Make a Thanksgiving Tree

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Show your thankfulness with this adorable Thanksgiving Tree craft from guest contributor Nancy from Daffodils at Home.

Make a Thanksgiving Tree (Falling for Fun) | Life as MOM

Thanksgiving is right around the corner. Sometimes we have a big crowd and sometimes just our own family. Either way, I always try to have the Thanksgiving tree ready to go!

I started the tradition years ago when my oldest (who is a 9th grader this year) was in first grade. My husband cut the tree shape out of two pieces of brown poster board and we’ve used the same tree every year since. A few branches have suffered from age, but we just tape them back together. 😉

Make a Thanksgiving Tree (Falling for Fun) | Life as MOM

Originally, I used the tree as part of a Thanksgiving unit study the week before Thanksgiving break and had each child write something for which they were thankful on a maple leaf cut out of construction paper each day of the week. That first year I had only 3 kiddos participating (and I think I had to do the writing for them!) so we had 15 leaves on the tree.

As the years passed, I didn’t always get the tree hung in time. One year, I didn’t hang it until the day before Thanksgiving, and we were planning a big crowd of people. My husband and I stayed up late cutting out maple leaves. We left a pile of them on a table next to the tree and invited our guests to fill out a leaf and hang it on the tree. That became the new tradition!

Make a Thanksgiving Tree (Falling for Fun) | Life as MOM

I love seeing what other people write. One year a young man confessed his love to a young lady on one of our leaves. Sometimes people get creative and draw designs on the leaves.

Make a Thanksgiving Tree (Falling for Fun) | Life as MOM

We also love to see what the little tiny kids will say. We write down whatever comes out of their mouths and sometimes it’s a riot! Also, if they are able to write their own, we let them write whatever they can.

Make a Thanksgiving Tree (Falling for Fun) | Life as MOM

After the Thanksgiving holiday has passed, I take down all the leaves and write the date on the stems. My intention is to someday make a Thanksgiving scrapbook with all the leaves. I think it would be so much fun to look through all the years of leaves each year! Here is a sample of what it might look like. I taped two leaves to the front and two leaves to the back of a piece of ivory card stock and slipped it in a heavy duty sheet protector:

Make a Thanksgiving Tree (Falling for Fun) | Life as MOM

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving everyone and enjoy your traditions — old and new.

What are your special Thanksgiving traditions?

Nancy thumbnailNancy is a priest’s wife and homeschooling mother of six who is moving from New York to Florida in a week!

She blogs about crafts, home decor and furniture makeovers at Daffodils at Home.

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  1. We do the same thing (even have it on a wall with the light switch on the right LOL) for the past 3 years. I used construction paper though so the tree did not last. I just ordered this

    to use as our tree silhouette. It won’t get here until Thursday so we’ll have a few days to catch up on. I like to keep ours up thru Christmas so we can remind ourselves of all the great things, big & small, we have to be thankful for.

      1. I’ll let you know, I’m thinking maybe with some chalk. But I don’t have it yet. I’ll come back & tell you though

      2. So you can write on the leaves with chalk, BUT it doesn’t look very good. We have plaster walls so I think if the leaves were smoother it would look better. So I’m just going to cut leaves out of construction paper & tape them up with the wall.
        I really like the decal I got though! I probably repositioned each branch at least twice (some more) & it’ was so easy to remove them & put them back on.

  2. This tree idea…. oh my… what a great great great idea! LOL i don’t think i can keep a tree made out of paper intact over more than one year but I am very excited to try. Our little guy is 4 so this is the perfect time to start a tradition since he’s getting better at writing 🙂 SO glad i found your blog. Look fwd to reading more 🙂