Make Your Own Valentines

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Make Your Own Valentines | Life as MOM - Free, easy printables to make some awesome homemade valentines.

Valentine’s Day is just a few weeks away. For my kids, it’s this Friday. Our homeschool park day hosts a Valentine exchange. This means I have to get my rear in gear.

Personally, I don’t love the store bought Valentine cards. They have not really improved in the last 35 years. Just saying.

This year we’ll be doing some version of these homemade Valentines that we created in the past. We have plenty of paper and craft and office supplies on hand so it gives the kids an afternoon of crafting with a purpose.

Homemade Valentines for the win:

What’s YOUR favorite kind of Valentine’s Day card?

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  1. I like the simple, old-style handmade kind where you fold a paper, draw half a heart, cut it out, then unfold it. I’ve made those with my son for the past few years, and we have fun doing them. The one fancy thing we do sometimes is do a double heart–one pasted on a larger one, using some scrapbook paper for the bigger heart. You get a plain writing surface on the plain paper heart but decorative designs on the larger one behind it. Since I don’t have a color printer, and I don’t have much extra time, figuring out a design to print out is just kind of stressful. We always have fun making these. Last year, we used letter stamps to make little messages–“I love you,” “Happy Valentine’s Day,” etc.

  2. I replied before I realized you had printables. We’re not into Super Mario, but I appreciate that you made it easy. Thanks. 🙂 I just spent a half hour looking for some on the web.