Mentors, Chocolate, & A Giveaway

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Mrs. Marcy, Ms. Berge, Madame Stephenson, Michelle, Kathy, and Karen — these women don’t really know each other, but they all have something in common. Each was a mentor to me over the years. They helped me along this road, called life.

Each played a significant role:

  • my second grade teacher who loved on me and shared a passion for books
  • my junior high art and journalism teacher who taught me to write
  • my high school French instructor who encouraged me and pointed me in the right direction
  • a older, college girl who taught me about God
  • a young wife and mother who rented me a room when I was in college
  • my landlady during my newlywed and new mom years.

I count all these women as my friends. And yet, I’m not sure they all know what a mark they left on my life. But, I so thankful for these women who invested in me when I was a child and a young(er) woman.

They were mentors to me at significant points in my life and helped shape who I am. Finding people like this is not as easy as it seems and yet a good mentor can add so much to one’s life.

Sometimes we don’t know know when we’ve had an impact on another’s life. In fact, if you’re a Hershey’s chocolate fan, you’ve been a behind the scenes support to mentors at the Milton Hershey School, a

cost-free, private, coeducational home and school is the largest of its kind in the nation. Today, MHS is a safe-haven for more than 1,800 girls and boys from pre-kindergarten through 12th grade who come from states throughout the country. Children from families of low-income, limited resources and social need are given the opportunity to work hard, realize their potential and build towards a brighter future.

This year the Milton Hershey School celebrates its 100th year. While you’ve been gobbling kisses and S’mores fueled by Hershey’s bars, you’ve also been helping to support this unique school. Their alumni have gone on to impact their communities as well.

Hershey would like to say thanks!

This week three LifeasMOM readers will each receive a basket filled with Hershey candies.

To Enter

Leave a comment on this post, telling us about a special mentor in your life.

Giveaway will be open until Sunday, October 25th at 8 pm, PST. Winners will be chosen randomly and notified via email and have 48 hours from time of email sent in order to claim their prize.

Congrats to winners: melissakeune@ alilbitoirish@ gracedeb1@

Disclosure: Hershey’s has provided me and three winners with a gift basket full of chocolate. I was not paid to publish positive comments. My opinions are my own. For more information, see my disclosure policy.

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  1. Mrs Shook, my nursing school instructor. She taught me more than the technical, she “got it” and demonstrated an understanding and compassion toward those in need that truly made me undestand that it was a calling, not a duty or a vocation.

  2. My 5th grade math teacher. if not for her, I’m not sure that I would love math as I do.

    Love chocolate – thanks for this giveaway.

  3. Kelly McKillip says:

    My aunt was my special mentor and still is. She was there for me through all the dysfunction of my parents growing up. She let me live at her house on the weekends and be a part of her family. I spent my early through late teen years hanging out and coming to her for advice. I brought friends to her who were in trouble. SHe always listened with a gentle ear and an open heart. I recently told her my goal as a mom was to have my kids want to be with me the way her adult children still want to be with her, I will have succeeded. She has battled breast cancer and won. She is strong and honest and one of the best people I have ever had the priviledge to know and love. Thanks for letting me comment and reminding me the role these special mentors play in our lives!

  4. My piano teacher, who always taught me to think outside the box in all things in life.

  5. My neighbor who models how to be a good Christian mother.

  6. Mr. Hall a teacher I had when I was a senior in high school. We had to relocate and I wouldn’t be graduating with everyone I went to school with and it was a hard adjustment to make. I almost dropped out but Mr. Hall gave me a few inspirational talks to kept me going that last year.

    onedayitwillbealright @ gmail dot com

  7. the friends that have been there since our days in 5th grade and that are still there today 25 years later

  8. My 10th grade Government teacher. She went back to school in her 50’s to pursue a degree in education. She had such a kind heart and passion for life that I will never forget!

  9. A neighbor/church friend has been a mentor to me–she’s like my Christian mom in many ways.

  10. My mom is my biggest mentor. Next would be my music teachers. Even though I’m not a musician, they taught me to really love and enjoy music.

  11. My mentor was my English teacher in high school (for two years!) who left an indelible mark sharing a love of reading, questioning and never accepting a status quo.

  12. Mrs. Avis Luter lived accross the street from us when we were newlyweds. She taught me how take the apples from and old tree in our yard and make appleasauce and preserve applesauce also plums into jelly. I’ll never forget her. Goes along with the ‘Teach a man to fish..” I always think of her fondly when I can in the fall. 🙂

  13. My mom. of course. It’s amazing how the relationship changes from the teen years to mommy years…. I know I am a better mom because of the example she set for me!

  14. cathi carpenter says:

    My very first mentor was my second grade teacher, Mrs. Lant. She was young and just started teaching. She made me LOVE school, reading and everything about it. After that, I was HOOKED! 🙂

  15. My middle school youth group leader, MaMa J proved to be a lifelong friend a mentor. What a great lady!

  16. My grade school music teacher was a wonderful mentor in my life. She inspired me to pursue my musical talents and those talents have opened so many doors in my life. Not the least of which was finding two wonderful husbands while singing. I met my first husband when I auditioned as the female singer for a country band. After his tragic death in 1994, I quit singing (and doing many things) for awhile. I was persuaded to join my church’s choir in late 1996. It was there that I met my husband and father of my two sons. It seems that our minister/friend was a bit of a matchmaker.
    Had my music teacher not taken a young girl under her wing so many years ago, I may not have had the confidence and ability to perform in so many places. Now that I am a busy mom, I don’t sing as much as I used to, at least not publicly. However, my husband and I sang our first duet in church this summer. I am blessed.
    I will always remember the kindness of Mrs. Ferrari.

  17. A lady in our church who taught me so much about life ~ she ended up being my matron of honor! Thanks for the chance! 🙂

  18. My mother is my most godly influence and mentor. She truly is amazing. : ) And we both LOVE chocolate.

  19. One of my mentors was a NICU nurse named Beverly. I’m a young mom, who is normally the “adult” in my relationship with my own mother, so when I became a mom I had already prepared myself that I wasn’t going to have a mother who came to help me clean and cook and take care of my baby or to call for advice.

    My daughter was born at 31 weeks and spent over 2 months in the NICU. Beverly was one of her main nurses, NICUs try to give babies the same nurses as much as possible during their stay. Even though my daughter being in there was an emotional roller coaster and the hardest time in my life, I know God sent us there for a reason.

    Beverly was my stand in “mom” and taught me everything I needed to know about taking care of my baby girl, she went above and beyond was is asked of NICU nurse. She taught me how to breastfeed, gave me advice on diaper changing, feeding, burping, keeping her warm, keeping her breathing, sleeping, medicines, just everything. She talked with me for hours about anything to keep my mind off of the constant medical talk. She was my shoulder to cry on when days were bad. When I hadn’t ate or slept she would send me on my way to get food or sleep, and she would cuddle and kiss on my baby girl while I was away, making leaving her a little less hard because I knew she was loved.

    After 63 days, I went home confident in my ability as a mommy to my sweet baby girl and I know I could have never done that without Beverly and the other amazing nurses I met during our time in the NICU.

  20. Leah Kelley says:

    My ex boyfriends mom is my mentor. She managed to home school all her kids until 7th grade then enroll them in a private Christian school. She was so kind and caring and I remember thinking I wanted to be just like her to my kids.

  21. My friend & mentor Laura helped me in my first “real” job after I graduated college; I learned how to be a more effective contributor in a work environment from her.

  22. Mrs. Brandewie, my first grade teacher, was a very special lady. She really opened my eyes to the joy of learning.

  23. Mr. Collins. I moved to a new state in 11th grade and he was a wonderful teacher who helped me so much with the transition.

