MOM Deals: Switching Sides?

I dunno, Walgreens has been wooing me bigtime lately. Two weeks in a row I’ve found fantastic deals there and tomorrow is no different. In fact, I’ve been waiting for this next week’s sale with abated breath. Time to stock up on cereal.

On the other hand, CVS hasn’t been showing a whole lot of love. So, I may be switching sides….

Here are some great deals I see this week at Wags:

  • Buy 4 Kelloggs cereal (select varieties) for $10, get $5 back in Register Rewards. There will be coupons in Sunday’s paper, so you should be able to get your cost down to at least $1/box. The better the coupon, the better the deal.
  • Buy 8 Speedstick deodorants for $1.99 each, get $10 back in RR. This would be about 8/$5.92. If you’ve got coupons for Speedstick, your cost should be even less.
  • Buy 4 Kelloggs snack products for $10, get back $5 in RR. Cost is about $1.25/box minus any coupons you have. Kelloggs is supposed to have a flyer of coupons in tomorrow’s paper that should offset your costs.
  • Lots of great back to school deals, lots of in-ad coupons.

Keep in mind that if you receive a RR coupon, it is considered a manufacturer’s coupon, courtesy of, for example, Kelloggs. You don’t want to use the Kelloggs RR on another Kelloggs deal because it won’t generate more RRs. Save it for purchasing non-Kelloggs products.

Thanks to Hot Coupon World for the head’s up!

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  1. Thanks for the heads up! Can you use more than one register reward at a time? I have two $5 ones and want to use them on my next order. Thanks.

  2. I agree about switching sides…the deals are great this week. I went today & it was a good thing b/c the cereal I wanted was mostly gone already. The bummer was that the Kellogg's register rewards weren't printing out of their machine so I have to mail away for them.

    Sassy2…yes you can use more than 1 RR at a time. I used 2 $5 ones today that I got from purchasing all the diapers a few weeks ago.

  3. Sassy2, I agree with Krista that it will work, but my experience is that the cashier has to push it through. The RR says “only one redeemed at a time” or something like that.

    Also, if you’re using coupons on these deals, make sure that you through in a non-coupon filler. I have found that things almost always print out right if I have one more item than coupons being redeemed.

    Today a manager tried to explain to me that I couldn’t use my Kelloggs coupons and still get the RR. Thankfully, he was willing to try it. Since I had my filler, it worked just fine. He was flabbergasted and I explained to him that you need to have more items than coupons. Haha! He had a great attitude about it. But, it did make me nervous.

  4. Wow, I’m glad both my RR worked, then, fishmama! My RR didn’t say anything on them about 1 used at a time so I figured it would be okay and the cashier didn’t have to do anything special that I saw. Maybe it was the type of RR or something? I did just learn about the RR being a type of Manufacturer coupon so you can’t use Kellogg’s at the same time–I didn’t know that when I bought them so maybe that’s why my RR didn’t print out right. Always learning… 🙂

  5. Yes, Krista, as I mentioned in the main post, you can’t use the RRs from the Kelloggs cereal deal on the same deal again. The computer knows you already did it. I make sure to save them for a non-Kelloggs purchase all together, just to be on the safe side.

  6. Thrifty and chic mom says:

    I recently wrote a letter to Walgreens asking for clarification on there coupon policy b/c I have been having problems when I supposedly should’t be. I got a call from my local manager and here is what he said. You should not have to have #items = # coupons b/c they do accept stacking on items with there coupons plus mannies. Also unless the RR states it is a mannie it can be used when you have used coupons on items. He told me the program is so new they are having lots of problems and there is a general lack of knowledge that is being addressed. He told me it is all a matter of ringing order when they enter the coupons. If they are not in the correct order they won’t take. The thing is I don’t suggest telling your cashier that, I even spoke with a manager once who gave me wrong info about there policy. I was also told I could not be given anything in writing about there official policy ( go figure) so it is a bit of use at your own risk. Hope that helps.

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