Make a Muffin Kit – Download NO LONGER Available

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The other day, I shared with you this muffin kit that I created. I’m a firm believer in giving fun, yet practical gifts. I know from experience that having custom-made mixes on hand is such an asset to any home cook. You get to have your cake and bake it with a lot less hassle, too.

I know I would love to receive some yumminess to enjoy after the holidays’ rush is over. So, a kit is perfect! While I was putting together this fun food gift, I created some gift cards to go with, complete with recipe and baking instructions. At that time, I made up a little e-booklet so that others could easily do gifts like this themselves.

Well, since then I’ve been told that I “buried” this download within the depths of my blog. A reader had to “dig” to get to it and hassled me strongly encouraged me to share it with you a little more obviously.

So, here it is! {waving muffin kit frantically in the air}

I’ve made the muffin kit download available for a $1 Download. This includes directions to preparing a muffin kit, the recipe for Mix-and-Match Muffins and 2 different gift enclosure cards that you can print for your own personal use — to your heart’s delight. I’ve done a lot of the work, so you don’t have to.


Stay tuned ’cause I’ll be sharing a multitude of frugal gift ideas over the next month. ‘Tis the season….

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  1. Sherri @ Design2Shine says

    I love the muffin mix idea. I've done all sorts of 'practical' gifts for my next door neighbor family over the years. Dinner meals in a basket, movie/popcorn basket, etc. This year I am baking them up a loaf of banana bread on a cute $ Tree tray. Great for breakfast or a fast snack. With 3 grown kids still at home and a grandbaby … it won't last a day! Can't wait to see all of your ideas! I'm loving all the frugal gift ideas on blogs recently.

  2. Heather says

    When you're making a muffin mix, do you just leave out the wet ingredients and tell the recipient to add those?

  3. FishMama says

    Sherri, can you move next door?

    Heather, you can read all about it here:

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