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Over the last year, a number of my online friends have been contributing to LifeasMOM by sharing their experiences and expertise in areas that I’m not so knowledgeable or practised in. If you haven’t had a chance to meet them, I thought I would formally introduce them to you.

These ladies are amazing and among those I am excited to be with “on the road to Joyful Motherhood.”


Amy is the voice behind Mom’s Toolbox and Mom’s Travel Tales. She is a whiz at getting through airport security gracefully. I know because coming home from Nashville last year, she breezed through gracefully while I stumbled through like a fool. As the more experienced traveler of us two, she’s the travel correspondent around here and the one to help us pull off family vacations with style.


JessieLeigh writes regularly over at Parenting the Tiniest of Miracles, but has graciously agreed to moonlight over here, sharing ideas and inspiration for families who public school. Even though I was a public school teacher at one point, I’m a little out of practice. I currently teach my children at home, so I really appreciate the knowledge and fresh perspective that Jessie Leigh brings.


Lauren is a young mom of four sweet babes and the laundry diva at Mama’s Laundry Talk. She is offering great new ideas for pregnant ladies and moms of littles. While I certainly have been both, I’m getting a little rusty and forgetful in my old age, so I’m glad to have another voice here at LifeasMOM to bring fresh ideas and encouragement for those of us in the midst of having babies and toddlers at home.


Lynn from Lynn’s Kitchen Adventures and Lynn’s Recipe Adventures has been a breath of fresh air to me in offering me advice and encouragement in a multitude of areas, from cooking to homeschooling to blogging. I’ve made more than one desperate phone to Lynn to get her input about FishBaby’s food allergies. She offers inspiration for thriving with food allergies and sensitivities, something that many of us are challenged with.


Prerna is my friend from far away. A mom and writer, making her home in India and online at The Mom Writes, Prerna offers an international perspective as well as a fresh look at home management solutions and, specifically, cleaning and green living.

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I believe you can get great meals on the table -- and still keep that pretty smile on your face.

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