Mega Swag Bucks Day is Today!

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Search & Win

Every Friday is Mega Swag Bucks Day. That means that the odds of winning high value swagbucks are, well, high!

Our family started searching with Swag Bucks almost three years ago and we’ve earned thousands of points searching the web, something we do anyway. It’s nice to get rewarded for something you would do even without the reward. Over the years I’ve redeemed Swag Bucks for gift cards, mostly to Amazon and Starbucks. It’s been a wonderful way to get free books, toys, and freepacinos. One year I even paid for ALL my kids Christmas presents with gift cards I’d won through Swag Bucks. Seriously.

(You can also earn points by referring friends. So, if you sign up through my link, you’ll be feeding my coffee and book habits. Thank you very much!)

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  1. I’ve never won more than 11 swagbucks for a search before, even on Fridays – until today that is. This morning I earned 53 swagbucks for a search!! I couldn’t believe it!