Mother’s Day Gift Idea: Magazines for Under Six Bucks

For years my mother-in-law regularly gave me magazine subscriptions as gifts. Not only was it a great gift in itself to have some good reads, but it was also a monthly reminder of her care for me. Excuse the cliche, but a well-chosen magazine subscription really is a gift that keeps on giving.

And you can find some great deals on magazines if you keep your eyes peeled. One great source is Best Deals Magazines which regularly offers subscriptions for as low as $4.69/year. (Simply click the link in the sidebar to see the lowest priced deals. Taste of Home is also offered, as well as a large selection of other publications.)

Currently, they are also offering a weekly special, good through May 2nd.

Get Everyday with Rachael Ray for $5.99/year or Family Fun Magazine for $3.75/year. Simply use the code WKLYSPEC at checkout.

Have you received magazines as gifts? Do you give subscriptions?

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  1. It keeps saying the coupon code is invalid when I try to enter it for Family Fun

  2. My mom gives my sister and I Taste of Home for Christmas every year. I love reading through the recipes and thinking of the times she has fixed similar things for us. Occasionally I even try to make something!

  3. I had the same problem. Is there another code?

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