  24. When my husband and I were first married, we lived many hours away from my mom. Mary became my mom substitute (mentor) and taught me many things. I will always be grateful for her kindness and wisdom.

  25. Mentors are truly a huge blessing and God has provided some at key points in my life, just when He knew I needed them. The most recent one was so different from me in personality, yet I learned a lot from her about enjoying the moment and not taking life so seriously all the time.

  26. My high school business teacher, Mrs. Dooley. She encouraged me to persue accounting in college and I love it.

  27. My sister has been a huge support/mentor to me as I recently became a new mom. Although she does not live close, I always know I can call her when struggles arise (I would definitely not be still nursing my daughter if it were not for her support and guidance).

  28. My friend, who taught me how to be a better child of God, Mom, wife and friend. Many of our conversations were while eating something chocolate!

  29. My Grandma! She is the kindest, wisest person I know!

  30. My mom is my mentor.

    She taught me money management (before the days of Dave Ramsey) she taught me how to be a loving, caring wife and mommy, how to sew, how to be a homemaker… essence….she taught me to be who I am!

  31. My mother is my greatest (and ongoing!) mentor.

  32. My high school religion teacher saw only the goodness in me during some really rough times. She is very ill at the present time with colon cancer, but with her amazingly positive attitude, I know she will beat it!

  33. So many of my mother’s friends inspired me in different ways. Her friend Patty inspired me in the kitchen. Her friend Melissa encouraged the “nerd” in me, and her friend Dawn encouraged me to show compassion even in the face of my own trials. Many mentors shaped who I am today, but my mom’s friends top the list.

  34. Jennifer H. says:

    Miss Whitaker is a wonderful woman of God. She has lived and worked at a Christian childrens home since 1969 and I had the privilege of serving alongside her for 3 years. My first year there, I lived in her apartment and I grew so much from her love.

  35. My mom, definitely. But as I’ve married and had some other adult women added to my life… my mother-in-law! I feel so much like she’s really MY mom– now I have TWO moms! And of course there’s my husband’s aunt. And several other women at our church. Love them all!

  36. Jennifer M. says:

    My mom is my mentor. We weren’t always as close as we are now. It’s amazing how mother/daughter relationships can grow over the years.

  37. My fourth grade teacher was a mentor to me.

  38. Heather Abbott says:

    My 6th grade teacher Mr. Shulhoff, who taught me learning is fun. My mom for my love of books! My best friend, who no matter what is thrown at her, she keeps on going. Now my friends in MOPS, who continue to teach me to take mothering one day at a time and that we’ve all been there at one point or another!!

  39. My neighbor was a mentor to me.

  40. I am sure we all have mentors that we don’t even realize have done something to change our life forever. It could be just the smallest thing, but it has changed your course in life, or have been the smallest that you don’t even realize it has changed your life.

    I would have to say my mom. But I am sure their are a ton more that have effected my life some how, some way!

  41. My best mentor has to be my Mom. As I watched her struggle through divorce, single motherhood, and tight finances, there were many valuable lessons she passed to me along the way. Above all, an un-waivering faith in God.

    Dr. Laura

  42. My mom – being homeschooled, we obviously spent a lot of time together and she impacted me in a very positive way. Although we are very different, there is so much of who I am that I know came from her Godly influence. One example of this would be that she has the gift of hospitality – we always had people in our home for meals or to spend a night or a week or a month. I, on the other hand, like my space and don’t thrive on having people over like my mom does. However, I watched her make people welcome in our home when I was growing up, and as an adult, even though I don’t feel that hospitality is one of my spiritual gifts, I don’t mind doing it because it was something I grew up around. I think hospitality is a lost art, but I’m thankful my mom taught me that it was more important to make people feel welcome and comfortable than it was to worry the whole time about whether the bread was burned or the house was (or wasn’t) perfect. People don’t care, they just want to feel loved. She taught me how to do that by her example.

  43. During college, Beth modeled Christian hospitality for me. She is also an example I look to as a model of a godly wife & mother. She helps me see how a woman can love & support their family & balance that w/ ministry.

  44. There is a woman in our care group who has been a great mentor to me lately. With being a first-time mom of twins, she has given me lots of advice, tips and wisdom.

  45. Christine says:

    Tammy- a college student who introduced me to to Jesus…and taught me how to walk in my new faith! 🙂

  46. Lesley Prochaska says:

    My aunt. My parents didn’t understand me as a child. She taught me it was okay to be me and I fluroished. While I don’t follow the norm, she taught me that the was beauty of who I am. I am happy to say, I am an open minded environmental professional, due to her.

  47. I just posted an entry about one of my mentors… she’s moving to FL at the of the month. And I am heartbroken. She’s an amazing Godly woman that I just adore and look-up to. She’s like my 2nd mom – I will miss her terribley.

  48. Mine was Peggy Lee M. who taught me you can indeed teach an old dog new tricks, as she used to say. I was 33 and she was 67 when we met. Her life had been hard–really hard, yet she was always trying to better herself and the lives of others’ around her. She was always thinking of others and what she could do for them. She’d get down on herself when she’d slip and have unkind thoughts about others. She was a fine example of always trying to improve yourself. She died at 82 a couple of years ago and I miss her.

  49. My grandma—even though she passed on almost 15 years ago, I still often remember the subtle lessons I learned while with her.

  50. My mother. She is always loving, always patient and always there for me.

  51. Michelle Murphy says:

    My next oldest sister has played a huge role in my life. We talk on the phone every day which helps time go by faster while my husband is deployed. She has helped me with school assignments, since she completed her masters in education before me. She prays for me and has been a great resource to bounce faith questions and struggles off of. I don’t know what I would do with her, and I’m thankful that even though we live 2000 miles apart, I can always reach her.

  52. I have to say that my grandma was the biggest mentor in my life. She taught me so many things: how to crochet and craft. To be true to myself and to put others first. She was always there to listen and give advice (even when I didn’t necessarily ask for that advice) She helped me become who I am today.

  53. My two older sisters. Especially after my mom died. They stepped in and filled the role!

  54. Miss Phyllis was a great mentor to me. She had over 75 years of experience and wisdom to share. I loved her and miss her very much! She gave me a cookbook when I moved into my first house and I will probably hold onto that cookbook forever.

  55. My grade school music teacher- and now through the wonders of Facebook I have reconnected and get to stay in touch with her!

  56. Tara Joyce says:

    I have had two mentors – bothwho have been my Bible study teachers. They have helped me navigate the waters of being a newly wed and in the past couple of years, a mom of two. I have been so thankful for their guidance to become the Mom & wife God would have me to be.

    Last month, our family was in Pennsylvania and we visited Hershey, PA. I found Milton Hershey’s life so incredible. What a legacy! It was very inspiring.

  57. My mentor hasn’t come along until recently. there is a wonderful lady at church who is just a few years older then I am that has reached out and been a great friend and inspiration when needed. Her son is a year older then my son and they have become great friends, which is awesome because her son is a great mentor to mine.

  58. My mentor was my high school English and journalism teacher, as well as my color guard coach. Mrs. Krell (now Mrs. Taylor) not only instilled my love of writing and reading, she taught me leadership skills that have been invaluable. She was also a positive example of single motherhood that I needed later in life.

  59. My brother has been and continues to be my most significant mentor.

  60. My memteo is Betty. We both do Family Child Care and I have been having a tough time as I am down to having only a drop in. Betty calls me ar lets me call her anytime and just keeps telling me thing will get better. All of my children went to pre-K. I am truly blessed to have betty in my life. Susan

  61. My youth leader, Janet, was a wonderful mentor for me in my later teen years. She modeled a generous life and faith that has stuck with me.

  62. My Grandmother….she is a wonderful women who taught me to always thank the Lord for everything even if it’s not exactly what you thought you needed.

