MOMMY Cards Can Help You Connect

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On my very last plane ride two weeks ago I met a mom with whom I really hit it off. With four grown children of her own and a ministry of speaking to young moms, Cathy is a woman I want to know. I felt that God had arranged the seat assignments on Southwest. I was so glad to be able to hand her my card in the hopes that we might meet again and even gladder (more glad?) when we met for dinner this past week. We’re already talking of when to get together again.

When you meet another mom whom you want to know better, having a quick way to exchange information is essential. And “mommy cards” can help you connect!

Mommy Cards are business cards for busy moms. Are you a busy mom who’s always on the go? Check out Vistaprint’s mommy contact cards. They’re the hippest, easiest way to share your contact info! Give to coaches, teachers, other parents, and babysitters. Put your contact, emergency, child’s allergy and other info. Add a photo for a personal touch. Select from a variety of layouts and design options.

I’ve ordered cards from Vista Print on three different occasions and I’ve always had a great experience. They are an inexpensive way to quickly exchange your contact info and hopefully get on the road to a beautiful friendship. Right now you can get 100 Mommy cards for just $1.99.

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  1. Perfect timing! I just told my husband today that I need more business cards. I love them being called “mommy cards.” My kids aren’t my business, they’re my life. I just need to have information ready to swap. Thanks for passing on needed information.

  2. I have carried a calling card (Southern term) for many years. Since I have been a SAHM, these have always come from Vistaprint. It is so nice to be able to give someone contact info without scribbling it on the back of a receipt or gum wrapper 😉 In fact, I just wrote a post about this very thing.

    Don’t you just love those Divine appointments? It is always great to meet new like-minded friends!

  3. I received some Mommy cards from a WAHM years ago and loved them. She even offered printing on the back where you could list alternate emergency contacts and any allergies/medical issues your kids have for making play dates and babysitting easier. I need to get some more made up as my others have been out of date since I had my little guy! lol

  4. I have been using cards like this for years (I print my own) and never knew what to call them. It is super handy to have them when I meet new people.

    It’s kind of awkward explaining that, “I don’t have a business, I just have these cards for situations like this.” when people question me about my cards. I will admit that it is handy.