Messes & Motherhood (& A Giveaway from Munchkin)

Motherhood is messy. It’s rich, it’s character building, it’s sometimes quite comical. But, there are messes, nonetheless.

Sometimes the messes can be fun. And sometimes not so much. But, someone’s got to take care of it. And why not you? But, doesn’t it give you some wonderful tales to tell?

Win with Your Woes

From now until December 1, moms can enter the “Cleaning Stinks! – But the Arm & Hammer Diaper Pail by Munchkin doesn’t!” as well weekly Facebook “Fresh Fridays” giveaways. Moms are asked to post light-hearted tales on their weekly parenting trials and tribulations to the Munchkin Facebook page.

And not only that, but Munchkin is offering some very cool prizes to LifeasMOM readers.

Five readers will each win an Arm&Hammer Diaper Pail from Munchkin.

And one reader will win a housecleaning session from Merry Maids or other local cleaning service!

Now that’s what I call helping you clean up your messes!

To Enter

Choose one, choose ‘em all.

1. Leave a comment on this post, sharing your funniest, messiest moment as a mom. (Please do keep it family friendly.)

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Giveaway will be open until Sunday, October 31 at 8 pm, PST. Winners will be chosen at random and notified via email. Please respond within 48 hours to claim your prize.

Congrats to Cleaning Service winner  – jdlentz@ and to Diaper Pail winners – kimnalexander@, heidij1304@, randi094@, janetmulford@, and hastymel@

Disclosure: Munchkin is providing these prizes. I was not compensated to post positive comments. For more information, see my disclosure policy.

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  1. There is so many: smearing poop everywhere, breaking eggs everywhere, using the sharpie to draw on the computer desk.

  2. My messiest moment as a mom just happened today! I am a new mom as of 5 weeks ago 🙂 I was feeding my baby boy when I heard a very loud squirt come from his bottom. I didn’t think it was that “big” until I burped him and realized it was all over the back of his sleeper!

  3. I liked you on FB!

  4. TallyMichelle says:

    Oh that would have to be when Zoey discovered how to remove the velcro-tabbed cloth diaper during naptime…it.was.everywhere.
    Thankfully at the time she hadn’t mastered the art of removing the paci from her mouth so it was everywhere EXCEPT in her mouth!

  5. TallyMichelle says:

    Liked y’all on FB!

  6. Mother of four–no end to the messes–but wouldn’t have it any other way!

  7. There are a million messy moments, mostly from my almost-4-year-old son. He’s “painted” with poop, shaken out an entire canister of Comet cleaner that created a green film on everything, and drawing with markers on the walls. But my favorite one was the time he found rubber cement and painted the BRAND NEW hardwood floors with it! He’s just always busy and into something! Can’t wait to find out what his 21 month old brother and 2 month old brothers do when they get bigger! 🙂

  8. Oh, and I also “Liked” LifeasMom and Munchkin on Facebook.

  9. Mine happened yesterday when a non-mom neighbor invited all the neighborhood kids over to decorate cookies and do crafts. My 2 yr old ended up covered in icing and non- washable marker all over her clothes, hands and face.

  10. My messiest moment came recently when my 2 year old had his very first stomach virus… which meant his first case of the throw ups. Poor kid not only threw up all over the floor, but he then stepped in it and fell in it. Ewww.

  11. Christy B. says:

    My little mess maker crawled in to the sooty fireplace today. *sigh* He’s lucky he’s so cute!

  12. No question my messiest mom moments involve my dog and the diaper pail. Apparently the hound in him is fixated on the enticing smells coming from the garbage pail that holds all the dirty diapers and if there’s poop involved, he can’t help himself and dives right in!! I cringe at the mess he makes…… nasty!

  13. Painting seems to always be the biggest mess!

  14. Definitely a time when our oldest daughter was pantless, getting her diaper changed on the changing table, and her stomach was a little upset, and voila!, there was a “mess” in about an 18″ radius from her little rear end, extending over the edge of the changing table and onto the floor. Yikes!

