My Favorite Cheesehead (& a Giveaway from Orville Redenbacher’s)

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This is my friend Jessika with FishBaby (now FishChick3) in her arms. Jessika has always been one to give my tired arms a break. She and her husband held vigil in the hospital waiting room while I labored with our first baby. It was a long night!

She was the first to babysit that first baby, besides my mom, of course. And she has done FishKid-duty on more than one occasion. In fact, Jessika, has been quick to come to my aid whenever time and space have allowed her to do so.

We’ve been friends for over 15 years, and Jessika has stuck with me through thick and thin. When I’ve gone off on some wild and crazy stunt (be it freezer cooking or moving cross country), she has always supported me, even if she didn’t get it.

When others have abandoned my friendship, she has remained steadfast.

Jessika is one of those ladies who will take on herculean tasks — for the benefit of others. I take on herculean tasks — for the benefit of myself. See, the difference between us is bigger than just how we spell our name.

(I’m Jessica with a C; she’s Jessika with a K.)

Jessika with a K is one of the handful of lovely people with whom I could share anything — and she would still like me when I was done talking. That’s a rare bird, that.

She is, truly, one in a million.

My Favorite Cheesehead

She’s also unique in the fact that she is one of the few women I know who truly loves football. She’s a lifelong Packers fan.Yes, really.

(Me? I’m just here for the food. Please pass the Sour Cream Onion Dip.)

But, the men in my life love football as does one of my best friends, so I’m learning. When we get together on Game Day, I have to find something else to do besides just yak it up. Jessika wants to watch the game!

Go figure.

Recently, the folks at Orville Redenbacher’s gave me an assignment: to create a Monday Night Football Gift Basket and give it to someone. Well, of course, the first person who came to mind was my favorite Cheesehead!

Jessika is such a giver, it was really fun to have a chance to lavish goodness on her.

My Monday Night Football Gift Basket

It was a joint effort by FishPapa and me to compile the contents of Jessika’s basket. He is, after all, the resident armchair quarterback at our house, so he had some great ideas.

Here’s what we came up with:

Orville Redenbacher’s Flavors Popcorn, in White Cheddar – This is a fun new product that fans of flavored — and unflavored — popcorn will love. The microwaveable packets come with the flavoring “on the side.” I’m a very “on the side” kind of girl, so this really appeals to me.

You get to add as much or as little of the cheese sprinkles as you would like, making it customizable to suit everybody. The packets also come in Extra Cheese and Sea Salt and Vinegar flavors.

We popped up three bags recently and then laid out all the sprinkle packets to let the kids help themselves. The kids loved to make their own creations. There were no leftovers. And as always, the popcorn all popped. Hardly an old maid in the bag.

Green Bowl Set – Packers fans have to have green bowls to eat their cheesy popcorn in, right?

An Aaron Rodgers Superbowl Packers Jersey – Hubs is an aficionado of football jerseys. Last year he found a great source of authentic jerseys at really great prices. He treated our football friends with jerseys last year. We tried to get Jessika one, but the women’s version we ordered was a little too blinged out for our tastes — and hers. I don’t think that Aaron Rodgers wears rhinestones.

This year I think we got the right jersey, complete with captain’s patch and a Superbowl patch in commemoration of last year’s Packers triumph.

A Monday Night Football Chili kit – Unfortunately, Jessika lives about 3 hours away, so we can’t easily get together for dinner, like in the old days. But, the next best thing is providing everything she needs to make supper at her house. The kit includes all the cans, seasonings, and chips (as well as the recipe) for one of our favorite chilis. She just needs to put it all in the crockpot on Monday morning and she’s good to go for Game Night.

Her favorite pop – I know that Jessika has a preferred beverage. So I bought her a 2-liter to share with her family as well as an 8-pack of those itty bitty cans so that she can indulge herself whenever they’re not looking she wants.

A football cake pan and a cake mix – Jessika and I both love to cook, often swapping recipes and talking about yummy things to eat. This is a fun cake kit for her and the kids to bake up some Sunday afternoon.

A bucket of chocolates – I know how much Jessika loves to relax watching a game. And isn’t chocolate just a natural accompaniment? These are small snack size bars, so she can share. If she wants. I gussied them up with a few Packers stickers.

(The team posts logos for free download. I did a little cropping and shrinking and printed them on name badge stickers which are a perfect fit for snack size candy bars.)

