My Biggest (Homeschooling) Mistake

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I have a big head. Seriously.

I have a bigger hat size than my husband. We call it “the Getskow head” after my maiden name. Some of my kids have the Getskow head. Others don’t. We laugh good-naturedly when the seven year old wears a larger bike helmet than his big brothers. He has a Getskow head.

I also have the corresponding confidence problem….

Hop on over to Simple Homeschool for the rest of the story.

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  1. loved the article! this rang SO true for me and where i am right now. though i don’t homeschool, there are many areas in my life where God is teaching me to “Be still” and listen. we can form our own opinions and we don’t have to all agree. and THAT is ok. we can learn so much from others. observe, listen.