Make Food More Fun — on a Budget

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Good food doesn’t need to be expensive. Today I’m sharing some ideas on how to eat well and spend less.

As you know we love food around here. I know, it’s just food. But, it’s also a hobby of ours. Some people like collecting stamps, I like eating. What can I say?

But, eating (and cooking) could become a very expensive hobby if I wasn’t careful. In fact, I know what it is to spend A LOT of money on food. Once upon a time, hubs and I spent more to feed the two of us each month than we spend to feed a family of eight. Go figure.

The funny thing is that we eat just as well if not better today — on a budget.

It is possible, even with the rising costs of food, to enjoy a fun meal and not go broke. This month the Eat Well, Spend Less bloggers are at it again, sharing fun ways with food.

Surviving the February Food Blahs –  Aimee lives in snow country. If anyone can relate to February blahs, it would be she! I loved her post about how to bust out of the blahs and prepare delicious meals, despite the lingering days of winter.

Splurge Yourself Out of a Cooking Rut – Carrie shared some great tips on allowing yourself a few splurges, especially if they get you cooking and eating at home. She also lists some great sources for cooking inspiration if you’ve lost your mojo.

5 Ways to Make Food Fun For Kids – I think it would be fabulous to be a kid at Katie’s house. She offers some great suggestions for making mealtimes a little more exciting for kids.

Having Fun with Natural Food Coloring – In a similar vein, the other Katie shares how to make and use natural food coloring. It doesn’t have to be expensive or chemical-laden to be pink!

photo source: GoodLifeEats

Give Mealtimes a Special Touch – I shared earlier this week some of the techniques we use to make food “fun” and still not spend too much money. Great meals do not need to be expensive or complicated.

5 Ways to Make Food Prep Fun – I love Tammy’s tips for making cooking fun and setting yourself up for success. Truly winning ideas!

Simple Ways to Create Memorable Meals – Shaina offers some suggestions for flavors that will add punch to your food. Definitely worth your salt to check them out.

Fun Recipes for Kids to Make – Mandi rounded up a great selection of recipes that kids can make with you, a great way to put fun back in the kitchen and in your food.

We’ve discovered that budget meals don’t need to be short on taste or inspiration. You can eat well and spend less.

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  1. These are great links, thanks! My 3 year old is starting to come out of his picky phase, so I’d like to keep things fun for him as an encouragement.

  2. I love the idea of splurging yourself out of a food rut. It works so well!

    We’ve been eating out of the freezer and pantry and minimizing shopping trips.

    Yesterday my teens were with me when I shopped and we discovered all sorts of amazing produce deals. I was so excited to cook so much wonderful food for supper and made cauliflower soup, and a stir-fry dish involving onions, carrots, zucchini, rapini, eggplant, noodles,and some left over chicken a la king sauce.

    And for lunch we had a huge amount of guacamole and, believe it or not, dragon fruit! It was delicious and we had the second one for snack.

    For us, the catalyst was discovering the reduced produce rack at an upscale store; for all this wonderful produce we paid about 1/4 of the price!

    So it was a splurge, but it also saved us money. Lots of fun!

  3. My 6 year old is starting to show some interest in the kitchen. She’s a great eater and usually not afraid to try new foods. Maybe she’ll become a chef someday…or a food blogger.

    thanks for the linkup.

  4. Heather K. says

    Family of six. Four are adults so it is very important to get the most for the money at the grocery store but still get plenty of fruits and veggies so we can eat well.

    I found that shopping on a Friday at 4pm. or later is great! The store I go to marks items down by that time in order to get ready for the Sat. morning rush. The full time workers at stores will usually be responsible for what to mark down and they do it before going home for the day. We get a lot of great produce that way for half the price and often pick up bagels, breads, and a treat or two from the Bakery again for half price. Many of these things can be frozen to retain freshness when near the expiration date.

  5. There’s a lot of great ideas and inspiration in those links. Thanks for hosting!

  6. Just in time for the weekend – lots of great weekend reading! Thank you very much!

  7. I just love to make food fun for my kids, and I also just love this Eat Well series. Thanks for posting all of the links in one spot so I can visit them all.

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