  63. A favorite mentor of mine is actually about 20 years younger than me. Amy was a sweet, Godly young woman who was living at home and spending time serving others while waiting for her Prince Charming. She spent first one day a week, then two days each week at my house for 2 years, all at no cost to me. Her service to my family was a ministry. She came over and helped with child care, changed diapers, told stories and read books, helped with schooling, ironed, cleaned and did any and all mothering tasks. She was a shining example of what I want my own daughters to be!

  64. I have had many wonderful mentors in my life, and my mom is probably tops of the list. She has modeled a love for Christ, selflessness, and service my whole entire life. I’m blessed that my girls know her so well, and I hope that one day they’ll feel the same way about me!

  65. My mom, grandmas and Jesus for encouragement and guidance.

  66. My boss that just retired. I learned so much from her and she became a great friend in the process. She is a very wise woman and I strive to be more like her everyday.

  67. bridget coker says:

    my mother in law who has taught me how to put others in front of my wants.

  68. Amanda Y. says:

    My aunt was always an inspiration to me. I had a rough childhood with my parents, but she got me through it with her advice, getaways, and more.

  69. Megan, my mentor at my first corporate job, who got me my second!

  70. Every time I see someone modeling a good attitude and selflessness, I take not and strive to be the same way. I’ve never had a mentor, per se, but I see these examples all around me and am thankful that people like that are out there.

  71. Charity Shapiro says:

    My Great Grandmother was a huge influence in my life. I am the person I am today because of her.

  72. Joellen Foster says:

    My mom, and some of the ladies from my church Bible study.

  73. My elementary music teacher played a key role in my elementary years and my early mama years.

    She treated every person who walked in her doors with respect and love.

    She had the “golden rule” posted in her classroom, and made sure that each of us understood that “do unto others” did not mean to treat how we have been treated, but how we want to be treated.

    She taught me the song, “you are my sunshine….”; a song I sing to my children each night as I tuck them in.

    When my children started school, she met me at the door on the first day of school to give me a hug.

    Mrs. Carter made a definite impact on my life.

  74. lisa, a wonderful christian co-worker from years ago. she grew up privileged but learned to make do as a young married gal when her dr. husband returned to school to get his masters degree. she shared frugal tips with me and encouraged me to continue down the road of frugality.

  75. My first grade teacher, Sister Susanna. I was an only child for 7 years until my brother came along; she helped me adjust.

  76. Margy-a social worker who has mentored me both professionally and personally.

  77. My MawMaw and my high school English teacher, both are now deceased but will remain influences in my life until I die. They were instructive, helpful and kind. They were nonjudgemental in the ways that really count. They cared about how my life was going and all people in general.

  78. My youth pastor, in 8th grade – Nancy. In many ways she saved my life.

  79. Hard to narrow it down to just one person – aren’t I blessed? I’d say that over the years my older sister has made a huge difference in my life. I looked up to her and asked her advice almost daily! I appreciate how level headed and thoughtful all her patient answers were.

  80. My mom is not only, my mom, but my mentor as well. She prays for me and our family and always seeks to encourage me!

  81. My dad

  82. Sally Mcquaid says:

    My 6th grade science teacher. He opened my eyes to how amazing our world is and how God truly uses science to show is glory.

  83. My mom inspired me. When I was young she would take me to work with her on saturdays, she worked in a bank. I was allowed to play with the banking supplies and pretend I was a teller. I was also able to go behind the teller line and watvh them work. Then I was only playing but ended up becoming a teller and I really love my job. Also a teacher my son had, she was the preacher’s wife and she helped and prayed with me through a very difficult time in my life, I did not think I could move past that point in my life. Her talking to me and praying with me gave me the strength and confidence i needed to move past that point. I thank god for putting her in my life at that time.

  84. I had an excellent mentor in 5th grade that taught me is was okay to be different & be ‘me’

  85. My Mom!
    she is my biggest mentor! she is just the most wonderful person, and has taught me so much about life and family and love.. I <3 my mommy!

  86. My high school English teacher was a great mentor. She not only taught me how to write a good paper, she was my friend. She helped me get through some tough times. And guess what? She is actually a house parent at the Milton Hershey school now!

  87. Growing up I loved my sister in law, she was so different from the rest of my crazy family. When she had kids she stayed home, made her own baby food, and was a good christian examle in my life. Now that I have my own baby, I find myself wanting to be more like her than anyone else I know. I’m striving to be the homemaker that she was.

  88. My mom is my biggest mentor. She still gives me encouragement and direction.

  89. I am currently working on my teaching degree. My college mentor is amazing. Lisa has become a friend over these last few years, we laugh together, we cry together. She goes above and beyond her “job” as a mentor and has truly mentored and encouraged me through many of life’s trials these past few years. There are some phone calls that we almost forget to even discuss the college side of our call. If it wasn’t for her I would not have made it this far with my schooling, she has kept me going when I was discouraged, pulled strings to help me through some deadlines…and just been there for me when needed.

  90. When I was in junior high I was awkward with low self esteem. My best friend’s mom, Mrs. Sessoms, always encouraged me, loved me unconditionally and pointed me to God. What a great woman!

  91. In all honesty, Milton S. Hershey is my hero. We did a short study and were so impressed by what we read (how many times he failed and just did NOT give up) and what he has done for so many people (the school, the factory, the sugar growers in South America) that we had to visit his creation. He is such an inspiration. I would encourage everyone to read about his legacy.

  92. My mentor was a high school economics teacher who encouraged thinking outside the box and a worldly conscience

  93. Yum!
    One of my favorite mentors probably doesn’t even know it….a 96 year old lady that has stood in for Grandma and teacher for 26 years for me and every other kid in church. When she was 80, she hosted a kid-campout in her backyard and instilled in us a love of fun and of God that stands to this day.

  94. I have a friend right now who I consider a mentor. It’s funny because she’s the same age as I am but she’s really teaching me a lot about being a mom to my kids and wife to my husband. She is also an example of hospitality that I really admire.

  95. My mom, so many things thur her life she has overcome and still is, even with poor health and personal losses this year. Love to be more like her and take things on like she does.

  96. Mr. Smith (4th and 5th Grade Math) was a great mentor and inspiration to me. Gave me a head start on advanced math and instilled in me a love of learning. Now that I have a child in school, I REALLY appreciate all he did.

  97. Tiffany Waters says:

    My husband. He has taught me so much about life and love. I love him with every ounce of my being.

  98. My husband has actually been a great mentor to me throughout the years. I definetly look up to him and his character!

  99. I would have to say my mom. The older I get, the more I realize how much she taught me.

  100. My Mom, who taught me all I know about bargain hunting!

  101. My mentor would be my mom. She has taught me everything I know about cooking/baking, shopping and how to be a strong independent woman! I love her!

  102. I have had a close friend be a major mentor to me! I have recently lost a baby and she has been there for me through thick and thin, it in a way has helped reconnect us in our friendship as we live several miles from each other! She has taught me how to trust and be patient with God even through these hard times.

  103. My mom was the best- since she is no longer with me- a sweet older lady has been such a great friend & mentor!

  104. Shirley, the mom of a friend who I only got to know in person for a short time because she is from South Africa. She is an amazing lady who taught me through her own life that life is about service to others…and she did it with this contagious and witty sense of humor.

  105. Amber Beland says:

    I have had many women who have made an impact on my life. The women who has made the most is my mother. For good or bad she has help shape me into the women that I am today. She was and is still a very loving mother. She is the one who made motherhood and being a mother so special. She is a gift and I’m thankful to call her my mother.

  106. I have a couple mentors
    My dad who passed almost 2yrs ago was the driving force in the person I have became, his words come to mind often when I need advice
    My 3rd grade teacher was the most amazing teacher that anyone could ever have

  107. Amanda P. says:

    I used to meet every week with an older woman named joanne. we started meeting soon after i got engaged to my now husband, and she helped me tremendously in navigating the new roles of wife, daughter in law, and as a new mom! i am so thankful for her role in my life!