Slippers reminiscent of the Packers’ colors and a cozy blanket – It’s really hard to find Packers gear in Chargers country. But, I did find these slippers in green and gold leopard print as well as a cozy blanket. I think the slippers have got a little spunk. They’re still fanwear, but not overly so. And the blanket looks like just the right thing to cuddle up with.

A big green bucket – Finishing off the Packers green theme, I chose a large, multi-purpose green bucket to gift it all in. Jessika can use it to store blankets, shoes, sports equipment, pool stuff, whatever. Love the large size!

The best part about the large size is that this is all too big for me to ship. Oh darn! That means that we have to get together, Jess. Certainly you don’t want to wait until December, do you? Get your calendar out, girl friend, and let’s find a closer date! 😉

Win some snacks from Orville Redenbacher’s!

This week Orville Redenbacher’s is sharing the popcorn love.

  • 25 LifeasMOM readers will win product samples of the new Orville Redenbacher’s Flavors.
  • And one luckier reader will win a Monday Night Football themed gift basket.

(Obviously, I’ve custom made Jessika’s gift basket to fit her, so your basket will be different. It will still include some great popcorn snacks and other fun stuff perfect for Monday Night Football.)

To Enter:

Leave a comment, answering the following: Do you think you’ll snack on Orville Redenbacher’s popcorn more now that it comes in new flavors? Which flavors are you most excited to try?

For extra entries, “like” both Orville Redenbacher’s and LifeasMOM on Facebook, and leave a second comment telling me you did so.


This giveaway will be open until Sunday, October 9, 2011 at 8 pm PST. Winners will be chosen at random and notified via email. Please respond within 48 hours to claim your prize. This giveaway is now closed and the winners have been notified by email.

Disclosure: I am a participating blogger in the Orville Redenbacher Flavors Showcase. I have been compensated for the materials needed for my Monday Night Football gift basket as well as for my time spent writing. However, my opinions are entirely my own and I have not been paid to publish positive comments.

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  1. I think I’m still a fan of plain popcorn, but I would be willing to try the new flavors by Orville Redenbacher. They make great popcorn.

  2. The white cheddar would be a winner in my house!

  3. We are popcorn people and true Buffalo Bill fans (heartbreaking loss yesterday) – We would love to try the vinegar popcorn

  4. I am not a popcorn fan but the family is. They like the traditional but will try new things.

  5. Would love to try the white cheddar! thx!

  6. Anne Marie says:

    I love plain popcorn but the white cheddar is a close second – really love popcorn in any way or form.

  7. I’d love to try the white cheddar

  8. Isn’t Popcorn A Food Group?
    I will be going for the Chedders’, my husband is Salt & Vinager fan and the boys eat anything that is from a kernal!
    Wonder if Orville ever thought of Onion/Garlic?

  9. My daughter loves popcorn, it’s a nightly snack at our house. I personally love cheese popcorn so I’m looking forward to trying some.

  10. I would definetly eat more of the popcorn with diffrent flavors. I would love to win too and since I am a Wisconsin cheesehead myself a basket with the GreenBay Packers theme would be perfect.

  11. I would LOVE to try the seasalt and vinegar one lve that flavor!thank you
    FB fan!

  12. Nicole Jenkins says:

    I would love to try new flavors of Orville Redenbacher’s – but mostly I would like a low-cal type 🙂

  13. I love salt and vinegar chips so I would love to try that. I have to say I am also a girl that loves the Pack!

  14. I would like to try sea salt and vinegar. We will eat more popcorn with the new flavors.

  15. I’d love to try the new flavors. Since we have been using a popper instead of the microwave for about a year, I haven’t even noticed the new flavors that are available.

  16. I love anything cheesy, so cheese would be my choice

  17. Michele Laramay says:

    I love flavored popcorn, so yes, I think I would try it. Yum!

  18. I like that the flavors come on the side and would love to try the sea salt version. Love to eat Orville’s popcorn.

  19. They sound so good so I think I will have to say I will eat popcorn more often. White chedder sounds great.

  20. I like Life as Mom and Orville Red on Facebook.

  21. Heather Abbott says:

    Popcorn is a favorite with everyone in our house. Haven’t tried the new flavors yet, but how can you go wrong with White Cheddar? Cheese, please….