  15. One of the funniest memories was when we were using a homemade slip n slide down our hill in the summer. Water had been spraying on it for quite a while so the grass was pretty wet. My youngest daughter took off and not only slid all the way to the end but flew off the plastic into the small ditch behind our house and came out covered in muddy water and grass.

  16. Fan on Facebook and Munchkin

  17. Trying to eat dirt!

  18. I liked you on FB!!!!

  19. Annette Holbrook says:

    There are so many nasty, messy stories but the most frustrating was when my son dropped the Costco sized grape juice container and the lid wasn’t on it correctly and it spilled all over the kitchen.

  20. Annette Holbrook says:

    I like Munchkin and Life as Mom on Facebook.

  21. Since I have just recently started my journey as MOM, I have a baby messy moment. Our babe was all of four days old. We were home from the hospital and surviving living on half-hour sleep increments (that first week was tough!). My hubby changed the baby last before she had gone to sleep. When she woke up, I got up to feed her. I picked her up and realized that she needed a diaper change. I laid her on the bed and began unwrapping her swaddle (thank heaven for that swaddle!!) and found lots of messiness that was supposed to have been in her diaper! It was 5am and, as I said, we were particularly sleep deprived. I took her off my bed (no mess there – thanks to that swaddle!) and put her on her changing table. Then I called to my hubby to come help me. He stumbled into her room and began helping me. Everything was such a mess and it took us forever to clean everything up since we were so tired . . . and because I couldn’t stop laughing! Naturally, my hubby didn’t think it was the least bit funny but for some reason (I blame sleep deprivation), I just thought it was hilarious!! Needless to say, my hubby has been very careful about how he puts diapers on our little sweetie ever since! 😀

  22. So far my messiest moment was when my daughter, 11 months old at the time, was playing with a jumbo lip balm. She was always very intrigued by them, but never knew how to open them. Well, I let her see it, answered the phone & looked down & she was covered from head to toe in cherry lip balm (the one time you look away is the time they learn to open something new)!

  23. Becky Schelhaas says:

    My messiest moment was when my son (first child) was 1 week old and I was at my sister’s prom and he pooped through all his clothes and all over me. That of course was the first time that had happened. It was soo gross!!!

  24. my daughter has just started eating cherrios. All i find is soggy cherrios everywhere, one day I went to work and found one stuck on my butt!

  25. I liked you on FB

  26. Rachel W. says:

    My messy moment has to be when my baby had a major messy all over my in-laws car and we had to pour water over him screaming because we ran out of baby wipes. Eech!

  27. I remember when my son was 3 weeks old and had pooped in his diaper. I took him to the changing table, took off his dirty diaper only to find out he wasn’t done! It was like a playdoh machine, it just kept coming! I was scrreaming for help but my hubby was to busy laughing!Thank goodness there were extra burp cloths nearby. I learned my lesson and waited at least 10 minutes after I thought he was done .

  28. I can remember when my oldest was a fairly new baby and he was breastfed so his poops were the consistency of toothpaste. I had started to change him and he began pooping while I had the diaper down. I figured I would just wait until he was done and wrap up the clean diaper. Well, it just kept coming and coming and coming. I had to yell for help because it started oozing over the sides. My dh was so grossed out he was gagging. And the whole time ds was just smiling and grunting….

  29. I tweeted! searching4

  30. I follow you both on FB. OurSafeHaven

  31. My 13 month old started pooping in the tub. I got her out of the tub and starting scooping her “nuggets” into the toilet. Then she starting pooping again all over the bathroom floor and stepped in it. So I started to clean that up and next thing I know she’s grabbing her mess out of the toilet and throwing it on the floor. I was pretty close to losing it, but she started giggling and I realized how funny (thought really gross) the whole thing was. I’ll never forget that and will be sure to tell her boyfriends this story when she’s older 🙂

  32. My three girls covered in clay-like mud. Not all dirt is created equal – some just won’t come off!

  33. My messiest moment was a diaper blowout that included throwing away an outfit because it was beyond saving!

  34. how about dumping an entire box of cheerios out? That was a fun cleanup!