  108. The greatest mentor in my life has been my mom. You never really know how much you mother loves you until you have your own children.

    Thanks for the chance to win!

  109. My freshman comp teacher in college – a great teacher, wonderful mom, and the first real linguist I ever met. She was (and still is) able to successfully balance her different roles and excel at all of them.

  110. My mentor was definitely my mother. she taught me all about finances and how not to use charge cards unless you were going to pay for it in full at the end of the moth. She taught me how to cook and respect the world we live in.

  111. Connie Corey says:

    My fourth grade teacher who trusted me enough to let me borrow books from her own collection at home – I felt like I had been given the key to the city!

  112. Deirdre Hopkins says:

    My high school youth pastor’s wife, Liisa. She mentored me through the years when boys were such a hot topic and impressed upon me the personal, real relationship that God wants with each of us! I was in her small group as we discussed the book, “I Kissed Dating Goodbye.”

  113. catherine says:

    My dad. He was the most patient, caring, smart man. He passed away suddenly four years ago this month and his funeral was delayed an hour because the line to get in the church was so long, they had to figure out where to put all the extra people that loved and respected him. I want to make a difference and be loved like that.

  114. There are many teachers and mentors, but the greatest is my mom. We are very close and I’m lucky to have her so close by!
    Thanks for a chance to win some chocolatey goodness. 🙂

  115. Danielle Wise says:

    I actually have an anonymous mentor or could be multiple mentors here on Facebook. Whichever the case they are appreciated. It’s a method I never thought I would receive such assistance, but non-the-less still appreciated. I’m currently a single mother and taking on responsibilities I never would have thought I would go through, but I am surviving. It’s the little things that are important and that gets us through the everyday life. This is what I’m learning and appreciating. That it starts with me, then I can give/mentor others as well that need the help…. Thank you

  116. There are a few people I can think of, but mainly my mother. Growing up, I watched her as a single mom of 7 children struggle. Times when we didn’t have much food to eat at all, she’d still give her meal to someone else that was hungry. She never thought twice. No matter how hard things got or how little we had, she held it together and was strong, at least for her kids. I learned many, many life lessons from this.

  117. Teri – for teaching me what it means to be a christian woman by her consistent example

    Diana – for teaching me how to read the Bible

  118. My grandmother who I called “Ganny.” We shopped together, she taught me to crochet, we cooked together and went on day trips together. We had a lot of fun!

  119. One of my college professors for pushing and challenging me to be all that I could be.
    Also my grandmas–I just have to look at their pictures and I feel I can make it through the day.

  120. Terri Rogers says:

    My mother has been a huge mentor to me. She always taught me to just try all the worries and anxieties probably won’t even happen. She has amazing patience and and a non judgmental attitude that I strive towards daily. She has also shown me that love and honesty truly can conquer all.

  121. A special mentor in my life was Mrs. Seeger my high school History teacher. She was not just a teacher, but a student getting her Masters. The coffee and snack supplier for anyone in need. She was on the city council and helped out with earning community service hours to put towards college applications. She had 3 of her own boys and had many more children from the school she treated as her own. She inspired me not just to do well at school, but to be a great and giving person. She is amazing and whenever I visit home I love to stop by the school to visit her as well!

  122. I am so thankful for my kindergarten teacher. She continued to be such a positive role model in my life.

  123. My sister-in-law is my mentor. She and her husband lovingly raised 2 boys on a very tight income. Yet there was always joy, and a special treat after school. She has shown a servant’s heart, a submissive spirit, and she is a keeper at home. I have been blessed to learn from her!

  124. My first grade teacher and her love for books. I still love reading to this day. I still have the book I won as a prize in 1969 with her encouraging words in the book!!!

  125. My mother in law. She is the most gracious host and pops out a meal for 20 like it is nothing. ANYONE is welcome at her home and even though she has nice things, she is NOT attached to them and LOVES people more. I remember many years ago, we were having a simple weekday dinner over there and she got out the crystal and china and I was like, “isn’t it just us?” And she said, “yep, the most important people in my life.” She has taught me to embrace the moment and use the good stuff………

  126. Danielle Sullivan says:

    Like you, I’ve had several. Ms. Patti Wilson taught my 3rd -5th grade Sunday school, then took us on again as 7th & 8th graders and again as Seniors in High school. She always welcomed us to her home, we baked many cookies at her house and delivered them to some nursing homes and other elderly people from our church. She taught us how to love them & how important their stories and life lessons are, just as Bible stories are important.
    For college, I moved 12 hours from home. One of the girls I cheered with, her mom took me in as her own child. Always welcomed me on the weekends, fed me a wonderful homemade meal, made an Easter basket for me and took care of me when I dislocated my elbow. She created a home away from home for me. My husband and I now open our home to college students, or others who are trying to make it through a life transition or people who just need a place to stay for a couple nights.

  127. One of my mentors was Nancy. In my mid-20s she taught me that a relationship with God could be as intimate as any friendship I have on earth.

  128. I didn’t like high school but my English teacher encouraged me in many ways.

  129. My husband is my greatest mentor.

    I came from a somewhat unstable home enviroment, and his steady, faithful love is a balm to my soul.

  130. My neighbor Jessica was a great mentor in my life. She probaly never knew it and I probaly never told her, but she taught me a few things and said alot to really make me think sometimes!

  131. My current manager is my mentor. She supports me professionally and personally. She is always seeking out new opportunities for me and is a true advocate for my work. She is also VERY supportive of me being a wife and a mother, with no questions asked when I have to attend to a family situation!

  132. Mary Smith says:

    I have more than one. The ladies on 5 minutes for special needs.They came into my life via their emails,at a time when I really needed someone, anyone really to hold my hand and tell me that it was ok to have bad day’s as well as good ones. They have helped me understand that as mothers of special children,we will become frustrated and have helped me work through it. They have made me laugh and made me cry and I wouldn’t trade them for anything.They have made me a better,stronger person and helped me stand a little taller.

  133. My sixth grade writing teacher – she was the woman who encouraged me to keep writing, by reading and critiquing anything and everything I wrote, even beyond assignments. She was the first person who made me feel like I was a good writer.

  134. The librarian at the school where I taught was the best mentor anyone could ever ask for. Over the years, she became even more than just a mentor in my professional life but also in my personal life. She is amazing!

  135. I had a church leader who I considered my mentor growing up. She was there for me when I was a teenager struggling with my mom. Having a mentor can be SO important! I hope someday I can be someone else’s mentor.

  136. Definitely my youth director’s wife for me. I can’t imagine how I would have gotten through the teen years without her. I pray my own daughters (I have 4 now) will have someone like this during their teen years.

    And thanks for the chance to win the chocolate. Yum!

  137. FishMama has been my mentor over the past year. She has been my guide on a journey to a more organized home, a leaner diet and grocery budget and an overall inspiration for me (especially when she shares failures in the kitchen). She has also led me to other mentors like Money Saving Mom. Thanks FishMama!

  138. Tansy Chaudhary says:

    My grandma was my mentor, although not a great cook or crafty, she taught me many life lessons and by her example more than she could have ever have imagined. I love and miss her so much.

  139. Nicole C. says:

    My parents and grandparents have been great mentors in my life! They have all taught me so much, and I’m so thankful to have such a wonderful family!

  140. My mom is an amazing mentor. If I have a question I can always call. If I need her I can always see her. She is a 24/7 mentor for me and I would be lost without her.

  141. Brittany Albert says:

    My neighbor/boss as a teen Janet. She became like a second mom to me and I still cherish her friendship 20 years later!

