Meal Planning: Freezer Check & Post-Holiday Back Disorder

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We had a wonderful Thanksgiving on Thursday. My brother JJ came as well as our friend Kimmy. We ate way too much and talked a lot. Our guests even did us parents a favor and took the kids to the park for awhile. It was a great day!

Except for the fact that I threw out my back — again. I did this in early October, lifting a heavy box from the cart at Costco. I did it this weekend, putting a 20-pound turkey into the oven.

Would y’all remind me to stop stooping and lifting heavy things? Oh my! What a reminder to enjoy good health and not take a pain-free back for granted.

So, it was with a strong helper — and mittened hands — that I checked the freezer this weekend. We’ve got about 20 meals’ worth of food in the freezer. I’ll be planning for our next freezer cooking days and topping off the freezer later this week. I’ve got some yummy ideas in store. Come by Friday to see my cooking plan and to join in the fun.

In the meantime, I’ve got my meal plan for the week.

28. Taco Bowls

29. Grilled Chicken, Vegetables, Quinoa Pilaf

30. Turkey Pot Pie, Green Salad

1. Grilled Tri-Tip, Roast Potatoes, Green Beans

2. Take-out

3. Pizza Night

4. Chicken Parmesan, Spaghetti, Salad

What have YOU got cooking?

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  1. The chicken pot pie sounds delicious — going to give that a try next week! The weather has finally turned cold in my part of the south and we need the comfort food.

    I have several slow cooker recipes this week — more comfort food. Shepherd’s pie, chicken and gravy over rice, and meatloaf tonight!

  2. Ah, I’m working on my menu for the next month and I did some freezer cooking this weekend. Meatloaf cups, meatballs and creole pasta bake.

  3. KatieBee says

    Just finished cooking for my week: Red beans and rice; bean and ham soup; turkey stew with chive biscuits; lemon chicken; and lawnmower tacos, plus leftover night and sandwich night. Put up 8 more dinners in the freezer; done for the month!

  4. please listen to the warnings your back is giving you. take care of yourself! ((hugs))

  5. I just made my menu plan for the week and emailed it to my husband so we’re both on board. I think I might just avoid the grocery store this week! We’re having lentil loaf, squash & greens, spinach lasagna, and green enchiladas. That should use up most of the orphan vegetables and Thanksgiving leftovers in the fridge!

    • KatieBee says

      @Jenn, do you have a recipe for lentil loaf? I made curried lentil stew yesterday and noticed that I have purchased lentils galore over the past few months. Would love another recipe to use them up. Thanks!

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