Meal Planning: Vacation Week

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I feel like I’ve been cooking for a week. Wait a minute — I have been cooking for a week! I’m ready to rest. So, this week, we’re digging into the freezer and pantry for quick and easy meals this week during our vacation.

26. Leftovers (tamales, enchiladas), green salad

27. Chicken Gumbo in the crockpot

28. Shredded Beef Tacos

29. Pasta with Red Sauce

30. Pizza Night

31. NYE Mocktail Party

1. Not Soggy Nachos

Got a quick fix meal for vacation week? Tell us!

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  1. Angela Shrader says

    Just read your not soggy nacho spot…..and all God’s children said Amen……cracked me up! lol Sounds yummy too! But do you not do the whole superstitious pork, greens, blackeyed peas????

  2. Angela Shrader says

    Awww man, I love that stuff! But I love me some Mexican too! I think that’s why I love your recipes so much, if the choice is ever mine, then that’s what I choose!

  3. Hah. I’m not a big fan of black eyed peas or collard greens. Yet I make myself eat them. No clue why. I’m going to try the beans Indian style this year. Maybe the spices will mask the ick? So, back to the question. I pull some of my bolognese sauce out of the freezer for spaghetti bolognese (I make it in 4-quart crockpot-sized batches). But if I don’t have that, quesadillas is a quick/easy meal. Fillings vary…basically cheese + something (usually involving black beans) + microwave = yum. Or, if we’re feelin’ fancy, grill em on the stove griddle.

  4. I’m putting masa harina & corn husks on my next shopping list so I can try the tamales! Also, the not so soggy nachos is how I like too eat my nachos, too. It’s genius! ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. since the kids are home from school all week, I do all their faves esp for quick lunches – quesidillas, calzones, nachos/tacos, and mac-n-cheese. The best thing about all of these is I can tweak a little to allow for preferences – cheese calzones and pepperoni calzones, quesidillas with and without chicken, man-n-cheese with one half no bread crumbs on top!

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