  142. Sounds kind of weird, but my daughters are my mentors. One has scoliosis and has worn a back brace for the past 3 years; the other has special needs. Seeing them persevere and have a positive attitude inspires me when things get tough!

  143. I have a great friend who is my mentor. Her kids are a little older than mine so she can answer questions I may have. She is a great listener and has wonderful insight. She opens my mind to other ways and options that I may not have considered. We may not talk every day but I know that we can start right where we left off when we talk again.

  144. One woman who changed my life was my childhood babysitter, she is now my “aunt” through love. She helped foster my love of music and shaped me in many ways throughout my growing years. I am so thankful for her!

  145. One of my high school teachers, Mrs Mauldin.

  146. My oldest sister has always been a mentor to me. We are twelve years and six kids apart, but always she has been my friend, my confidante, and my advisor. She has always tried to help me see what I can do for myself if I stop telling myself I can’t, from cleaning my room as a kid to cleaning my home as a wife, from dating to choosing the right man for a husband, and she even stepped in to help me through the birth of my youngest son (ten pounds and all natural childbirth) — always in my life she has stopped my rambling about my insecurities to tell me that I CAN do it, that I WILL do it, and what’s more that I will be GREAT at it. I only hope I can be more like her when I grow up. 🙂

  147. My mentor is a leader from a Bible Study Group I joined after college. She is a real inspiration for women and has counseled me on how to be a Godly woman and wife. Thanks Mrs. T!

  148. I have alot of women who have done so much in guiding my life. I went to rehab at Mercy Ministries and Mrs Nancy my counselor made me believe in myself and follow my dreams with God on my side I can do anything. She helped me believe in myself. I will never forget it.

  149. Chelsea Porter says:

    Aubyn Kendall was my first mentor who I recognized as such at the time. She gave me my first job (inventorying, packing/shipping, & receiving rare books), introduced me to classical music via NPR, and generally gave me a glimpse into her own life and history as a classy woman. I’ll always remember her fondly. 🙂

  150. Michelle Leichty says:

    Both of my parents have been my strongest mentors. They are still my rock to this day! They both have taught me what it is like to work hard, live selfless, help others, and have strong Christian Values. Without their positive influence- I would not be who I am today!!

  151. My grandma was (and still is) a great mentor to me. She gave me my very first job at a family business. She taught me to believe in myself and my ability to work hard.

  152. My mom has been a huge influence in my life but when I was in college, I worked with a woman who became like my 2nd mom and had a huge influence on my life. She was the complete opposite of my mom and in that way taught me to think about things and see the world from a different angle. I will always be grateful for her years of guidance when I was young and still trying to figure out how to be an adult! I lost touch with her for a few years and when I met my MIL for the first time was delighted to find that she reminded me of my “college mom” in so many ways and she too has been a blessing of guidance and friendship. Fortunately I have also gotten back in touch with my college mom. I would count these three women, my mom, my MIL and my “college mom” as the biggest influences in my life.

  153. My Mom and Grandmother are my biggest mentors. Despite the numerous things they have taught me, they have both taught me to have patience especially with my kids. Prior to being a Mom I had no patience at all and now with their help, I have been able to be so patient with my kids. I love them for it!!

  154. Katherine says:

    My ex-fiancee’s mother changed my life forever. She embraced me into her family and taught me how to grow up and be the woman I should be at a time when my own family failed to provide the leadership and guidance I needed. Though things did not work out with my fiancee and me, I will never forget the valuable time spent with her and the various lessons she taught me.

    katherinedibello (at) gmail (dot) com

  155. My mom. Best mentor ever!

  156. My pedagogy teacher in college….the joy she showed toward her husband even after years of marriage is still convicting and encouraging me.

  157. My Mom is my biggest mentor, I try to be more like her every day. I can count a few others along the way as well—My Piano teacher/Church choir director, all the Girl Scout leaders I had over the years and even a couple of bosses I have had in my working life. Thanks for making me think about this I don’t think I realized just how many “mentors” I have had over the years. 🙂

  158. My mom. She is an amazing example to me of a godly woman. She has such a servant’s heart and is always there for me when I need her.

  159. Claudia F. says:

    My mentor was my Grandmother who taught me so much about life.
    Claudia F.

  160. Carol comes to mind… I too was a newlywed when I met her. Her four kids were all just a few years older than me. She and her husband still have a great marriage (it’s been more than a decade since I met her). I spent a lot of time with them and learned so much about relationships, religion and raising kids (not necessarily in that order). She holds a special warm spot in my heart!

  161. My high school latin teacher, Mrs. Black. She encouraged me to be my best and was always there if I needed someone to talk to.

  162. My former pastor’s wife. She taught love unconditionally and forgiveness is necessary for your walk with Christ to be close.

  163. Mrs. Ingram was my Kindergarten and 1st grade teacher. It was unique because she and my entire Kindergarten class moved to 1st grade together, without breaking the class up. But she is also my best friends mother, so it has been great to be able to stay in touch basically my entire life.

  164. One of my mentors is my pastor’s wife, Tina. She’s about 10 years older than me and she really helps me keep things in perspective.

  165. My pastor’s wife! She helped me in my teen/young adult years when my mother couldnt.
    (thanks for the opportunity at this giveaway!)

  166. Besides my mother, who is so much more than just a mentor, my most recent mentor was my friend Liz, who had five children when I just had four. She gave me the courage to have another child, when I wasn’t sure if I could do it.

  167. My mother, of course, is my number one mentor but Mrs. G, a lady from church, is #2 right now.

    During my life as a young wife (5 years) and mother (3 1/2 years), Mrs. G has always been a source of encouragement and wisdom. One day was especially important. I arrived late to ladies bible study with a 4 month old, 20 month old and 2 year old in tow. Nothing about the morning had gone right and I was near in tears now that I couldn’t even participate in ladies study. I took the littles to nursery and Mrs. G just happened to be running it that morning. She helped me pull myself together after lending me her listening ear and then she reminded me that “I should” is a dangerous voice to listen to and that we don’t have to do all in every season. Getting out to ladies bible study is a good thing but with 3 under the age of 2, having it be first thing in the morning and a 1/2 hour drive away in the winter maybe wasn’t the best thing for me to be doing.

    I love Mrs. G for helping me recognize false guilt and helping me learn to say no to good things!

    (and I’m expecting and I love chocolate!) jennifer @

  168. My Mother is far more than just a mentor …

    Also my son’s daycare provider, who not only teaches me how to be a good mom, but also a strong Christian woman.

  169. Elizabeth Faris says:

    My mom is my inspiration! I was adopted at the tender age of 13 and was shown incredible love from my mother!

  170. My previous neighbor, Dolores, who raised 6 children and taught me so much about treasuring my children.

  171. The list is so long of important women in life. I became a Mom very early in life (17) and the list of women goes on and on of who helped guide me. I think Andrea would be very important on that list. She taught me how to be loved and not feel judged. She showed me what hospitality and the gift of listening was over a cup of hot tea. I babysat her kids and through a crucial time in my life she softly gave me advice and guidance when I didn’t even realize it.

  172. mine was my ballet teacher who i took lessons from from age 4 to 18

  173. Cindy Miller says:

    I have been encouraged by several women who have been mentors. One especially sticks out, a woman named Vivian, who was ahead of me in the stage in life and spent time encouraging in my faith and as a wife and mother. I really learned and grew alot from the time spent with her.

  174. I think my biggest mentor has been my mom.

  175. I have had several mentors in my 31 years. One of them was Mrs. Gilchrist, my high school English teacher. She taught me to not take the easy way out and to push myself.

  176. My mom inspired me to be a hard worker and to love taking care of my home.

  177. My chemistry teacher in high school encouraged me to take chemical engineering in college. She saw something beyond me even though I didn’t think that I could handle all that math. I’ll always be grateful to her!

