Make-Ahead Meals are Cool!

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Seems like the blogosphere has exploded with cooking and baking ahead this week. Twitter’s been hopping with different bloggers’ updates. Like I mentioned on Sunday, my plan was to double and triple some big batches of dinners to stash away in my freezer. Well, I went to Costco after that post and well, I went a little crazy. I bought a few other ingredients so that I could make things other than just those. So, each day this week I’ve been cooking more than normal so that in the coming weeks I can cook less.

Thus far in my stash:
2 lasagnas
2 fajita dinners
3 marinated chicken dinners
3 marinated pork roasts
2 seasoned ground beef (to add to chili or tacos)
2 queso fundido
8 pints of pasta sauce
3 quarts of pinto beans

{Takes a deep breath.}

Today I did some baking. Once this young man heard I was taking volunteers, he gave me no rest until he was given the opportunity to make brownies. I made miniatures of both scones and brownies. Perfect sizes for some of my littler eaters! I can’t say that it was “baking ahead” since there are only 3 mini scones left and a handful of brownie bites. I assembled several bags of brownie and pancake mixes. The latter should make our mornings so much easier while the former, well, who doesn’t like brownies?

Tonight after we eat baked chicken, I’ll make a couple chicken pot pies with the leftovers and freeze those.

I’m thinking, hoping, and praying that I won’t have to work in the kitchen too much for the rest of the month.

Right now it’s a crazy experience to open up my freezer, but FishPapa ordered me a freezer alarm so we can fire up the deep freeze and alleviate some of the congestion in our refrigerator freezer.

Did you do any make-ahead cooking or baking this week? Share it over at Money Saving Mom‘s baking day round up. While you’re there, be inspired by what other chefs and bakers are cooking up this week.

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  1. I've been trying to do more cooking ahead by simply doubling any recipe that I think will freeze well and putting half in the freezer. I put a hamburger/rice casserole in today. I was hoping the triple batch of peanut butter cookies I made would allow me to freeze some but . . . I don't think that's going to happen. They are disappearing fast.

  2. UnfinishedMom says

    I love the idea of freezer cooking. Now I have a few questions…

    How do you freeze fajitas?
    Do you make your pasta sauce from scratch? Planning to post a recipe?
    What's a freezer alarm? Should I have one on my deep freeze?

  3. Brandette L says

    Yes, what is a freezer alarm??

  4. FishMama says

    Fajitas: Chicken in marinade in one bag. Sliced peppers and onions, flash frozen and stored in another bag.

    Pasta Sauce: yes and yes

    Freezer Alarm: most garages have a GFI safety on the outlets. That means that if there is water nearby, the outlet will shut itself down. (You have these also in your kitchens and bathrooms.) Ours shut down last fall and I didn't know until AFTER the entire contents of the freezer were thawed and warm. I cried. I haven't used it in almost a year. But, a freezer alarm is on its way. It goes off if the freezer goes below a certain temp. Doesn't help if you're on vacation, but we NEVER go on vacation. LOL.

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