Meal Planning: Turkey in the Summer?

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Last week my meal plan didn’t totally pan out. First there was the quick Chinese takeout that wasn’t all that quick. Then there was a failure to thaw that famous turkey. Then, there was the realization that my mom would be at home with Hobbits hungry children for two days and that she would need to feed them lots of easy meals.

So, I caved on a number of fronts, including a trip to Costco, and rolled with the punches on a few others. In the end, I made sure my mom had a fully stocked pantry and that by the end of tonight, I will, indeed, have pulled that turkey from the freezer for this week.

(That bird isn’t as big as I thought it was, so we’ll probably brine it and cook it on the grill. How’s that for an experiment to make up for my flakiness of last week?)

Some Most of this week’s meal plan is simply a re-do of last week’s:


(all served with fresh fruit or applesauce)

Oatmeal (either baked, instant, or not mushy)
Muffins and Smoothies
Rice and Toppings
Donut Run (’cause that’s how FishPapa rolls)


(all served with fresh fruit or veggies)

Sunbutter Sandwiches
Turkey Baguette Sandwiches
DIY Pasta Salad
Snacky Lunch
Calzones or Soup


(all served with salad or steamed vegetables and rolls or bread)

Pasta with Crockpot Red Sauce
Roast Turkey (possibly grilled if it’s hot), Potatoes
Turkey Pot Pie
Beans and Rice
Grilled Fish, Quinoa Pilaf
Grilled Hamburgers on Homemade Buns
Eat Out (’cause that’s how I roll)

What are YOU having?

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  1. I’ve got my menu posted for this week too –
    We did a leftover-from-cheap-holiday-prices-turkey a couple of weeks ago too. 😉

  2. Going with the flow is a necessity for keeping our sanity during those busy weeks. I have to agree that defrosting those turkeys can be a pain, can’t they? We love turkey all year round too. When I cook the turkey in the oven I no longer brine it but instead stuff the cavity with stuff (herbs, onions, apples, oranges, etc), rub seasoning under the skin and sear it prior to cooking. Absolutely delicious, but that doesn’t work on the grill 🙂

    Below is my menu plan for the week.

  3. I am with you on last week’s menu. Mine did not totally pan out either. I am still in the process of losing my last 5-6 pounds (already lost 40 :)) so I am trying to stay very focused.

    Menu plan this week has all the calorie counts, a make ahead action plan, as well as a sample very basic grocery list. Here is a link

  4. We substitute turkey for most of the chicken meals that we make. It isn’t quite the same, but we bought two extra turkeys last Thanksgiving and need to eat them up. We made a great chicken chili with turkey recently and no one noticed it wasn’t chicken. The recipe can be found here I also have a really, really easy pot pie recipe that is good to make with turkey here

  5. Turkey! Hehe. Did I tell you I think you’re hilarious? I love it! Have a great day Jessica!

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