Mashed Potatoes Book – An Adoption Fundraiser

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How can a book about Mashed Potatoes become a family favorite AND bring five kids home at the same time?

Mashed Potatoes Book - Adoption Fundraiser

This book is called Mashed Potatoes. Years ago my friend Carrie – then just a random blog reader who I didn’t really know — sent me a copy of this book that she and her husband self-published.

To my surprise, this little book quickly became A FAVORITE with my kids. The three littlest FishKids were just itty-bitties at the time, and they often requested Mashed Potatoes as a read aloud. I’ve kept our tattered copy because I know that my littles will enjoy reading it to their littles someday. And because I am loathe to let go of keepsake storybooks.

When I was looking for it to photograph, my girls both said, “That book? I LOVE that book.” See?

Carrie and I got to know each other shortly afterward and you will recall that she was one of my Booking It co-hosts for several years. We bookworms stick together. While we shared a love of Jesus, books, and good food, we had one key difference – I had a small army of children while Carrie and her husband had chosen not to have children.

Fast forward a few years and God is changing Carrie’s story in a dramatic way: she and her husband are adopting not one, but FIVE children. She is getting her small army of children in one fell swoop! How fun and crazy and amazing is that?!

Why am I telling you these two seemingly random factoids? Well, because they are connected!

All the proceeds from the sale of Mashed Potatoes are going toward the adoption costs to bring these five kiddos to their forever home.

Mashed Potatoes Book – An Adoption Fundraiser

I thought you might want to know because we like to get the biggest bang for our buck, right? You can buy the book, a fun little story, AND support the Koens’ adoption. Pretty cool, right?

If you’re not interested in the book, you can contribute straight to the adoption fund.

Not able to do that? No worries. I’m sure they would love for you to pray for them. God has asked a big YES from them, and I know they could use your support for them in prayer.

Thanks so much!

P.S. Carrie has no idea I’m doing this. She didn’t ask, but I felt that this was a good space to tell you about it. Friendships are born here. And hers is one that I enjoy because of Life as Mom.

P.P.S. When I originally posted this, I offered a special matching donation. I’m thrilled to report that we were able to donate $50 on behalf of Life as Mom readers. Thanks for supporting the Koens!

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  1. Ellen says

    Wow, I did not see where that was going. – love a surprise ending. How wonderful!!! Just bought my copy.

  2. What a wonderful idea ! Thanks so much for sharing !

  3. I’m crying. Which is pretty incredible in and of itself, since I’m one of those weird INTJs that it takes a lot to move. 😉 But you did it. Jessica – I’m surprised (yes, you did that too), humbled (a feeling I’ve had to get used to during this process), and honored. To God be the glory for every part of the story He is writing – whether it’s adopting 5 kids or connecting two bookworms through the power of the internet. Thank you, my friend.

  4. Allison Rigueiro says

    Does that donation include the Kindle version?

  5. What an amazing coincidence, I just happened to be reading recipes on your site after following the link from MoneysavingMom for your freezer chicken recipes, and happened upon this post about the Koens….and my family knows the Koens. in fact, they have lived with my parents in Boston at different times while in school, and Pete was at Moody aviation with my 2 younger brothers. Small, small world…..
    Thank you for helping them with their adoption fund!
    Three of our 6 kids are adopted and we’ve done medical foster care for 18 years, so our hearts are always pulled towards adoption.

    • Oh my goodness – AMY!! It is, indeed, a small world. So much fun when they collide like this. 🙂 We remember when you were adopting your first… your family has always been such a blessing to us. I’m so glad you left a comment!

      (P.S. If you like the freezer chicken recipes, you should definitely looks for Jessica’s cookbooks – her freezer meals cookbook is terrific, but I’m currently in love with her 30 Minute Meals one!)

    • Yay! What a small world!

      • Thinking of you guys often and praying for you on this journey! The “tough” part has not even begun – bringing them home and helping them through many, many adjustments, but the Lord will pave the way and sustain you as you seek His will for each of your children’s needs.

  6. Oh how exciting!! I just ordered a book for us and a few copies to give as gifts. I will also be praying for them as their amazing story unfolds! xx

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