Meal Planning & a Recipe for Jambalaya Pasta

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This past week, I saw some great successes with my meal planning and some …. un-successes. FishBaby had been battling some kind of mystery illness that had me on the phone and in doctor waiting rooms quite a bit. After three doctors and two medications, I think we’re on the mend. But, in the midst of it, I was way too distracted to do a whole lot of exciting things in the kitchen, even if it was just take something out of the freezer. Thankfully, my mom was here and was happy to treat us to a few meals of take-out. Thanks, Mom!

There is a time and a place for everything. Amen and amen.

I did get to make the Jambalaya Pasta, and it was yummy. Nothing fancy. But, delicious, nonetheless.

This week should be an easy week. Famous last words, I’m sure. 😉

11. Greek Steak, Pita Bread, and Couscous Salad – The steak is already marinated. I’ll just let it thaw before FishPapa cooks it up. The pita bread and couscous salad are items I’ll mix up fresh. And if I get a good photo, I’ll share the recipes.

12. Rice and Beans – The cooked beans and grated cheese are ready in the freezer. I can thaw them the morning of and cook up a pot of Mexican Rice that night.

13. Taco Night – I precooked the taco meat and stored it in the freezer along with a bag of grated cheese. At dinnertime, I just warm the meat and the taco shells from the pantry and add shredded lettuce and the thawed cheese.

14. Pancake Night

15. Lasagna, Green Salad, and Foccacia Bread – The lasagna and foccacia are from freezer cooking. I prefer not to bake the lasagna until the day I serve it. The foccacia is already baked, just need to thaw and warm.

16. Pizza Night Homemade Pizza, Veggies, and Ranch Dip – The cheese is already grated and some of the pizza toppings are already prepped.

17. Chimichangas – I store cooked pinto beans, grated cheese and tortillas in the freezer. I thaw them during te day and then assemble burritos at dinnertime and crisp them on the griddle for “mock chimichangas.”

What are YOU cooking up this week?

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  1. That’s good to hear that your little one is on the mend! 🙂 We had a few nights like that this past week…thank God for freezers! 🙂

  2. The Jambalaya Pasta sounds great! Glad to hear the little one is doing better. Great week planned out 🙂

  3. Kim in AZ says:

    Please, please, please share your pita bread recipe (and maybe a how-to hint or two). This is one thing I enjoy and would love to know how to make at home! Did I say ‘please’? 🙂

  4. Glad to hear that your little one is getting better. Your menu looks great this week.

  5. Your menu looks great this week (as always!) The pasta recipe looks wonderful, thanks for sharing!!

    Glad to hear your baby is getting better. I know how it is to have a little one sick – throws everything else out of wack!

  6. HI!!! Just wondering how you do your pizza crust?? Do you freeze it frozen??? I have an awesome recipe I use with calzones and was wanting to make a bunch up on my freezer days and have left over dough for pizza. Wasn’t sure if I should cook it then freeze it or freeze it then cook it.. Do you have any suggestions?

    • Jessica Fisher says:

      I make it fresh each week. I prepare the toppings and freeze those ahead of time. But, we didn’t like how the dough tasted when I froze it. Many people really like it, though. They freeze it in a freezer bag after the first rise.

  7. Glad the wee one is on the mend. I’m hoping I have an uneventful week as I have a plan in place. I just hope I get to carry it out.

  8. Jambalaya pasta looks tasty!

  9. We have this pasta dish on the menu for dinner with rigatoni instead of penne. Yum!!!

  10. That Jambalya Pasta has my mouth watering. Menu sounds great!

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