Meal Planning: Simple Meals Rule the Day

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Thai Chicken Pizza

It used to be that I spent about three hours preparing the evening meal. I looked at it as my hobby. I love to cook and I love to eat.

While those characteristics haven’t changed, I am no longer a young newlywed with few obligations. I know that our nest will be empty all too soon and I’ll have plenty of time for elaborate, gourmet meals.

But, that’s not the season I live in. Instead, I need quick, easy, cheap, healthy, and delicious. Well, now, ain’t that a tall order to fill?

I’m finding that it is within reach if I

It may sound boring, but really, I can add a few tweaks here and there to ensure that we eat well and happily.

Putting all those tasks into practice, here’s our meal plan for the week:

What have you got cooking?

For more meal planning inspiration, visit I’m an Organizing Junkie.

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  1. I couldn’t agree more! I go in streaks when I like to try new things but there are the comfort weeks where simple things really are best.

  2. I must ask—-do you have a recipe you could share for the pizza pictured?
    My 9 y.o. daughter walked by the computer and saw it and said “What kind of pizza is that. It looks delicious!”


  3. thai chicken pizza? care to share the recipe please please please??? i LOVE thai food and that sounds DELISH!

    i try and meal plan and go in spurts doing it but lately i haven’t….need to get back into the routine of doing it. i just need more quick and easy good delish meals, most of my creations takes hours to make!

  4. Loving your newest method of menu planning. Thanks for the inspiration!

  5. Lookin good:-)

  6. Thanks so much for passing along advice on how to menu plan. I’m trying your method “Theme Nights” this month, so we’ll se how it goes. My family has very eclectic tastes (rather, my hubby & I do) so menu planning is fun but can sometimes be challenging. Normally, I don’t plan for a whole month, but I’m so tired of trying to figure out what to fix that I think it may be easier…we’ll see.

    Just in case you need some inspiration for future “themes” here are ours:
    Down home/Casserole
    Soup/Crock Pot
    Big Breakfast (since Saturday is our splurge day, I like to do a big breakfast so we can eat out or maybe just do appetizers/snacks for dinner)

  7. I am coming to that realization in my life. I wanted to make sure that the kids had a variaty of foods that were healthy. That they tried new things all the time, to really experience food. That is the way I grew up, but there was only 2 kids me and my brother. I have 4, ages 11,soon to be 5 and 4 and a 2 1/2 yo. We are entering a very busy season of our lives. I am coming to terms(which is hard) with the fact that i need to make meals that are easy and healthy and that everyone will easily eat. I don’t want to waste time fighting over food.

  8. I started doing theme days too… my plan looks like this:

    Sun- crockpot soup/stew lunch, then snacks after PM service
    Mon- Pasta/noodle casserole
    Tues- Meat & potatoes
    Wed- Leftovers
    Thur- Rice (stirfry/casserole)
    Fri- Fun food (pizza or mexican)
    Sat- Sandwich/bun (burgers, hotdogs, BBQ, sloppy joes etc)

    Sometimes I might switch the days based on how busy I am, but this makes it easy to plan one meal a week of each of the different kinds of carbs (pasta, rice, potatoes, tortilla, bread etc) and not keep eating the same stuff over and over…. 🙂

  9. I absolutely love all the meal planning ideas and recipes. I tend to make a lot of tried and true, but I do like to try new recipes and try and add them in – that doesn’t always go so well with my pickier eaters. Although my family loves our old standbys (tacos are a weekly request), my husband and I get bored with the same old so I’d love to hear how folks avoid that while still keeping meal planning simple…

    • Jessica Fisher says:

      @s, we often doctor ours up with extra stuff like salsa and other condiments. Like our Mexican Omelets this week will be a lot fancier than the kids’.

  10. Looks like a great week. I really like the tip about how to make omelets for multiple people. It’s hard to serve them all hot.

  11. Jessica,
    This is WAAAAAAY of the post here, but I can’t find the recipe for touchdown chili. Are you able to share that? I couldn’t figure out if there were some copywright issues with the book and maybe that’s why I couldn’t find it. Anyhow, may I please have that it you’re able to share.
    Thank you

    • Jessica Fisher says:

      @Nia, it looks like they’ve removed it from I guess you’ll have to buy the book or check it out from the library? Sorry about that. I only post recipes that are mine or tweaked enough to be different.

  12. This week can be summed up in one word…


  13. I love the themes. This year the kids and I decided to have a new recipe night every other week. One kid gets to pick and entree and the other dessert. Everyone has to agree on the recipe. We cook both on the planned night. So far we have found two new items to add to our regular meal plans.

  14. We have pizza nights on Friday’s as well. I had the same question about the Thai pizza recipe. Two of my favorite things Thai food and pizza! Thanks for sharing!

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