorter and books with textures!

  218. Our bouncy seat was the the thing I couldn’t live without! Especially the first month or so. Babies would just fall asleep in it, it was a miracle to this sleep-deprived mama.

  219. Definitely the bouncy seat

  220. Definitely the bouncy seat!

  221. We love the baby gym for when she was a little younger. It was a lifesaver!

  222. So far its the swing!

  223. Love the Exersaucer! Another of my favorites is the Tinylove playmats – they are great for tummy time!

  224. My daughter loved her exersaucer. It helped me have time to get things done in the house while she played next to me.

  225. Dawn Stribling says:

    I like the Tupperware shape sorter toy – I think it’s a toy that can entertain up to the preschool set!

  226. Elizabeth buckner says:

    My newest little one is 1 1/2 months so both of our favorites is the swing!! πŸ™‚

  227. swing…. my children love it…..

  228. Definitely a swing!

  229. Kelli Sirratt says:

    Our favorite baby toy is anything that makes noise. Crinkles and rattles are big hits at our house right now.

  230. Tied between a swing and the play gym

  231. We LOVE the exersaucer!!! Hours of entertainment πŸ™‚

  232. My daughter loves her jumper and her rattles, but her favorite is her musical snail!

  233. My daughter’s current favorite – she’s 3 – are her dress up clothes. But baby number 2 on the way would sure love an Exersaucer!

  234. I’m pregnant with my first, so I’m not quite sure yet what our favorite will be, however, I would love to try the exersaucer AND it has been great to read everyone’s comments!!

  235. My favorite baby toy is a blanket to play peek a boo. : )

  236. I love my swing. definitely was a saviour with my first 2 kids.

  237. Soft books! Both of mine loved them and hope that the next one will too! πŸ˜‰

  238. My favorite is probably books- cloth, board, plastic, whatever. My kids on the other hand all seemed to love whatever had the most lights and made the most noise!

  239. We loved the exersaucer, and a helium balloon can provide hours of fun.

  240. I just had a baby 4 days ago. This would be a wonderful product to have!

  241. I’d love to win…have a baby due next month!

  242. Christine says:

    favorite baby toy-bouncer.

  243. We love “lovies” an soft blankets! Thanks for the giveaway!

  244. Favorite baby toy was definitely the ceiling fan for baby #1!

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