Make a 4 x 7 Meal Plan for the Summer Daze

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Make a 4 x 7 Meal Plan for the Summer Daze

Mom, I’m hungry?

Is there anything I can have for a snack?

When’s lunch?

What are we having for dinner?

What’s for breakfast tomorrow?

Summer offers more leisure time for kids and adults alike. That means there’s more time to be hungry. I have no idea what the connection is, but it’s true. My children seem to be hungrier during the summer months than the rest of the year. Could be all the fresh air or the lazy days or the exercise at the pool or park.

Regardless, it helps me tremendously if I have a 4×7 meal plan in the works.

A 4×7 Meal Plan

Make a 4 x 7 Meal Plan for the Summer Daze

A 4×7 meal plan is nothing more complicated than a plan for every meal of the day, plus snacks. You can make a list of options and just scratch them off as you use them or you can assign every meal a particular day and time. Whatever floats your boat. You get bonus points if you do some meal prep ahead of time so that things are easier to assemble and serve later in the week.

Need some help? Download this FREE printable meal planning calendar and fill in the blanks for this week’s meals.

Check out these ideas for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks that are perfect for summer — and kid appetites:

Make a 4 x 7 Meal Plan for the Summer Daze



Make a 4 x 7 Meal Plan for the Summer Daze

Lunches and Dinners

Make a 4 x 7 Meal Plan for the Summer Daze



 How do YOU roll for summertime meal planning?

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  1. Becky says

    This is amazing. Just what I needed. We have found ourselves in repetitive meal rut.

  2. Katieliz says

    Love this post – thank you! We’re going with the oven pancake & apples for dinner tonight.

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