  178. Mine would be my mom just growing up. She’s an amazing woman. I really want to be a YA librarian at some point though, so the local ya librarian is also great lately…i volunteer with her.

  179. Susan Fischer…a deliberate mentor for me, took the time out to really guide and instruct me on being a mom of 3. I appreciate her wisdom and gospel-centeredness.

  180. My first boss after college. She saw things in me that I couldn’t see. It was because of her that I had the confidence to pursue more challenging roles in the company.

  181. My mentor was was my best friend’s aunt, Kitty. When I moved 5,000 miles away from my family to attend college, she was one of the first people that I met. She was my second mom throughout college and during the first few years of married life. I’d spend every Sunday at her house with her family eating food and playing games. I always felt like part of her family. I love her dearly!

  182. While I don’t have an “official” mentor, I learned an awful lot from my mother. She always encouraged me to read, read, read, and she discovered that pharmacy would be a perfect fit for me, as it is flexible enough to let me stay home with our children while still working just a little bit.

  183. Sarah Cooper says:

    Mr. Collins, my 3rd grade teacher hasn’t been my only mentor, but he is a special one. I was an odd kid…pretty impulsive, liked to talk, and needed friends. He made me feel special and valued while showing me what he expected. I was going through a box of things I’d saved from childhood recently, and found several notes he had written to me. There wasn’t anything earth-shaking in the little notes, but for an 8-year-old, they were the encouragement I needed.

  184. First I have to my mom is my mentor. She was very instrumental in teaching and leading me to the Lord.
    The second mentor would have to be my Chemistry teacher in high school. Mrs. Howard went above and beyond in teaching her passion that it made me go into the chemistry field.

  185. My mentor is my special friend Steph. She is a few years older than me and is the best reference for me for everything from cooking to raising my boys and everything inbetween. She may not always have the answer, but will work with me to come up with one. She is one of my dearest friends and I treasure her more than I can say.

  186. Becki Miller says:

    My sweet Aunt Jo was the greatest mentor any girl could have. She taught me how to be a good housekeeper, take care of your husband and raise a family of five. She loved me best of all, at least that’s how she made me feel. She included me in everything they did and taught me right along side her daughters. She will never be replaced in my heart.

  187. Mrs. Grant, my Sixth Grade Teacher. She was spirited and wise, and I learned a lot from her. She truly cared about me as a individual and empowered me with self-confidence and self-worth.

  188. Mrs. Smith my 1st grade teacher who sparked my love of learning.

  189. My mom, b/c she’s just awesome and she inspired a love of chocolate!
    My aunt, b/c she is giving, faithful, understanding and always has an ear ready to listen.
    My best friend from college, who has a wonderful way of making you realize your mistakes/failures in a nice way and is long on the praise and encouragement for the good things you’ve done!

  190. During one semester in college I was doing an independent study with my academic advisor. I was also having a really tough semester trying to piece together some stuff that had happened to me over the past years, and discerning where God was leading me from there. My professor asked me if I would mind reading some books about God in addition to the history textbooks I was reading for our independent study. He actually worked those books into our syllabus even though they had nothing to do with the topic I was getting academic credit for. He cut back on my history reading and told me those books about God’s call in my life were part of my study load for my independent study with him

    . That semester was a real turning point for me in college and I am grateful to him for sensing what I needed and having the wisdom to see that sometimes academic work should yield to matters of the soul. And I did end up learning a lot of history that semester as well. 😉

  191. My parents have always been my greatest mentors and the best examples for me.

  192. my friend pam whom i review bible memory work with weekly. she walks through life ahead of me and invests in my life.

  193. My mother. Couldn’t look up to her or love her anymore if I tried.

  194. I actually had two mentors — my mother and her sister, my aunt. My aunt was 15 years older than my mother and taught 3rd grade for many, many years. She never married and had children, so my brothers and I were “hers,” too. My aunt helped my mother and us kids in so many ways, not only financially but emotionally, spiritually — all ways possible.

  195. My mentor has been a theology prof that helped me question my beliefs and work through so many issues.

    Love the giveaway!!

  196. My high school english teacher is a mentor of mine. She listened and truly heard what I would say and write and encouraged me to further express my stories.

  197. A great mentor for me was my first boss. I temped for her for 3 months, and she knew I was bright and wanted to see me succeed. Even after I moved on to a full-time position, we met for dinner and she was there to help guide me. Such a great woman, and still a great reference when needed 🙂

  198. My high school English teacher. She was one of the few at my small school who seemed to truly care that we continued our education after high school. She made us work hard, gave us writing assignments that challenged us and helped prepare us for college. I’d have been completely lost in college if it weren’t for her class. I remember writing a term paper on homeless families in America and her taking the time to discuss the emotional impact of tackling such a heavy subject with me.

  199. My good friend Kelly who is a true witness to the Lord and continues to show me her convictions every day. I learn so much about being a Godly person through her!

  200. hmm.. i’m actually looking for a good one 🙂 but my sister-in-law has taught me a lot about patience and having a servant’s heart!

  201. Being a missionary on the field was quite a challenge. I met another lady there that was an amazing inspiration and mentor to me. She never complained and always looked for opportunities be serve others. I will never forget her.

  202. The Lord has provided several spiritual mentors in my life, specifically he provided a spiritual momma during my diagnosis and treatment of cancer-someone to remind me of God’s love and purpose for my life, and she often passes along chocolate kisses too 🙂

  203. Dawn Stribling says:

    My parents are my mentors. I learned so much from them growing up and I continue to learn from them even today.

  204. Evie has shared so much with me about God and growing closer to him everyday.

    Thanks for the giveaway!!!!

  205. When my first child was 13 months old we attended a program specific to young toddlers and their parents. The teacher of the group has been inspiring me ever since. He is four now with a brother and a sister, I am very greatful that her program contiues to thrive as I keep attending with every child we add. She will forever be my greatest mentor!

  206. My mom, she is truly a blessing!

  207. Esther a homeschool momma in Mid-Michigan says:

    Although there has been several mentors in my life, the biggest and most important would be my eternal mentor, my saviour, the Lord Jesus Christ 🙂

  208. Hannah is one of my greatest mentors from the past. She taught me how to move past difficulties and embrace the life God has given me… and how to love! We aren’t in touch anymore but I still think of her often.

  209. My college roommate is just a few years ahead of me in the mom thing, and having her close again is just wonderful.

  210. The mentor I thought of was the woman who introduced me to Christ! I’m not sure what direction my life would have taken without her, but I’m so grateful I don’t know!

  211. My grandmother was my biggest mentor. What a wonderful teacher and nurturer. I miss her dearly. I feel her impact on my life frequently.

  212. My boss and his wife from my high school/college job. They taught me what it’s like to live as a Christian and what a Christian marriage should look like. Love them.

  213. lori wise says:

    This is an easy one for me. My mom died when I was 8 months old. God gave me a new “mom” when I turned 31. Her name is Chickie. When I met Chickie I was married and had 4 daughters, from 1-11 years old. She entered my life and began to teach me everything I didn’t know about raising 4 daughters soon to be 5 daughters and 1 son!! She also taught me wonderful things about being a wife and homemaker. Our 2 eldest daughters have been married for 1 year now! Our youngest, a son is 11. Chickie is still very much my mentor/mom. I will thank God for her every day of my life, and every day that she has been part of our family. I love her very much and cannot imagine our family with out her!!

  214. Mrs. Lindstrom, my second grade teacher who realized I didn’t know that I mattered and taught me beyond a reasonable doubt that … I do

  215. My high school writing teacher and theater director.

    She once said, “Believe as little children and it will be real.” I’m starting my own novel, so I keep that in mind daily.

