Make Your Own Marinades this Summer

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Once a month I get the chance to write for Life Your Way. It is an amazing site, full of great ideas for basically every aspect of, well, LIFE. Today I’m sharing some ideas about making your own marinades as well as a super delicious Orange Ginger marinade that will just rock your summer barbeques.

From the post,

With summer upon us, grilling food out doors appeals more and more. Not only do we avoid hot kitchens, but we also get a change of atmosphere and a breath of fresh air. Dining al fresco makes the experience even more pleasurable.

Making my own marinades has been something I’ve been doing for years. I get to customize them with my own ingredients and save money since spices, vinegars, and oils cost so much less than the bottled marinades and sauces. Sure, you can get some of those items inexpensively by combining sales and coupons, but quite honestly, homemade tastes so much better!

Head over to Food Your Way for some summer inspiration and a tasty recipe.

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  1. I’ve always made my own italian dressing marinade; it can be made using ingredients on hand, is fresh, easy, and delicious!

  2. I did both your Asian and a variation on the mustard (No Dijon, just regular stone ground) last time I froze boneless skinless breasts and they’re both fantastic. I’m still experimenting with brining all our chicken but this time I was smart enough not to do so to the breasts that went into the soy sauce marinade. That gets a wee bit salty. 🙂

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