Meal Planning: My Lunchtime Experiment is Working!

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A few weeks ago I told you about my brilliant-thought-of-this-two-years-ago-but-never-really-stuck-to-it idea. That is, packing lunches the night before even though we stay home for lunch. Well, I’m pleased to report that this homeschool brown bag plan is a keeper.

After two weeks of the boys and I faithfully packing lunches each night, I can say that we are saving amazing amounts of time during our homeschool day.

Plus, there are fewer complaints at lunchtime. Since the boys help pack, they know what to look forward to at mealtime. And I think I might get a little more kitchen help in preparing some more homemade snacks.

An added benefit is that FishPapa is generally getting a better lunch as well, instead of the haphazard “throw it together at 5:30 am before I’m fully awake” trick that I’ve been pulling these past few months. In fact, he loved our homemade granola bars so much that he has offered to bake “hundreds” of them with me during Freezer Cooking Days this month. Whoohoo!

Things are not going perfectly on the food front, but we are testing out some problem solving ideas and seeing success. And it seems to be shaping my freezer cooking plan for the month as well.

Here’s my meal plans for the week:


Since I’ve made so many convenience items, I’ve recently let the boys choose what the want from a range of easy options:

Every couple days I make eggs or pancakes, but otherwise, breakfast is a simple pre-made affair.



(Following September’s theme)

What have you got cooking this week?

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  1. What a great idea!

    I’m diggin’ those lunch containers!

  2. I homeschool too, and I am totally taking your idea! I am loving that you pack lunches even though you are home. What a great idea, and you can have an impromptu picnic at the park if you wanted. šŸ™‚

  3. When you made the granola bars what kind of oats did you use? The recipe calls for rolled oats does that mean quick or old fashioned? If you get back to me I will be making granola bars and granola. My 2yo is very into granola with yogurt.

    Thanks! I love your blog!

  4. Speaking of freezer cooking….when’s the next one FishMama??

  5. Where did you find the lunch containers that are pictured? I am on the fence about ordering bento boxes.

    • Jessica Fisher says:

      Target and Walmart both carry them and grocery stores, I would assume. They are from Ziploc and cost about $2.25-2.50 for a set of two.

  6. Andrea Cervantes says:

    Love this idea!!!! Love the look of the homemade granola bars, also! Do you have the recipe somewhere? I looked it up on kitchen stewardship but yours look so different. Did you modify the recipe? šŸ™‚

  7. Who would have thought of doing this! Brilliant idea, must save you a lot of time in your day!

  8. Happy Labor Day! Looks like you have a great plan for the new season:-)

  9. Do you like the Ziploc containers? I’ve been going back and forth about getting either those or the easylunchboxes. Seems like the reviews I found online mention that the ziploc ones wouldn’t keep liquid out of the other sections (fruit, yogurt, etc.) Have you traveled with yours?

    • Jessica Fisher says:

      @Denise, I think that if you truly put the lid on correctly you shouldn’t have a big problem with leakage. Unless you’re packing chicken broth or something. The lids go down securely, but you have to deliberately do it.

      I looked at Easy Lunch Boxes but that was cost prohibitive compared to these.

  10. I was just reading your blog statement and thought to myself “Would I like having a fulltime housekeeper and driver?” “Well, yes!” But I would miss all the funny conversations with the teens. So I guess I’ll keep my other hats and carry forward.

    Have a terrific weekend.

  11. I think this is a great idea! Other then P&B and turkey sandwiches, do you have other ideas of sandwiches that keep well until lunch time. Also do you have an online source for those lunch containers? Although we have ziploc here in Bermuda I’ve never seen the one you use for lunches.

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