Meal Planning: Hoping for Fair Skies Ahead, Yet Preparing for Stormy Weather

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We saw several ships like this one yesterday in San Diego Harbor. Magnificent!

This week is a busy one: The regular routine of school, housework, life, plus some important writing projects, a playday with friends, FishPapa’s Birthday, and of course, my Birthday Cake Round Up on Thursday. I am hoping for “sunny skies and fair weather” as far as all this is concerned. But, who knows what storm clouds could be waiting for us? Illness, crabby children (or moms), malfunctioning computers – all is possible.

I can’t control the weather but I can batten down the hatches. Life is just like that. You never know what lies ahead. But, I am going to hope for fair weather, yet plan for contingencies. And having a meal plan is a way to plan ahead. If I at least know what we’re going to eat and have the ingredients at the ready, I won’t have to think about that in the midst of the craziness of life. And I need all the extra brain space I can get!

And on that note, I’ve got an easy menu plan for the week:

Bean tostadas, fruit salad
Roast chicken, roast potatoes, green beans
Beef stew, mashed potatoes, broccoli, green salad
Vegetable-beef soup, popovers
Homemade pizza, salad
Bday dinner: grilled tri-tip and shrimp, rice pilaf, salad, garlic bread
Lasagna (already made and ready in the freezer), salad, bread

I’ll be making use of the following techniques to speed up mealtime:

1. Prepping dinner in the morning: almost all of the things I have planned for the week can be made ahead of time, except perhaps the popovers. For that, I can measure out the dry ingredients and get the pans ready.

2. Using my crockpot: roast chicken, stew, and soup can all go in the slow cooker in the morning and I won’t have to do much thinking about dinner.

3. Freezer meals: While I haven’t had the time to do Once a Month Cooking, I have doubled a few recipes lately to tuck into the freezer for later. Lasagna is one of those that we’ll be enjoying this week.

4. Using my bread maker: This is a must-have tool for my pizza dough. It makes pizza night SO easy!

What do you do to plan for stormy weather? Have you got a back-up plan for mealtimes?

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  1. CountryMama@The Cozy Country Home says:

    We had quite a “storm” this week and this weekend past and we’re under a “storm watch” again (literally and figuratively speaking…colds, fever, and stomach virus, and expecting yet another snow storm tomorrow!!) So…my menu plan has changed on a nightly basis! Toast and crackers one night, mashed potatoes the next. At least I have a number of things on hand to plan accordingly! It helps to be prepared for as you say, “any weather”!!

  2. Mrs. S says:

    I make a menu plan every two weeks. But I have few things tucked in the freezer for “back up”. And if it is a really bad day/night (like this week when I got a nasty cold) we bring out toast and cereal or scrambled eggs and toast or a jar of pasta sauce and pasta (so easy!). I try to get my dinner prep done in the a.m., but I fail at that quite often these days! I do, at least, think about it…LOL…like that helps!? You have inspired me to be more pro-active this week, espicially since it is a busy one for us! Thank you!

  3. Kristen says:

    I have something for you, please check my post today.

  4. Raggedy Girl says:

    Great post and wonderful suggestions for making meal preparation easier. Thanks!
    Have a great Monday
    Roberta Anne

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