  22. Meredith C. says:

    will be trying the white cheddar as that sounds super yummy but would also like to try the vinegar one. I think it will be a love it or hate it one

  23. I think I will eat even more popcorn and the white cheddar sounds so great! Can’t wait to try it!

  24. I “Like” Orville and Life as mom on fb! 🙂

  25. The seasalt and vinegar flavor sounds yummy I would love to try that one. Being a good Wisconsin girl though cheese would be a must!! Go Pack Go!

  26. Rebecca W. says:

    I would like to try the white cheddar.

  27. I don’t need the popcorn, but can you share where your hubs found the football jerseys? We are a huge, extended football family and I’m always looking for great football gifts.

  28. love popcorn……

    i think I want to try the sea salt and vinagar…. sounds intersting!

  29. The white cheddar for me, please! Your friend, Jessika with a K, sounds like my kind of gal. I’m a Packers fan born and bred, third generation!

  30. We will always eat tons of popcorn and since I am a cheesehead too, living in Wisconsin 🙂 White Cheddar or anything resembling cheese would be a hit with my family!

  31. Rebecca scott says:

    I think I would eat more especially because of the “on the side” option. Would love to try the salt and vinegar option.

  32. Oooh- I’m going to be keeping an eye out for the Salt and Vinegar flavor!

  33. I “like” Life As Mom on Facebook

  34. I also “like” Orville Redenbacher on FB

  35. Love the Football Gift Basket Idea, might have to customize a couple of those for the football loving uncles in our family!!

    We are HUGE popcorn eaters!! My kids eat the microwave stuff practically everyday for their snack!!

    I would love to try the new flavor varieties especially the white cheese one, its a fave for sure, just have never seen it in a microwave version we normally buy it already popped and seasoned from Smartfood!!

  36. I liked Orville Redenbachers and Lifeasmom on Facebook!!!!!!!

  37. Kim Shirley says:

    We will definitely try the new OR flavors! I love the idea of a popcorn bar with do-it-yourself flavoring. I’m going to try the salt & vinegar.

  38. Kim Shirley says:

    already a FB fan; just “liked” OR page!

  39. I would like to try the white cheddar…. although we usually pop are own 🙂

  40. I can’t wait to try the cheese flavor! This is a great new product…and I LOVE your Packers gift basket, I’m a fan!

  41. We would LOVE to try any flavor of popcorn! I have one daughter that LIVES for popcorn! Thanks!

  42. We love cheese, but salt and vinegar is our favorite chip flavor. I don’t usually buy microwave popcorn, but I may buy these just to try them.

  43. We snack on popcorn all the time! We would love to try the white cheddar!

  44. AllieZirkle says:

    This is a great giveaway!! Your basket just rocks! I love Orville Redenbacher’s popcorn and am interested in checking out their new products. The salt and vinegar sounds quite interesting.

  45. Jeanna Powers says:

    My family would love the white cheddar.

  46. I love regular popcorn, but I am always up for trying something new! The White Cheddar sounds good to me!

  47. sally mcquaid says:

    These sound really good. I try to make out own popcorn but having a bag or two of these in the panty does make for a really nice quick snack witht he kids. These new flavors sound great. Especially the white cheddar.

  48. AllieZirkle says:

    I’m a fan of both !

  49. We LOVE Popcorn in our house and would LOVE to try the new Cheddar Popcorn!! Everything is better with CHEESE on it!!!! Yummy!!!

    Also would love the Football pkg, I’m a big Football fan and love to watch all the games with my hubby!!

  50. we always eat orville redenbacher’s popcorn! even with much cheaper brands, they just dont taste the same

  51. We will definitely try the new flavors. My kids all have different tastes!

  52. Melissa H. says:

    We are a Packers House!! We are long time fans of Orville Redenbacher popcorn! The flavor we’d love to try would be the white cheddar! My girls love cheddar!! Go Pac Go!!

  53. I’ll give them a try. I generally prefer plain ol’ popcorn, but will give them a shot.

  54. My daughter is a huge fan of seasoning her popcorn so I would definitely try this!

  55. Jennifer H. says:

    I enjoy flavored popcorn and look forward to coupons!

  56. I like the seasoning on the side, too. the white chedder would be the first box I’d pick up off the store shelf. for some reason, I associate popcorn with movies and chips/dips with football.

  57. I love to snack on Orville Redenbacher’s popcorn & recently attended a popcorn educational seminar in White County Indiana where some of his popcorn is actually grown! My favorite flavor is Kettle Corn, but I would enjoy trying the White Cheddar, as well as Sea Salt & Vinegar. The “on the side” toppings is a great idea! Like your friend Jessika, I am a big football fan, but unlike her team, my team – the Colts – haven’t won yet and are playing tonight in Monday night football. Crossing my fingers now!

