Make Home a Little Cozier for Fall

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Fall hit us full in the face this week. We’d been sporting tshirts and shorts, leaving the windows open 24/7, even going to the pool twice a week. Then Hurricane Hillary signaled a change of seasons for us.

Now, we may go back to sweating bullets in a week or two, but our family is making a mental shift. I’m wanting to be cozy and warm, drink hot yummy drinks, and relax in a bubble bath. Not typical sentiments for warmer summery weather.

So, we’re making home a little cozier. Here’s how you can make the most of your senses in this change of seasons:

1. Use lots of throw blankets.

We have a handful of fleece blankets that have been in the family for years. While these horses running wild may not add much to my decor, they hearken back to the days when I had two little rough and tumble cowboys who wore their boots and cowboy hats everywhere.

The blankets, for the most part, are not even real blankets, just cuts off a bolt of fleece from Walmart’s fabric-selling days. But, we take them on road trips and cozy up with them in winter and fall. I imagine my kids may even fight over who gets to keep them once I’m gone.

2. Light some candles.

Our recent power outage proved to me what a difference “mood lighting” can make. It makes the house feel cozier, and fallish, and comfy. The days are getting shorter and I love the glowing lights of candles.

3. Encourage naps and early bedtimes.

I only have one child who still regularly naps. I relish the hours from 2 to 4 every day! But, some of us are old enough to appreciate naps again. I took a nap yesterday afternoon. It was the first nap I could remember in at least a year. And it was lovely. And I can’t wait to take another nap!

Even if your peeps think they are too big for naps, encourage a quiet time every day or a few times a week where the house is quiet, everyone’s reading or sleeping, and you all get a chance to recharge your batteries.

If naps just won’t work, endeavor to bring bedtime to an earlier hour. Hubs and I are finding that we’re just exhausted these days. Late summer nights are giving way to early fall evenings. Time to get more sleep!

4. Cook with apples.

The other day I had five kids helping in the kitchen. It was a sign of good things to come. The idea of SIX able-bodied helpers makes me absolutely giddy, especially after years of doing a lot of the work myself!

The kids were all so industrious. The draw? My apple-peeler-corer-slicer. Everyone wanted to get in the action. We filled the crockpot for Crockpot Applesauce and mixed up a Slab Apple Pie.

The house smelled lovely!

5. Get outside.

Last night the neighbors had a fire in their fireplace and the smell of woodsmoke drifted through the neighborhood, so evocative of Fall and the approaching winter. Loved that!

(Soooo much better than the awful odor of said neighbor’s overdose of lighter fluid when starting his barbecue.)

We have a hammock out back that is big enough for two big people or multiple little people. It’s become a little after-dinner tradition for my three little people (ages, 3, 4, and 7) and I to spend a few minutes cuddled in the hammock. It’s an operation, surely, to get four of us on safely, and there are aforementioned fleece blankets to retrieve from the house. But, it’s a lovely time to cuddle, talk about the day, and soak in the autumn twilight.

Cozy is my word for Fall. It makes me warm and happy.

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How do YOU make home cozy?

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  1. Getting the hot drinks out. I just mixed up a batch of our favorite hot cocoa mix. I also have the tea out. It’s always nice to cozy up with a nice hot drink.

  2. I was just thinking to make an apple crisp for my hubby as he returns from being out of town tonight – I will be making your recipe for the pie! I know it will be a hit – thanks for the recipe 🙂

  3. I love decorating for fall, lighting candles again, wearing my fuzzy slippers and robe and sipping hot cider, hot chocolate or chai tea. And of course all the delicious warm fall desserts 🙂

  4. I’m all about the mums. They are beautiful and just a great reminder of how wonderful fall is.

  5. Love this! Fall is my favorite season by far, especially when it FINALLY starts cooling off in So Cal. 🙂 Just today the rest of my family was napping (extremely rare for my husband and oldest daughter) so I laid down too. Heaven! I never scoff at the chance for a super quiet nap.

  6. I know a Mama who had 4 tween daughters all wanting to help out in the kitchen – but all wanted to be peeling the potatoes….her solution? Buy more peelers! Everybody’s happy and wins, but none more than Mama!

  7. Every fall we celebrate our wedding anniversary. I drag the mattress out of the bedroom lay in on the floor in the living room hang christmas lights from the ceiling light candles and the fire and turn on music.

    Our honeymoon night was spent with the mattress on the floor in the living room due to a very nasty storm and with the electric out the fireplace was the only way to keep warm we had an amazing night with the fire and our battery operated ipod music.

    So much that hubby always talked about it so after year 5 of celebrating when our finances took a hit I recreated the scene and now he feels he needs this as a tradition, A wonderful tradition I might add.