Mini Mini Freezer Cooking Sessions

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You don’t need to devote a day or even a whole hour to freezer cooking. Grab just a few minutes for bulk cooking while you’re making another meal. The dividends are huge!

This month I’m making concentrated efforts to eat up what’s in our freezer. If you don’t know about my “pantry challenge”, head here for the details and a list of goals I’ve set for myself.

So, if I’m going to empty the freezers, how can I do any freezer cooking? Seems counter-intuitive, doesn’t it?

I’ve found that working in mini, mini freezer cooking sessions throughout my week has been tremendously helpful in “eating down the pantry” as well as helping me with my goals of feeding my family home cooked meals.

Mini, mini freezer cooking sessions

This week, I planned a little bit of freezer cooking into every day. On Sunday, we had cornbread with dinner, so while I was mixing that up, I also made three more baking mixes of cornbread for later in the month. I added those to the freezer stash.

Monday I made chili. I cooked extra pinto beans to freeze for other meals as well as froze the leftover chili for lunches and burritos.

On Wednesday when I made pancakes, I made four batches of pancake mix for later in the month. I’ll do the same this weekend when I make waffles.

These mini, mini freezer cooking sessions took virtually no time at all!


Freezer cooking really can be folded into the daily fabric of your life. Those little minutes spent prepping a meal ahead of time can save you big minutes later.

Make little minutes work for you!

You can easily do this by

  1. doubling tonight’s dinner and freezing one batch.
  2. making a ginormous batch of red sauce and divvying it up into meal-size containers.
  3. grate a huge block of cheese and divide it into meal sized portions.
  4. mix up baking mixes while you already have your baking supplies out.
  5. don’t make just one of something, make five.

You do not have to spend a day or even a full hour on freezer cooking. You can work it into your daily meal prep and quickly build a stash of ready-made, convenient, homecooked meals.

Share your recent freezer cooking adventure with us!

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  1. Kelly says

    I do this ALL the time with rice. I make a giant pot of rice, then divide it up in freezer bags. It freezes and reheats beautifully- and then I only have to cook rice every 4 or so rice-based meals!

    I like to double cookie doughs to freeze, too. When I’m going to dirty up all the bowls and spoons, might as well go big!

  2. i made pizza sauce this week…a combination of several recipes i found online…mostly from you though. now i’m ready for 2-3 months of pizza fridays!

  3. I always do this with ground beef, ground turkey and chicken breasts. It’s so nice not to have to the cook the meat part of the meal each night.

  4. I’m entering a season of preservation. I make huge batches of tomato sauce, apple sauce, diced tomatoes, etc. and can them all. I also have frozen 16 lbs. of blueberries (so far) and plan to do quite a bit more than that. I make kombucha and milk kefir and have this around to make quick smoothies with the frozen fruit. Sometimes I make a double or triple batch of muffins or cookies and freeze them. I also make huge pots of stock (chicken and beef) about once a month and keep jars in the fridge for meals. I do make it throughout the week whenever I have leftover bones, though. Sometimes at the beginning of the week I make salads for the week or other things like that, to make lunch simpler. I don’t do “real” freezer cooking because it doesn’t work well for me, but I do like these mini-sessions!

  5. Julie says

    Can you freeze beans? I’m trying to switch from canned beans to soaking my own, but it’s only going to be worthwhile if I can make a big batch and freeze them. Any tips?


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