  58. i would love to try the white cheddar!!! Yum

  59. Carrie Phelps says:

    I love Orville Redenbacher’s popcorn but now that they have White Cheddar it most certainly will be a staple!

  60. We usually just buy the store brand popcorn but we’ll probably try the white cheddar and the extra cheese.

  61. Carrie Phelps says:

    I follow Orville Redenbacher’s on Facebook; Carrie Phelps

  62. Carrie Phelps says:

    I follow you on Facebook; Carrie Phelps

  63. Charity Shapiro says:

    I am usually a plain popcorn girl but would love to try the white cheddar flavor.

  64. Like both on FB…stacia spencer jahnke

  65. Yes, I think we will buy more popcorn if it comes in different flavors!

  66. We will probably try all the new flavors- the white cheddar sounds good!

  67. I am a huge fan of cheesy popcorn so the new flavor sounds good.

  68. I liked you and orville R. on facebook!

  69. Stephanie Phelps says:

    I will be eating more and I am excited to try the Caramel and white cheddar! 🙂

  70. Stephanie Phelps says:

    I “like” both Orville Redenbacher’s and LifeasMOM on Facebook (Stephanie Phelps)

  71. Danielle Budd says:

    I think that maybe I’ll snack a little more, i love white Cheddar so that’s a plus!

  72. Oooh, I’m really excited to try the salt and vinegar flavor! Mmmm… salt..!!

  73. I like Orville Redenbacher and LAM on FB!!

  74. white cheddary!! mmmmm, I’ll definitely be trying that.

  75. I would buy this in a heartbeat! I LOVE cheese popcorn, my boyfriend hates it. The new popcorn is a perfect combo for us!

  76. Sherry Hight says:

    I would love to try the white cheddar. Yummy!!! What a great idea!

  77. Sherry Hight says:

    I just “liked” Orville and your group page on Facebook! Love your blog! Thanks!

  78. Aubrey Ives says:

    We love popcorn at our house. The cheese popcorn or salt/vinegar popcorn would most likely be the favorites. Thanks!

  79. I’d love to try the white cheddar.

  80. I like you both on facebook.

  81. I seldom eat popcorn myself, but my kids love trying out new flavors. We’ll look for these!

  82. I love white cheddar popcorn! I can’t wait to try this. Thanks for the chance to win.

  83. I am a cheesehead too so it is cheese popcorn for me!!!

  84. Diana Powell says:

    I would love to try the sea salt and vinegar !

  85. Of course we will be trying the new flavors…popcorn is my family’s favorite snack…I am personally excited to try the salt N’ vinegar but the kids will love the white cheddar!

  86. We go through phases of eating popcorn. we use Orvilles but pop our own the “old fashioned way.”. my kids and husband are not a fan of kettle corn but I think if they had salty flavors rather than sweet, they would enjoy it.

  87. Oh, by the way, we are die hard Steeler fans, so the Packers aren’t exactly our favorite people at the moment! Haha

  88. We love popcorn in our house and are always up for new flavors and things to try.

  89. Sara Anderson says:

    Yes, would like to try the sea salt and vingar.

  90. I think all the new flavors are a great way to add a little “zip” to plain popcorn. And I like that you can add as little or as much as you prefer.

  91. Sara Anderson says:

    I like both on FB.

  92. I think that we will try a couple new flavors. It would be a great treat to let my kids pick out their own flavors at the store for special snacks.

  93. teresa cunningham says:

    sea salt sounds yummy. hurrah to orville’s team with putting the seasoning packets on the side! i’d be interested in trying all of the flavors since we can vary the intensity. thanks!

  94. Seeing as how my husband loves popcorn, loves white cheddar, and loves sea salt/vinegar flavor, and LOVES Orvilles, it’s a given that we will be eating this stuff, just as soon as I can find it in the stores!

    And I thought he was the only one who called the unpopped stuff “old maids”!

  95. We eat orvilles popcorn every weekend!! My husband LOVES the salt and vinager and I love the white cheddar!!

  96. I am a fan of orville on facebook and life as mom on facebook!!

  97. I would love to try to the new flavors, especially the white cheddar and sea salf & vinagar.

  98. I liked Orville Redenbacher’s on facebook.

  99. I liked LifeAsMom on Facebook.

  100. Charity L. says:

    Yes, I think we would snack on these. We would definitely try the white cheddar.

