Meal Planning: How’s that Pantry Challenge Going?

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This weekend, I went to survey the status of the freezer. I was wondering if perhaps we were scratching the bottom of the barrel. But, no.

I found a few freezer meals and — lo and behold — a whole turkey, several chickens, and a few roasts. So, you can guess what we’ll be eating in the next two weeks. I also froze most of our Christmas ham, so I have that to experiment with.

We’ll be good on protein. I’m just not sure about the rest of the meal. There are plenty of carrots and green beans. We’ve got some potatoes and pasta. The rice is gone, but there’s always quinoa.

“There’s always quinoa.”

You says that?!

Anyway, the Pantry Challenge is going fairly well over here. Getting sick didn’t help. But, that can’t be helped.

You can read what we’re actually eating here and see what I’ve bought this month here and here. Want to join the Pantry Challenge? It’s never to late. Link up here.

As for the meal plan for the week?

Well, that’s here:

Breakfasts — all with fruit and yogurt

Lunches — all with veggies


What’s cooking at YOUR house?

Don’t forget to visit Menu Plan Monday for more ideas.

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  1. I just typed up my plan for this week! I’ve been out of town, and came home to find what was left in the fridge… not much to the non-creative mind, but I am determined to stay out of the store as long as I can!!!

    I have to say, thanks for the recipe on the breakfast cookies. My guys have been LOVING those, and I have all the ingredients on hand (YEA!).

  2. We are doing well here too! I still have a ton of chicken, beef and pork in the freezer as well as the veggies and fruits I froze from the Farmer’s Market this summer. I did end up going over my $100 budget but am still way under my typical budget of $6-800 per month so I consider it a success so far! I didn’t take into account when setting the budget that my husband would be working from home this month so we needed more “quick” lunches–cold cuts and such. Oh well, next time 🙂

  3. Kristen says

    We’re having chocolate chip and bluberry pancakes that I made a froze, cold cereal, baked oatmeal and eggs for breakfasts.

    Lunches are the same every week, PBJ’s, quesadillas, leftovers, nachos, mac n cheese.

    Dinners: Chicken pot pie and salad, meatloaf w/mashed potatoes and broccoli, Pizza and salad, leftovers, beans and cornbread and baked potato soup.

    I love meal planning. Mostly because almost all of these are in my freezer, already made:)

  4. Just bought a box of quinoa this week. I’ve been wanting to try it. For breakfast tomorrow, I’ll be making Quinoa Pudding, a recipe I found @ allrecipes. com.

  5. having to bring my husband to the store(i didnt have anyone else to take me) cost an extra $20, ugh. and I didnt get to go to the store I wanted and couldnt buy everything!

  6. Lots of yummy food was whipped up today! It will cover us through this week, with lots of meals frozen for the future!

    See our plan at

  7. Here is my Pantry Challenge

  8. Here is the pantry challenge

  9. Hope you guys are feeling better!!

  10. Denise C. says

    Right before Thanksgiving, my grocery store had a special on turkeys. Spend $25 get the turkey for $.39 per pound. I bought a 12 lb. bird for $4! It was such a good deal I went back & bought another one. Well, bird #2 has been a bit of a freezer hog, so he is defrosting in the fridge for dinner/lunch/leftovers this week! 🙂

  11. I have such a huge stockpile that you can’t even tell we’ve been eating mostly out of it. I’ve done a bit of shopping, virtually all sale+coupon deals, but am well, WELL under $100/wk. $50/wk at the most so far.

    Here is my dinner menu for the week:

    Breakfasts are always the same: Monday-muffins, Tuesday-toast with peanut butter, Wednesday-pancakes, Thursday-hot cereal, Friday-eggs with meat, Saturday-Dad’s choice, Sunday-cold cereal. Easy and no thinking, plus the kids know what to expect because it’s been the menu for years. 🙂

  12. This was my second week of freezer cooking. We have a lot of meat in the freezer and I had stockpiled lots of basics, so other than fesh items, even my freezer cooking was from he pantry! Here’s my cooking list (with recipes) and our menu for this week:

  13. Haha. I say, “And there’s always quinoa” a lot, too. It’s terrible – we always some around, but I never think of it when I’m trying to decide what to put under/with another dish. Maybe I should store it on the counter with a big red flag on it, instead of in the cupboard with everything else.

  14. Isn’t it a wonderful feeling to know/realize how blessed we are as we do things like take stock of where we are? The pantry challenge always puts my needs/blessings into perspective. Thanks for starting it up again!

  15. I am organizing the freezer to rotate stock. I am going through and cleaning out the pantry. I am stocking it with only healthy foods and snacks. I am an empty-nester with a husband with a very limited diet due to food allergies and intolerances. I have lost 92 pounds and this pantry needs to lose a few more pounds too!

  16. How do you serve your quinoa?

    • Jessica Fisher says

      I make a pilaf with it with onion and chicken broth. Last night I tried garlic, lemon, and thyme, too. Still experimenting.

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