  216. My friend Jessika- who probably doesn’t even know I think of her as my mentor. She always has a word of encouragement and sound advice when I come to her. She is always willing to give me her time and has been a source of strength. I love her!

  217. Three special ladies in my church while I was growing up were all mentors to me. In fact, now that I am moved back to my hometown and have a family of my own, they still are!

  218. My mom, in every way.

  219. The mentor I remember most is Kathy. She was one of my supervisors at an internship I had. She always treated me like I could do anything and believed in me even when I was doubting myself.

  220. My Grandmother I admired alot along w/ 2 aunts I have ALWAYS admired. They Always know the right thing to say & WONDERFUL in everyway! I have a “mother figuire” friend that I also admire. My new person that I admire is YOU. I don’t know you but you appear to be the person I want to be more like & others should be. I am part way there, but have a ways to go! I love your thriftyness, recycling, traditions, adventures, craftyness, creativity, bargin deals, advice, home cooking/baking, pency pinchin, ALL the family knowledge & more! More people should take the time to be more like what you provide for your family. Take & make the time to make family a family & pass it on to your children. Life should be MORE like the yesteryears w/less contraptions, distractions, stress etc. A family could have some or most of the yesteryears & the present inventions that help make life easier. You appear to be a GREAT role model for all mothers. If you are in fact the kind of person you talk about on your site, I truly admire you as a mother & want to be more like you. I have thought this ever since I started reading your site. Thank you!

  221. I would have to say that Mrs. Morris was a real mentor to me. When I was just a college student dreaming of being a teacher she took me under her wing and taught me how to manage a classroom. I was her volunteer aide for several years. She taught kindergarten and was so tender with the children, but had total control and respect too. She struck a good balance and I still remember her wise advice now that I am a preschool teacher.

    ndisilvio @

  222. My sister is my mentor. She is a military wife and so when her husband is overseas, she does it all to take care of three kids. It amazes me everything she gets done.

  223. My Dad. : )

  224. My mom…always giving me the love and support I needed.

  225. My mom. I am the mother I am today because of her. We have a very close relationship, which I hope to have with my own daughter.

  226. tracylynne says:

    My mom she’s always there when I need her even though she lives 1500 miles away I can call her anytime

  227. Mother Mary … altho I was not a member of her congregation, she took me in under her wing during a very trying time, medically, for me. She visited me in the hospital often and took my calls whenever I needed her.

    Where on earth would I be today without her presence in my life? I am so very grateful I don’t have to know.

  228. A mentor who has touched my life in such an everlasting way and likely doesn’t even know it is my high school Journalism teacher. It was a time in my life of abuse and pain at home, and Mr. C seemed to be the only one in my life that made me feel like I mattered. He made me feel that I was important and my feelings were valid.

    I hesitate to even call him a teacher because I’m not all that sure I remember any of the lessons he had penned in his daily syllabus. I do and always will remember the way he touched my heart when the world felt so devoid of hope and care.

    And that was so much bigger than any other lesson could ever have been.

  229. De Neumann unofficially has mentored me in so many ways: how to be a business man’s wife, particularly an accountant’s wife; how to see God’s Hand of provision in all things, even intangible things like ideas/inspirations that come into our minds; how to be a stellar hostess, and remain open handed with all the blessings God bestows on us. I love this woman!

  230. My college RA! Not only was she just a positive person, she brought me back to Christ. Can’t top that kind of mentoring! 😉

  231. My father…He taught me every lesson I ever needed to get through life.He was a strict dad but a loving one.He taught me to fix a car,drive a boat and a car,how to treat people,and mostly HOW TO LOVE…Love you daddy ,miss you ever day, and you were right =”Listen to me girl I won’t be here to do this for you forever.You gotta learn to do it for yourself.”

  232. My mom – a widow at 32 with 4 kids ranging from 4 to 12 – she raised us all to have a work ethic, faith loving, productive members of society and it could not have been easy – but she made it look so easy – Now that I have my own family I wonder how she did it by herself – she still is a go getter at 70 – I want to grow up to be just like her!

  233. Mine would be my mother. Her faith and determination.

  234. Mrs. Beth Scott was my high school English and Spanish teacher. (She spoke French, too!) Anyway, she was such an encouragement to me. We really connected. I have a Master’s of Education degree in English because of her.

  235. My second grade teacher (Mrs. Knoppel) and my sixth grade teacher (Mrs. Galchutt) were both mentors to me. They encouraged me to be myself, show my personality, and love learning.

  236. As an adult, I found three mentors without looking. A friend suggested we join a goal-setting group. I joined and the four of us helped each other through a number of tough times by sharing our yearly, monthly, and weekly goals along with candid and honest suggestions, criticism and support. Having these three different perspectives helped me realize a number of goals and improve my life. Sweet!

  237. THere is a dear lady at church named Freddy who has loved, mentored, prayed over me, taught me how to sew, and encouraged me in amazing ways. I love her dearly!

  238. Definately my biggest mentor was my Mum – her words and ideas still guide me everyday. FishMama, you have also been a wonderful help & mentor to me recently as I adjust to being a new Frugal Mum! Love to win some hersheys chocolates as they are hard to come by in Australia!

  239. My middle/high school piano teacher. I was fortunate to have a very godly woman in that seemingly insignificant role, and now I’m inspired to be the same type of teacher to my own piano students!

  240. My kids’ godmother has been such a mentor to me. We pray together every week. It’s such an encouragement to have the support and advice from a mom who has already raised her kids.

  241. Of course my Mom was my most wonderful mentor! As my teacher all the way through school, she imparted unto me a wonderful example of a Godly woman. She passed away three months ago, and I miss her so much!

  242. My Grandmother was a wonderful mentor to me. She showed me how to be a Godly wife and mother.

  243. My mom, I never thought I wanted to be like my mom but the older I get and the more I learn about the world the more I realize how similar we are–flaws and all!

  244. My sister-in-law has been an incredible mentor to me! While she is only about a year older than me, she has so much wisdom in her walk with the Lord. She made a point to meet with me weekly after I became a Christ-follower and just poured into me so much over the past year and a half or so since. She and my brother even did my husband and my pre-marital counseling prior to our getting wedding in August. She is about to move further away, and it makes me sad to know that our frequent meetings will no longer be possible. I am so thankful for her in my life and the season’s we shared while we lived so close!

  245. Claire Pulsifer says:

    One of most important mentors is my brother who is 12 years older than me. He taught me to work hard and love books. Do what you love.

  246. My grandma who also had six kids and kept a mean, clean house! 🙂

  247. One of my mentors was my fifth grade teacher Mrs. Berry. She was very good with kids who had family issues and made them feel important and wanted. When my family was thrown out of wack as a fifth grader she made all seem right and helped me to finish out the school year without getting kicked out. The other was my sixth grade math teacher Mr Dodsworth. He was the teacher no one wanted until after they had him and realized exactly how much he taught them. Yet he was a caring man who would do what ever it took to teach a student the facts they needed to live by. He not only taught me but he saved my eyesight, without him I would have been blind by the time I reached my twentys.

  248. Carri Siebenmark says:

    Mrs Wineland, my high school home ec teacher,….such a patient woman. I think she would be proud.

  249. Andrea, my high school teacher turned close friend. She has mentored me through some of the hardest times in my life and I’m so thankful for her!

  250. Christina says:

    My sister in law has been the greatest mentor helping me be the best mom I can be!

  251. My most important mentor has been my husband, he has invested so much time in helping me with my walk with the Lord. Not just by talking and explaining things to me, but by his example. God gave me my best friend and a mentor all in one.

  252. My mentor has been my sister-in-laws. I have never had sisters and have been lucky enough to have sister-in-laws who treasure motherhood. I am glad to have now joined in the motherhood journey with them. And have such great cousins and aunts for our little boy.