  35. Jennifer Davis says:

    Does a dozen eggs randomly thrown on my kitchen floor count as a mess?

  36. Jennifer Davis says:

    I liked you and Munchkin on facebook.

  37. Our messiest moment was just a few weeks ago when within 15mins after the bug guy left our house treating a fire ant infestation inside the house, my boys spilled an entire container/large bag of dog food all over. I’m sure that didn’t help our ant problem. 🙂

    I’d love a new diaper pail for a possible new baby!


  38. I like Life as Mom and Munchkin on FB!

  39. I would LOVE this giveaway! I have my 4th on the way and am in need of a new diaper pail desperately.
    My messiest story…there are so many really…one that sticks out is when my then 5 yr old was “helping” me bring in groceries and dropped a gallon of milk that burst and we had a whole gallon of mile to sop up, and man does that splatter everywhere!

  40. oops- m-i-l-k not mile.

  41. We had some messy sandbox days this summer- days when the kids thought decorating each other in sand from head to toe would be oodles of fun!

  42. I had left my child playing in the pack ‘n play while I answered some e-mail. She was just learning to stand up so she wasn’t very stable on two feet. Well, it so happened that “it” happened while I was at the computer and I was completely ignorant of it; I just kept at it since she seemed so content… When I came to pick her up, it was all over the place–she had slipped, fell sitting on her diaper… Goodness, it was a mess, she even had it on her eyebrows!

  43. Liked on facebook. Thanks!

  44. My messiest times are when I’m potty training, and my children come to me with poop running down their legs. YUCK!!

  45. I like both of you on facebook.

  46. I’m following both of you on twitter and I just tweeted

    I’d love to win the Molly Maid Service, that would be wonderful!!

  47. My son has a habit of making a mess out of everything! He’s such a sweetheart and he looks up at you and smiles the biggest proudest smile. The “best” was when he decided to break all of the eggs in the fridge. Eggs are just about the grossest thing to clean up! He thought he was helping mommy out. sigh… 😛

    • @nicole, That is so funny how they think they’re helping us out by making a larger mess, ’cause they don’t know they’re making a mess. LOL so funny after the mess.

  48. I “liked” Munchkin and Life as Mom on FB.

  49. My messiest mom momment was right after my daughter was born, she was probably 4 weeks old, I was changing her diaper and she started to poo. Right onto her white receiving blanket she had been wrapped in. It went everywhere, the blanket, the floor the front of the changing table. It was such a mess and the blanket still has a slight stain that after numerous washes and stain treatments won’t ever be white again.

  50. So many fun stories! I had received a free sample of wisk in the mail recently. I put the mail on the kitchen table, and went to use the restroom, at this time, my two oldest girls were playing in their bedroom. In the time it took me to use the potty, my 2.5 yr old Henry managed to acquire a pair of kids scissors out of out kitchen junk drawer, cut the wisk open and proceed to pour it under the table (carpeted) in the dining room. Aahhh childhood! Thanks! Paula

  51. My daughter was one week old and I heard my hubbie screaming from the bedroom, she poo-ed while he was changing her and it was all over him! She wasn’t that messy though! 🙂

  52. My funniest messiest moment was one where it was time to clean up my baby’s diaper that he decided to take off. It is funny now because I exclaimed “OH MY GOODNESS!” From that day on my 1.5 year old baby would go around saying “Oh my goodness,” with enough emotion that anyone could tell he was clearly frustrated with a given situation.

  53. Did you know that Babies can projectile poop, even while wearing a diaper?? When my daughter was tiny and I was constantly breast feeding I sat down on my couch one day to feed her, and as she started to eat she started to poop. No big deal, she often did that, but as she ate suddenly I felt my lap get warm. I looked down to see poop making a “fountain like” escape from the back of the diaper all over me, the couch cushions, the body of the couch and the floor. Oh yuck!!!

