Menus and Moving

We have been holding this moving idea very loosely for the last few months since FishPapa applied for the job. The employer wasn’t moving very fast, and we figured it was a long shot anyway. Why did I want to pack all summer and not get the job?

But, now we’re on the fast track. FishPapa and G’pa Jack (my dad) have been painting up a storm for the last few days so things are getting spruced for the perfect buyers to come our way. (Thanks for praying that both our houses sell FAST!)

And while we will still be “doing school,” I am also trying to sort out junk and pack up what’s worth keeping. During our last move, we overestimated the size of the truck and ended up having to ditch important things (like kitchen chairs) at the last minute. I’m not hauling junk. So, I have to be ruthless!

Oh! And I am going to have a baby anyday….

All this is to say, cooking is the last thing on my mind. We are going to draw from our OAMC meals this week and cookout or let the grandparents pay for take out. My mom arrived in the wee hours last night, so reinforcements have arrived in full force. My sister Jamie arrives Friday.

So, in between the school books, boxes, and Braxton-Hicks, here’s my week:

Sunday – cinnamon rolls
turkey sandwiches, PB&J, fruit, and pasta salad
hamburgers, french fries, salad

Monday – oatmeal
tuna sandwiches, fruit
Date night for me and FP, G’pa’s treat for fast food

Tuesday – eggs, bacon and toast
BLTs, fruit
Curried Chicken Casserole (OAMC), rice, salad

Wednesday – cereal and fruit
snacky lunch: cheese, crackers, hard boiled eggs, fruit, and veggies
Meat Lasagna (OAMC), green salad, corn bread

Thursday – blueberry coffeecake, fruit
lunch out on Nanna’s dime
grilled chicken breast, rice, salad

Friday – waffles, fruit
lunch out with Nanna and Auntie Jamie
pasta, green salad, garlic bread

Saturday – girls morning out/ FP makes pancakes for the FishKids
Taco Bake (OAMC), green salad

For hot tips on menu planning and real life meal plans, visit I’m an Organizing Junkie every Monday.

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  1. JessieLeigh says:

    Sometimes I get tired just reading your posts. ; ) Wishing you the very best of luck with ALL your new ventures. Enjoy (and use!) your reinforcements!

  2. We can’t all be tired! Maybe I better be quiet. 😉

  3. Mrs. Querido says:

    Fishmama, you ARE SuperMOM! I think I would fall apart if I was going to deliver any day, had to pack up my whole life, AND homeschool my children.

    May His peace pervade your life this week 🙂

  4. Too much work when you are expecting! I hope your houses sell fast. And that everything goes smoothly!

  5. I am NOT SuperMOM. I think I’m just SuperCrazy.

    But, the doors keep opening to do this thing. It’s been something we’ve hoped and prayed for for years now. So, carpe diem. I’m just going to sleep once it’s all over.

  6. Bless you! I pray God’s abundant grace to you and your family!

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