A Month of Fall Favorite Meal Plans

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Having a meal plan can help you make dinner more quickly and easily than if you were just trying to figure it out as you go along. It can also help you be less stressed at dinnertime.

A Month of Fall Favorites Meal Plans | Life as Mom

So, you want to make dinner a little more quickly, right? Then, having a meal plan is a step in the right direction.

A Meal Plan Can Speed Up Dinner

When you’ve got a meal plan all ready to go, you’re able to do a number of things:

Avoid decision fatigue.

A: What do you want for dinner?

B: I dunno. What do you want?

Ever had that conversation? Or ever stood in front of the fridge for an inordinate amount of time, trying to come up with an idea?

Both these situations can be annoying on their own, but the annoying factor goes up a few notches when you, your spouse, and/or your child are hungry. What’s for dinner already?!

Having a meal plan helps you make dinner more quickly because you’re not wasting time hemming and hawing.


Avoid the grocery store at rush hour.

If you have a meal plan, you can make sure you’ve got groceries already in the house. At worst, you can avoid going to the grocery store at its busiest time, right before dinner, when you may also be hungry and liable to make rash decisions.

Meal plan leads to grocery list leads to shopping sooner rather than later. All this means dinner can be on the table quicker than it would be if you hadn’t planned or shopped.

Thaw appropriately.

How many times have you looked into the freezer to find exactly what you needed to make the thing you wanted for dinner only to find out that it was going to take a lot longer to thaw than you thought? Been there, done, that.

A meal plan gives you a head’s up to thaw in an appropriate amount of time.

Meal planning is your ticket to a quicker dinner. It gets you there in a round-about way, but it definitely gets you there.

A Month of Fall Favorites Meal Plans | Life as Mom

Need help meal planning?

This month’s meal plan is now available! The theme is Fall Favorites, and let me tell you, it made me hungry just writing the meal plan. It will help YOU get dinner on the table quickly and easily this month.

A Month of Fall Favorites Meal Plans | Life as Mom

P.S. You’ve got one more day to grab October’s Back to Basics Meal Plan. It goes off the shelf tomorrow.

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