  54. oh, my! How do I pick just one? The time someone covered my dining room with baby powder? The time I discovered that the “training pants” that grandma bought had really loose leg openings…which my son *did not* notice? The phrase “look, Mommy, we found a mud puddle? The homemade fingerpaint episode? (although, I suppose I walked right in to that one!) A newborn whose poo & pee would never stay in his diaper? Or, the cutest one, my daughter’s (2 years old) first attempt at putting on lipstick…with my ‘Midnight Plum’ lipstick too? She looked like Charlie Chaplin!

    You’re right, motherhood is messy but, with the right attitude, it is the most blessed mess ever!

  55. Marker on the wall, dress shoe scuffs on the floor, fingerprints everywhere…

  56. My girls made mudpie’s out in the backyard after the rain. They were covered from head to toe in mud.

  57. I like both LIfe as Mom & Munchkin on Facebook.

  58. Diaper blow out at the park when I had forgotten the diapers at home!

  59. We have a wood stove and my son thought he would use the ashes from the drawer for his construction site. He filled all of his dump trucks with the ashes and drove them all over the house. I’m still trying to get them cleaned up.

  60. One memory comes to mind as the messiest, but it may be so memorable because it was my first official mess as a new mom. After nursing my sweet 6 week old, I laid her on my lap and was enjoying her little face. She started to lean into me. I thought – how sweet, she’s trying to hug me…then she released a projectile spit up. I swear she didn’t eat as much as came out of her. I not only had to change everything she was wearing, but changed everything I was wearing…I mean everything – that spit up soaked through EVERY layer I had on 😉

  61. Blue icing birthday cake at his first birthday. Everyone looked like a smurf!

  62. I am a fb fan.

  63. Hmmm…..doing art projects is always messy, but I think the worst messes are when my daughter is sick.

  64. I “like” Life as Mom and Munchkin on Facebook.

  65. The worst mess we have had was when my daughter was two and learned how to take her diapers off during nap time. She “painted” the wall and her crib with poop. It was awful. Fortunately (for me!!), it was my weekend to work, so my husband had to clean it up by himself.

  66. I have no idea how he does it.. I can only guess the diaper isn’t quite fitted around his legs.. but several times I have been bouncing our son only to find a warm wet spot on my leg after. the crazy thing is that I know he peed but he isn’t wet ANYWHERE not his diaper or onesie.. it’s magic! oh and the other day when I picked him up from his swing I found his binkie underneath him with YUCK on it… needless to say that binkie went into the trash can right away!

  67. It was about 10 minutes before we needed to leave for a Dr. appointment. I headed outside to the back yard to tell the little ones who were playing out there that they’d have to come in to get ready to go. I imagined we’d need to wash their hands and change diapers, things like that. But, what I found was four very dirty little ones, ages 4 and under. The two that were the worst I found sitting in the garden area in the dirt. They both had dirt in their laps, hands, arms, shirts and in their hair. The littlest one was picking up dirt and putting it on top of his sister’s head and down the back of her shirt, while alternating putting it on top of his head, too. And, he wondered why his pacifier tasted bad! So, into the house they came – 4 little ones getting bathed as fast as possible – so we could get to the Dr. appointment just a tad late. Whew!

  68. My funniest, messiest moment was when my daughter got into my sour soother candy! Although its wasn’t the messiest mess I ever had, I couldn’t help but laugh when she darted past me trying not to let me see the half-eaten candy in her hand :P! Needless to say, I put the tub out of reach.

  69. Following & tweeted about it:

  70. When my son was 3 months old, I put him in his stroller while I was in the shower. I got out of the shower and found him covered in poop from head to toe…even in his face. He was laughing, I couldn’t help but join in!

  71. Fortunately it doesn’t happen very often but a couple times we have had poopy all up the back and on the clothes.

  72. My daughter’s biggest mess was when she discovered a can of spackling on the kitchen counter. She painted her entire body, the treadmill, carpet in the playroom, all the steps upstairs, the banisters, and half of the hall carpeting upstairs. It took FOREVER to clean, but I can look back on it and laugh now!

  73. Jen Fitzpatrick says:

    There are a lot of them but I think the best ones have been when 2 of my kids (at separate times) drew on my basement walls with crayons. I’d say it wasn’t bad, except that it was an 8ft by 5ft section of the wall each time! You would have thought I would have learned my lesson the first time it happened when they were so quiet!!

