Make 2013 a Time to Stop and Smell the Roses

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Last October I made a concentrated effort to stop and smell the roses. I walked through that month with different eyes, looking for ways to slow down and savor those quickly passing moments with my kids.

As the year draws to a close, as I think about people all around me, who for differing reasons, are seeing life so differently now, I’m reminded to SLOW DOWN, to make the most of every day. 

In case you missed the series, here are the different things I discovered in October. I’m hoping to revisit each one on a more regular basis in the new year — as well as find some new ways to stop and smell the roses.

  1. Let Your Child Choose
  2. Turn Off the Phone or Leave it at Home
  3. Make Cinnamon Popcorn and Watch a Show
  4. Stop at the Fish
  5. Just Say NO
  6. Watch a Classic Film
  7. Live Like Life is Short
  8. Bake Someone Happy
  9. Cuddle with Your Peeps
  10. Take a Hike
  11. Take a Bath
  12. Just Be You
  13. Make Bedtimes Special
  14. Enjoy Today
  15. Do Something Frivolous
  16. Remember Your Greatest Adventure
  17. Get More Sleep
  18. Enjoy Fresh Flowers
  19. Phone Home
  20. Browse a Bookstore
  21. Count Your Blessings
  22. Read a Good Book
  23. Take a Nap
  24. Go for Coffee with Someone You Love
  25. Ask Your Mama What She’d Do Differently
  26. Enjoy a Cuppa Tea
  27. Do Something Unusual
  28. Go on a Date
  29. Identify Your Stressors and Pray
  30. Pretend
  31. Just Sit Still

What do YOU do to slow down and enjoy the daze?

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  1. All good ideas. I like #9, cuddle. I spend so much time with my new babies that I’m trying to make sure my older kiddo doesn’t get denied attention. I believe people, and kids especially, need to be hugged!

  2. I love grabbing a blanket a large cup of hot tea and a magazine and curling up on the couch and reading until the tea runs out.