May Freezer Cooking Plan

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For the last week or so, I’ve been quizzing my family about the recent meals they’ve enjoyed, and we’ve been brainstorming new recipes to try.

Is it absolutely necessary that we love what we eat?

Yes. No. But, it sure makes meal times easier if the family enjoys it. Fussy children are not high on my list of favorite things. And if we are all enjoying our meal, dinner becomes an experience to remember instead of a chore to endure.

The purpose of my meal interrogation was to assist me in planning out my freezer meals for the next month. Since May promises to have more great weather and family adventures than previous months, I’ve tried to focus on meals to grill, like marinated chicken, and easy grab-and-go items like burritos and large sub sandwiches to throw in the oven.

My list may seem large, but remember that I am doing the bulk of my cooking for the month of May, and many of these items share common ingredients, a hallmark of freezer cooking that really speeds things up. An asterisk* indicates that the recipe is forthcoming.

Now is the perfect time to prepare for outdoor parties. Mix up your favorite marinades and place in ziptop bags. Add the meats and zip closed. Freeze. A night or two before grilling, pull out a bag and place in a pan in the refrigerator. The meat will marinate as it thaws.

Main Dishes
Stuffed Chicken Breasts*
Chicken and Bacon Subs*
Pizza Subs*
Marinated Chicken
Pizza Kits
Red Sauce
Shredded Chicken

Side Dishes
Garlic Bread*
Garlic Mashed Potatoes*
Cooked Beans

Oven French Toast
Cinnamon Rolls
Chocolate Butterhorns

Mix and Match Muffins

*Asterisk indicates that the recipe will be coming. Wait for it!

What are you going to cook up and freeze this month?

Don’t forget to link up at MoneySavingMom later this week. And if you’ve got freezer cooking questions, don’t forget to stop by the Twitter Party tomorrow from 12-2, PST, Thursday the 29th. We’ll be using the hashtag #oamc and you can follow us @MoneySavingMom and @FishMama. See ya then!

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  1. Sounds like y’all are going to be eating great next month! I look forward to the recipes…

  2. Such a great plan:-)

  3. I’ll be looking for your recipes. With the warm weather, spaghetti pie just doesn’t sound quite as good!

  4. Leslie says

    I can’t wait for the recipes!! How did the Chicken with tomatoes and feta turn out in the freezer? I am looking forward to trying it.

    Thank you – you’re an inspiration!

    • Jessica Fisher says

      It was not a winner. The texture of the feta was funny and no one really loved the chicken. Back to the drawing board….

  5. Whitfieldwalker says

    Do you have the planning worksheets shown in the photo above available somewhere on your website. I would love to have them! Thanks

  6. I was wondering the same thing about the planning worksheets shown in the photo. Those look great!

  7. Becky says

    Me too! I would love the planning worksheet in the photo! I’ve already started my freezer cooking (I do small batches at time as I’m not the SUPERWOMEN you and Crystal are.) Yesterday I made shredded chicken, taco meat, and meatballs to add to my freezer. With what I already had stashed inside, I’m ready to plan next months meals. THANKS SO MUCH!!! for your inspiration and guidance!

  8. Katharine says

    You have a lot of great worksheets. I also was wondering where they are on your website. I’m very new and would like to try monthly cooking.

  9. What do you put in your pizza kits? Do you freeze the dough unbaked, and then put sauce, cheese, and other toppings in seperate bags? How do you prepare the dough for the freezer?

    • Jessica Fisher says

      @LeAnna, I usually have the toppings in separate bags and sauce in a plastic container. I usu make the dough fresh, but this time I’m going to make matza rounds and bake them first. We’ll see how the experiment goes….

  10. Michelle says

    On the chimichangas, do you fry then freeze or freeze and fry when you want to make/serve them? Thank you, – trying to compile a list of meals and I have several flour tortillas I would love to use up :o)

    • Jessica Fisher says

      @Michelle, well, since I’ve never done it, I’m not sure. I think I’m going to soften the tortillas, fill, and roll and then freeze. That way we could bake them, crisp them on the griddle, or nuke them.

  11. I’m interested to see how you are going to do the subs! My family love sub sandwiches but I’m not good at coming up with the varieties!

  12. Anonymous says

    I’m not sure who came up with “Matza pizza” but the name is confusing. I am Jewish; on Passover we eat Matza instead of bread. Matzah is a special unleavened bread that we eat, in memory of our redemption from Egypt. We make Matza pizza for the kids which is sauce and cheese on top of Matza (good but not quite as good as your recipe sounds). Someone should change the name for your recipe! 😉

    • Jessica Fisher says

      Did I do something wrong? Is it that the “h” is missing? I’m so confused. 😉

  13. Could you please re-post your blank worksheets? The links on your site all re-point back to this page. I have your “Not your Mother’s” book and the worksheets are in it, but it would be great to get printable pages that would copy more easily. I love your book! We’re having the Turkey & Scallion burgers tonight. Thanks for a great how-to approach in the book.

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