  74. One of our messiest moments was when I was using everything under the sun to try and get my son’s arm out of a toy. We had one of the early ball poppers and he stuck his arm in and got it stuck. Before we got it out, there was soap, oil, and butter all over him and the toys.

  75. My baby had a messy diaper. Daddy went to change it. Then I heard yelling. I found him standing next to her, with poop everywhere! After he took the diaper off she kept going. It was on the floor, bed, him, table, EVERYWHERE! He wanted help; what did I do? I fell on the floor laughing.
    Oh, I still giggle thinking about it! 🙂

  76. so far the messiest we have had is my baby’s first birthday cupcake. that was very fun. 🙂

  77. I’m not a mom yet, but I’m still a child caretaker. the most ammusing incident was, when the 4 year old boy came out of the bathroom with wet clothes. I check the bathroom and there’s no mess what so ever. Have him come over to me and start removing wet clothes, figuring he just didnt get there in time and wet himself. His shorts were wet, his shirt was wet, but his underpants were dry… he just laughed and ran off to play

  78. i like life as mom and munchkin on facebook.

  79. Mine has to be an awful messy diaper that covered my daughter’s car seat. Grandpa was here and had to clean up!

  80. I like you both on Facebook.

  81. My daughter was mastering the art of eating with a spoon and I gave her some yogurt. She shampooed her entire head with the yogurt. Cutest thing ever!

  82. Liked on facebook

  83. My potty-training toddler entertained herself with a marker while sitting on the potty. No clothes = lots of places to draw!

  84. AnnMarie Hofer says:

    Messy blow out diaper from my infant was the worse. I could not figure out how to get her onesie off without getting it all over her hair and back so I did the best I could. Ended up getting is everywhere and just bathing her. Yucky.

  85. Funniest moment to me was when I was holding one of my friend’s babies and he spit up all over my hair and back. I didn’t realize it until my sister came up to me and said something about it.

  86. I just tweeted your giveaway and follow you and @Munchkin_Inc

  87. Lorrie B. says:

    I guess the worst messes are when now 4 and 5 year old boys get involved with the water hose in the yard. I’m talking mud and dirt everywhere!!Then of course comes the bath ( dirty bathtub) and dirty clothes to wash – wet stinky shoes – it goes on and on.

  88. Angie Huff says:

    We have had so many messy moments. One of my favorites was after I let my little girl help me roll out biscuits. I had a great big roasting pan that we rolled them out in, and it had quite a bit of flour left in it. I put the biscuits in the oven and went in the other room for a minute. When I came back, she had dumped the flour on the kitchen floor and was rolling in it! She was having so much fun, and the mess was already made, so I just let her play in it for a few minutes before I cleaned it up. I think she was about 2 at the time.

  89. Angie Huff says:

    I liked you and munchkin on facebook.

  90. Amanda Y. says:

    Not a mom yet, but would love this as a baby shower gift for my good friend who is pregnant!

  91. My messiest is a bout of diarrhea on an 8 hour plane ride. Ugghh!

  92. I liked ya’ll on FB.

  93. when my first daughter was a week old, I was changing a poopy diaper when she let some more go. I tried to jump out the way but she got it on my, the carpet and daddy somehow. To this day we dont know how she did but still laugh about it

  94. I’ve got as many gross poop messes as everyone else. The one I want to tell is when my son got a Crayola marker without me realizing it. I was washing dishes and thought…it’s too quiet. I went into the living room and he had colored all over his legs, the couch etc. He had even pulled his pants legs up so he had plenty of room to color his skin. The Green marker came right off the couch but the “washble” marker took 2 days to come off his legs!

  95. oh, so many to choose from….going to wake up a child from their nap and finding they have “decorated” their room with the entire box of wipes….one by one!

  96. First airplane flight with DD#1 at 2 months old, we had just gotten to our gate waiting to board. I fed her and then she puked all over my chest and down my shirt. I had plenty of extra clothes for her but none for me. So I just had to clean up with wipes for the 5 hour flight.

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