Movie Review Roundup: Monsters University

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Earlier this week Monsters University was released on Blu-Ray and DVD. Our family got the chance to preview it last weekend. It was a super fun flick. Pixar rarely disappoints, ya know?

While not as good as its predecessor, Monsters, Inc — there were some slow spots — it was a film that our whole family watched and enjoyed.

The film tells the story of how Mike and Sully made it to the Scarers Floor of Monsters Incorporated. Their back story is peppered with humor, compassion, friendship, and a few surprises.

monsters univMonsters University is the pre-quel, if you will, of Monsters, Inc. The tale starts when Mike Wazowski is just a young kid on a school field trip. He’s inspired by a particular Scarer and falls in love with the idea of attending Monsters University.

I was surprised by Mike’s character. I don’t want to spoil it. But, I misjudged him in Monsters, Inc. I thought he was all about goofing off and breaking the rules. I think I need to watch it again because maybe his deeper self was there and I just missed it.

Over all, the film was a fun flick. Here are some thoughts from the kiddos:

Thoughts from the FishKids:

[spoilers removed]

FishChick5: It was pretty good. My favorite part was when they were doing the scaring of the humans.

FishChick6: I thought it was a very caring thing when Mike and Sully were trying to help each other.

FishBoy9: I thought it was a great family movie. My favorite part was the hiding part. That parts funny.

FishBoy11: My favorite part was when they used their differences to their advantage and when they worked together.

FishBoy12: I appreciated how it added more character debt to Mike. (Is he like his mother, or what?!)

Here’s a short clip from the film:

Disclosure: I received a review copy of the film. All opinions are my own.

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  1. I took my grandson to the theatre to watch this….he loved Monsters Inc and this, I thought would be a great afternoon treat for both of us. Not so. In my mind, it glorified bullying, hazing, and all the stereotypes, (pretty = stupid, jock= popular, the end justifies the means, etc). Not fun and certainly not worthy of Pixar. The ending tries to bring it together, but too little, too late to use yet another! And, no, I don’t believe children should be only subject to a perfect world in movies, but this one left a dour note with both of us.