Make The Bathroom Less of a Dump

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Most of us have at least one bathroom to clean. How can we make the bathroom less of a dump and more of a relaxing place to get ourselves clean and fresh?

Make the Bathroom Less of a Dump | Tips from Life as Mom

So, I wrote that title very late on a night when I was already very tired. It made me laugh at 11pm. And it makes me laugh still. I hope that wasn’t overstepping my boundaries, but this is part of Organization for Normal People.

Today we’re chatting about the bathroom and how to make it cleaner, more organized, and more pleasant to be in. So let’s start out with some basic questions.

Maybe no one else needs to ask these questions, but with eight people (five of them male), four bathrooms, and a need for clean and tidy, these are questions I need to ask on a regular basis in order to keep the bathrooms at our house presentable to the human race.

Make The Bathroom Less of a Dump

1. Is it tidy?

Towels not in a pile? Dental floss not flying all over the floor? Trash picked up, nay, trash can emptied? These are basic things necessary to get the bathroom tidy.

But what about the storage cupboards and drawers?

  • Can you find what you need?
  • Do you have room for clean towels?
  • Is there visual white space so that your eyes can rest?

If you’ve got too much stuff, consider doing a little decluttering of the bathroom. Check out these tips for keeping the bathroom tidy.

I find that a few tools like trashcans at each sink of the bathroom and abundant laundry hampers everywhere can go a long way in keeping things clean and tidy.

Make The Bathroom Less of a Dump | Tips from Life as Mom

2. Is it clean?

In case anyone is wondering, clean and tidy are not the same thing. The room can be sanitary but cluttered; tidy yet germy. We want the best of both worlds.

Here are the tools we use for cleaning, and yes, I do mean WE. My kids are all responsible for cleaning a bathroom each week, two kids per bathroom. I take care of the master bath. Take heart sometimes they do a better job that I do, so your kids can, too!

3. Does the bathroom smell nice?

If the bathroom has been cleaned recently, it should generally smell nice. If it doesn’t, then some troubleshooting is in order.

If it’s not grime, bad aim (ahem), or faulty plumbing, consider cleaning more often, installing a fan, or adding an air freshener, like this all-natural homemade air freshener, to the decor.

4. Is the bathroom restful?

There’s a reason why they call it the restroom. While public restrooms are rarely “restful” — unless you go to the Santa Barbara Nordstroms — your bathroom at home at least should be!

If you can’t relax in your bathroom, then something needs to change. Ask yourself why it’s not restful. For me, that’s usually a signal that I need to do some cleaning. For you it might be more lighting, less lighting, a plant, candles, whatever it is, find a way to make the bathroom be less of a dump and more of a refreshing place.

How do YOU make the bathroom nice?

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  1. Your title made me chuckle. 🙂 I agree that having a clean(ish) bathroom makes things more pleasant. I find that having things picked up off the floor or sink is my minimum. And wiping out the sink between cleanings seems to be necessary at our house, but only takes about 30 seconds.

  2. Just keeping things (clothes, towels, trash…) off the floors makes it much feel nice and clean. Of course keeping the sink and counter wiped down and the towels hung properly is a huge help. I also keep an air fresher plugged in to help with any odors, I do have boys?.

  3. I completely agree that a restroom should be a restful place. My son doesn’t, so he’s in charge of cleaning his bathroom…but he has to do it weekly to MY standards. I keep mine picked up: nothing on the floor, things put away so the counter isn’t cluttered, and the sinks and toilets wiped down daily. I used to have a plant in there but found it attracted pests. So now I have LED candles that turn on automatically at 5 pm and off at 11 pm. It makes it cozy, and perfect for my nightly soak in the tub.

  4. KonMari method has you not leave your shampoo bottles in the tub/shower. It really helps to keep scum from building up and then you don’t have to move them to clean. I love it!

      1. My husband keeps his in his medicine cabinet. The kids and I have ours in a plastic basket I picked up at the dollar store and it’s in the linen closet.

        1. meaning we put them in the tub when we are going to shower, and dry off and put away after. It took a bit of getting used to, but we all enjoy it and don’t find it a hassle!

          1. I love this idea. I have 15 shampoo and body wash bottles in my shower.