Make Some Simple Summer Freezer Meals (Frugal Friday & a Free Printable Plan)

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Ready to save money on food costs? Freezer cooking is one great way that you can save money as well as time.

Simple Summer Freezer Meal Plan - Save time and money with this super simple and easy cooking plan. You really don't need a lot of freezer space.

I’ve been talking a lot about quick fixes for summer meals this week. It’s been on my brain a lot. It may be because I’ve got deadlines looming. It could be that my kids are great and I’d rather be with them when I’ve got free time.

Yes, I know, I could cook with them. And we do. But, when I feel stressed, like today, I like to be alone to just get the job done. And to think. Cooking can be therapy for me. And sometimes it’s just something I need to do.

It’s complicated.

Again and again I come back to the simple truth that having a few meals on standby in the freezer is just the margin we need to get through a crazy day. Whether it’s a dozen frozen burritos or a package of burger patties ready to throw on the grill, these back up meals are so helpful for all of us.

They also help us avoid eating out and spending more money than we should on convenience food. Freezer cooking is one of my very favorite ways to save money in the kitchen. I did write the book on it. 😉

If you haven’t yet hopped on the freezer cooking bandwagon, consider this your OFFICIAL INVITATION. Because, people, this is as easy and as simple as well, falling off a log. You can totally tackle this plan.

Simple Summer Freezer Meal Plan - Save time and money with this super simple and easy cooking plan. You really don't need a lot of freezer space.

I’m guessing that it will take 1 to 2 hours of active time. Outside of that, the slow cooker does the work. At the end you’ll have all this to work with:

Some of the spice mixes you’ll use in the recipes, some of them you’ll keep on hand in the cupboard to make magic happen with vegetables, dressings, dips, and grilled meats. Go here to see what I’m talking about.

I promise that if you spend the time to download the plan, print the recipes, and buy the groceries, and then cook them up, of course, you won’t be disappointed. You only need freezer space for the meat items. All the other things are shelf stable.

And you will save so much money and time! I pinky swear. 😉

Simple Summer Freezer Meal Plan - Save time and money with this super simple and easy cooking plan. You really don't need a lot of freezer space.
This is Frugal Friday. In an effort to make these weekly financial discussions more interactive, I’m no longer posting a link-up. Feel free to leave a link in the comments. But better yet, chat with us on today’s topic.

How have YOU saved money recently?

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  2. Not having something in the freezer last night (that was easily prepared) really backfired for me. I had probably my biggest epic-fail, recipe-wise last night. I followed a recipe exactly (even knowing that it was going to turn out badly): Orange Chicken in the Crockpot using orange concentrate. I love orange chicken from Chinese restaurants. I’ve attempted to make it before, failing each time. In fact, I had read somewhere that you never use bottled o.j. or concentrate o.j. because it becomes too sour and bitter. But I saw a recipe for it (not here) and figured that with the positive comments it must have something to counteract the sourness/bitterness. Um. No. And even though it was swimming in sauce at the end, hemp ropes have more moisture. My husband gamely tried to doctor his (all the while pushing the meat to the side). I actually offered my son a hot dog because I felt so terrible. I did have a can of beef stew that I purchased on clearance that I heated up for me. When my husband finished all of it he could, he gave the meat to the dog…who…instead of gobbling it down painfully chewed and swallowed it. If there were any night to have already prepped meals in the freezer, that was last night. The bad thing is, right now, my freezer is full of ingredients. But, when we get back from visiting in-laws, I’m going to make that crock hum and whip up some burritos and stuff…because that chicken was just bad, man!

  3. Yesterday I made a double batch of pasta bake for the freezer. We moved about a month ago, and I’m slowly filling up our freezer again, because it makes lunches so much easier – just grab a freezer meal, a fruit, and go! This morning I went to the bakery outlet for breakfast, but we made our own coffee, because we have figured out *just* how to make it, and there’s no comparison.
    Now, excuse me while I enjoy my coffee just the way I like it, and my scone. 🙂

  4. You. Are. A Rockstar.
    Thanks for this nudge.
    I know how to do this, but just haven’t gotten myself in gear to get it done. Thanks for the reminder how simple (and HELPFUL) freezer cooking is.