Make Ahead Breakfast Ideas Your Kids Will Love

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Whether you’ve got early risers or are heading out on an epic road trip, consider these make ahead breakfast ideas that are fun for kids of all ages!

Make Ahead Breakfast Your Kids Will Love

Whenever my nieces come to sleep over, I try to pull out all the stops. I tend to be the stricter, more uptight one of the aunties, so I gotta do what I can to keep my “fun auntie” status. The last time they were here, I made Breakfast Bags.

My eldest niece — who trends toward high maintenance like her Auntie Jess, ahem — had told me on a previous visit that she needed a bagel in the morning. If she didn’t have a good breakfast to look forward to in the morning, she wouldn’t sleep well.

Alrighty then.

On their next visit, though I had warned her to pack her own bagels, I planned ahead with Breakfast Bags, make ahead breakfasts that I could pack the night before. When the kids woke early in the morning, they were able to feed themselves a decent breakfast without waking the rest of us. Here’s what they had:

Make Ahead Breakfast Ideas Your Kids Will Love

Obviously, it wasn’t super fancy: a juice box, a cereal bar, some applesauce, a cutie, and a bag of cereal. But, for the kids it was a blast. And I didn’t have to wake up early, wondering what I was going to feed everyone.

I’m already gearing up for the cousins’ summer visits with easy make ahead breakfast ideas. I’ve brainstormed a huge list of make ahead breakfast ideas that are ideal for early risers, camping adventures, road trips, or a spontaneous early morning picnic to enjoy the outdoors before the day heats up.

If you aren’t yet set up with a Breakfast Bar, now’s the time, mamas! It makes summer mornings so much easier.

Make Ahead Breakfast Ideas Your Kids Will Love

So, first the food. These make ahead breakfast ideas are ideal for travel, easy to eat and simple to clean up. Try to include adequate protein which will give everyone a little staying power. You don’t want to hear “I’m hungry,” as soon as your day gets moving.

Try these make ahead breakfast ideas:

Make Ahead Breakfast LAM

Make Ahead Breakfast Ideas Life as Mom

Fun Picnic Ideas: Packaging

Admit it, part of the fun of food on the go is the packaging. That’s why the Happy Meal has seen 30 years of success. While your kids would do just fine with a plate of breakfast, remember that you can take it up a notch to make things a little more fun and exciting.

Consider these packaging options:

And you know what, my kids and nieces were thrilled with paper sacks with their names written on them, so it doesn’t have to be fancy-schmancy. Somehow, a make ahead breakfast is just kinda fun, particularly in the summer.

What’s YOUR favorite make ahead breakfast?

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  1. You read my mind! Our kiddos are becoming more independent in the morning and it would be wonderful to have a freezer full of breakfasts for them to have on hand this summer. Can’t wait to try the recipes! Thank you!!

  2. We do alot of breakfast burritos, banana and pumpkin bread and muffins. There are almost always cheese sticks, hard boiled eggs, single serve applesauce cups, yogurt in the fridge and bananas and or cantaloupe. There is always cereal, oatmeal packets and crackers in the pantry. The older grandsons think it’s great.

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