  253. My friend Krista is one of my mentors. She was my prayer buddy for a couple of years in college and helped encourage me in many ways.

  254. My mother was my best mentor and gave me a great head start on life as an adult. She also taught me that most things are easier with a little chocolate!

  255. My mom is my mentor!

  256. My mentor is Mr. Boeckman, my 10th grade honors English teacher. He helped me see the good in myself and helped me discover how much fun it really can be to write. I haven’t kept in touch, but I looked him up a while ago and found out he has gone on to great things, and I am not at all surprised.

  257. My middle school sunday school teacher. She has been a great example to me. She still listens when I need an ear or a shoulder. She leads by example….not just with her words!

  258. My aunt Diann. She taught me how important it is to know God, love Him, use His name Jehovah, have a personal relationship with Him and make Him real and part of my everyday life.

  259. My favorite mentor was one of my college professors. He helped me decide what I am today! He showed me a course the local sheriff’s office put on and helped me attend. I attended – LOVED it, and started working for the SO soon after. He made sure I was able to expand and get to know everything. He also pushed me to get an MBA. I now love what I’m doing and actually don’t mind coming to work!!!

  260. One special mentor I have had was my voice teacher in college. Not only did I take voice lessons from her, but diction classes and choir and I would always go to her with music questions (I studied music education in college). Beyond that, I felt that she was a wonderful friend. She always made me laugh and I could be myself around her. Even though I knew I would never be as smart as she was (she’s pretty much incredible), I never felt stupid with her. She taught me so much and to this day remains my favorite professor and wonderful mentor.

  261. My kids, actually. Corny, but true. They teach me to stay in the now, to be more organized (okay, they didn’t “teach” me that, but they sure made me do it!) and they teach me how to have fun and enjoy even the little things. That even little things are big things, depending on your point of view – skipping is easy for me, but the joy on my six year olds face as she figures it out teaches me that not everything is easy right away. They teach me that patience is important, and that time is precious.

  262. AllieZirkle says:

    A coworker who is in her early 60s pulled me aside and took me under her wing. We don’t work together but we did carpool. The 90 minutes each day I spent with her for the past 18 months was priceless!

    Who knew, spring cleaning is a real thing?

    🙂 Allie

  263. My band teacher in high school. He pushed us, knowing the potential that we had. It wasn’t so much about inborn talent than effort – especially practice.

  264. I’d have to say my best friend. Not only has she been a good example on how to be a Christian woman and a good wife, but now that we’re expecting our first child, I’m looking to her as my role model as a mother.

  265. My high school history teacher made the subject interesting and showed me how to have fun and learn at the same time. Thanks for the chance to win!

  266. A girl named Kelsie who was actually just a few years older than I was when I was growing up. I really admired her, her spirit, and her love for the Lord.

  267. Angie Pendergrass says:

    One of my mentors is my grandmother. She raised me, taught me about life, and how to be a good Christian mother and wife. I am truly blessed to have her still in my life at 80 years old!

  268. My grandmother, she demonstrated great values that I believe will carry on for generations. She was the only person who understood me when I came home from the hospital at age 9 bold. She gave me the tools, strengthen and courage to not give up on life and to be able to face each day of emotional torment that I was getting from my peers because I had no hair.

  269. There have been many women throughout my life that I have looked to as mentors including my mother and grandmother. At this moment in my life I’m thankful for a woman that I work with who has given me a chance to prove myself with a big promotion and the additional guidance necessary to move from a manager position into a leadership position with my company. It’s not easy being a working wife and mother in a man’s world. Having another woman take the time to help learn the ropes has been a godsend.

  270. My high school drama teacher – helped me find my gifts and make some smart choices.

  271. There’s an older lady at church who I’ve known for years. She’s easy to talk to and is a wonderful example to follow.

  272. A sweet and wonderful woman named Karen was a mentor to me during college. She has since passed from cancer but I still remember her love and gentle spirit.

  273. my first grade teacher gave me a love for teaching through her gentle, kind, caring way. I was a very shy, timid student, but she made me feel comfortable in her classroom. Incidently later in life we attended church together, which only confirmed my suspicions that this was one special lady.

  274. My mom has definitely been a mentor to me over the years. She’s helped me learn so many things-from how to cook to how to be a good mom. I don’t know where I’d be without her advice!

  275. Libby, my youth pastor’s wife. She listened to me and all my boy-crazy issues and helped me keep looking to God.

  276. One of the great mentors in my life was my pastor and his wife. I was close to them both because I babysat their four children from the time they were babies throughout grade school. They always wanted the best for me and guided me into who I am today.

  277. My high school English teacher – Mrs. Cosby! Just re-connected with her thanks to Facebook. 🙂

  278. I have several mentors, my mom, my MIL and even my Grandmother. Although there are areas of my Grandmother’s personality that I wouldn’t want to emulate, she recently passed away which has me thinking about some of the great things about her. She loved beauty and saw it in everything – small items that most of us wouldn’t notice, she would comment upon and enjoy. She really enjoyed life – everything about it, and participated fully. Those are things that I want out of life myself so I can definitely take them from her examples.

  279. My 6th grade teacher. She was wonderful and retired a couple years ago. Too bad my children won’t have her.

  280. My second grade teacher fostered a love of reading in my by introducing me to the Little House books.

  281. My kids have the wonderful Mrs R. She challenges each kid to reach their potential. If I win, I’ll be sharing the chocolate stash with her.

  282. That would have to be my dad. He is one of those people who seems to know everything! We call him the human encyclopedia! I can talk to him about anything and he has taught me so many things. I do work on my home with the knowledge that he gave me growing up. How to change a toilet. How to fix a cabinet door. How to wire a light fixture. How to sheet rock and plaster. It didn’t matter to him that I was a girl. He wanted me to be able to take care of myself and I sure can! He was a great dad and I like to take what I learned growing up, and turn around and use that knowledge while raising my own kids. He’s a great man and I love him so much!

    coriwestphal at msn dot com

  283. Gretchen has been my mentor for the past 7 years at work. She is smart, organized and funny. I have learned so much from her. I’d love to share a basket of goodies with her.

  284. My mother-in-law who taught me how to be a the best wife I can and has always been there for my family when we are in need.

  285. Michelle P. says:

    My high school statistics teacher saw potential in me that I never knew was there. She pushed me to enter a math contest and I came in the top 3% in the nation!!! She showed me that I should push myself because you never know what is possible unless you try!

  286. meeyeehere aka Rachel Crisman says:

    I dropped out of school illegally when I was 14.I was headed down a really bad road and I have to say a friend of mine had an older sister that I really looked up to and she was such a wonderful person.I really think she saved me at times.

  287. Most definately my mom 🙂 I only hope my girls say the same thing when they grow up!!!

  288. My first mentor was my high school English teacher. I discovered I could write under her instruction and that knowledge (as well as the tools she gave me to do it well) have flourished into a blog, a book, and a hobby turned business.


  289. Sheila Hickmon says:

    My grandmother was my mentor, she taught me so much about life. She was an amazing woman!

  290. Like others, I’m going to say my mom has been my mentor. She taught me so much while growing up, had lots of patience, and to this day the one I call whenever I need to talk or simply want to say hello to. I can proudly say she is my best friend!!

  291. My sister has been my “mentor” -she has taught me through her life’s struggles how to be stronger and stay encouraged thanks for the giveaway

  292. Melissa R. says:

    My mother has always been a great mentor for me. She has always done her best to set a good example and to encourage me to be my best. She has MS and has never let that get her down. She is thankful for what she has and tries not to regret that which she does not

    giveawaymommy at yahoo dot com

  293. my brother is my mentor, he is always there for anything i need from him, either a kind word or just a shoulder to cry on, he works and keeps his family close with all the troubles of the world today.

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