Milk – It Does a Body Good.

Yeah, you knew I had to say that eventually.

Milk is a great source of calcium for growing children and maturing moms. We drink it by the gallons around here – literally. About three to four gallons a week. Not all the FishKids love it, though. Usually they compensate by eating yogurt or cheese. But, one beverage everyone does like is chocolate milk.

Disclaimer: They do not drink that by the gallons. Usually, we will offer that as a treat — after dinner and after a glass of regular milk has been consumed. And, when you make it right, with lots of chocolate syrup. Yum!

So, I am here to say that I hope Marlene of Thibodaux and her family like to drink their milk. ‘Cause she is the winner in last week’s milk giveaway! Congratulations! Marlene will receive two coupons, each good for one half gallon of organic milk.

If you missed it, you still have two chances to win. This week and next. Here are the details:

Stremicks Heritage Foods, with more than 35 years in the dairy business, was recently awarded the title, “#1 Tasting Organic Milk in America” by American Masters of Taste. To celebrate, Heritage Foods would like to offer one lucky LifeasMOM reader two free half-gallons of their organic milk this week.

And as a mom who cares what’s going into her kids’ bodies, I’m pleased to see that what they’re offering is a quality product: certified organic, free of antibiotics, hormones or other yucky stuff, ultra-pasteurized for purity and longer shelf life, “Real California Milk” certified, and available with Omega-3 DHA. This milk is sold at most Southern California Vons, Pavilions, Ralphs, and Albertsons. Go here to see if your local store carries it.

Wanna try some? Click here for a money-saving coupon worth $1 off any half gallon.

Wanna win some? Fill in the form below.

If you’re viewing this in a reader, click through to LifeasMOM so that you can view and complete the form. You can leave a comment, but only those who fill in the form will be entered to win. I am not going to sell your addresses or anything funky like that. Just want to have your contact info in order to send you your coupons.

This giveaway will close Saturday at midnight PST. Be sure to come back Monday morning to see if you won. And if you didn’t, you’ll have one last chance next week.

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  1. chrisnallynkids says:

    oops, I entered and it doesn’t look like this milk is available in Georgia. So you can take Georgia Allyson H. off! Sorry!

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