  101. I don’t buy popcorn very often, but that “on the side” flavor option is really appealing!

    Also, Jessika with a K has great taste in football teams 🙂 Go Pack Go!

  102. I like Life as Mom on FB

  103. I like Orville on FB

  104. We are big popcorn eaters in our house. I would like to try the salt and vinegar but the kids always like the plain.

  105. I liked Orville and Life as Mom on Facebook.

  106. Would love to try the vinegar flavor as we are all fans of salt and vinegar chips here!!

  107. We are huge Buffalo Bills fans here and we are sad here today after yesterdays game. We had some original popcorn during the game too. I would love to try the salt and vinegar popcorn.

  108. Yum! Hubs will love salt and vingear…I’m more of a plain kinda gal!

  109. I love salt and vinegar chips – maybe popcorn would be good too?

  110. Mmmm, I’ll snack more. I can’t wait to try the salt n vinegar….In TX we eat our popcorn with a big o’ pickel. I’ve only found one theater in the OC, CA that sells em with popcorn.

  111. for my extra entry I “like” both Orville Redenbacher’s and LifeasMOM….My sister n her husband are big Cheesehead’s, I had to comment again. :0)

  112. I am excited to get the White Cheddar for my daughter, she has to have this flavor on plain popcorn.

  113. I am TOO excited to try the salt & vinegar popcorn!! It sounds deeeeelicious =)

  114. I actually have a snack mix recipe that calls for white cheddar popcorn that I want to try!

  115. I already “like” you on FB.

  116. I will definatly try these. white cheddar sounds yummy.

  117. It may be hard to snack on popcorn more than we already do, since we really like it around here. But everything’s better with Extra Cheese.

  118. I’ll try popcorn-anything at least once and some of the flavors sound good. That salt and vinigar would probably be at the top of my list to try. : )

  119. I’ve liked Orville and Life as Mom on FB. ; )

  120. I’m not a big popcorn eater, but the white cheddar cheese sound delicious to me. I would definitely try that one!

  121. We don’t steer very far from buttered popcorn but we do love kettle corn sometimes. My husband likes salt and vinegar potato chips so he’ll have to try that new flavor.

    By the way I love the gift you made for your friend!

  122. I like you both on facebook!

  123. Michele Hall says:

    We absolutely love popcorn in our house. My daughter is the biggest cheesehead fan ever. And we would love to try the White Cheeder Popcorn…. Especially during one of the games… And we would love to try other flavors as well. Your Facebook Page is awesome.

  124. What an awesome friend and gift! I will eat more Orville Redenbacher popcorn now that they have an extra cheese flavor provided my store carries it. Popcorn is a no-guilt snack at my house because of the whole grains. Great flavors??? Bonus!

  125. I would definately eat more popcorn now that they have the white cheddar flavor option.

  126. That’s an awesome gift idea! I have brother-in laws and an uncle that are big football fans!
    I think my kids would love any of the cheese flavored popcorns. We eat a lot of popcorn around here already!

  127. I’d like to try the white cheddar, that sounds great!

  128. I like Orville Redenbacher’s and Life as Mom on facebook.

  129. I would be love either of the cheeses! I’d try the salt and vinegar just to say I’d done it….

  130. Yes we would love to try the white chedder.

  131. Christine A says:

    EXTRA Cheese, of course! Sea Salt & Vinegar sounds interesting too!

  132. Christine A says:

    I now “Like” Orville Redenbacher on Facebook. AND, I already “Like” LifeasMom on FB, too!

  133. The sea salt and vinegar sounds amazing!! I love popcorn!!! I think I will be trying this more…..martha(at)lclink(dot)com

  134. White Cheddar. Mmmm. I used to live on cheese popcorn in high school.

  135. misty gorman says:

    we eat A LOT of popcorn! and we watch A LOT of packers football! it is a great combination:) personally, i would like to try the salt and vinegar, that is my favorite chip, so it has to be great on popcorn too.

  136. I’m definitely more likely to eat it now that there are more flavors!

  137. I was craving popcorn last night so this sounds especially good to me. I think the flavorings sound like an interesting idea.

  138. the white cheddar would be great! This woman is great, I love the packers too 🙂

  139. Flavor options are a good thing – especially for days when plain is too plain!

  140. My kids love any kind of popcorn, its a regular staple at our house. They would probably really like to try the white chedder. I am personally a fan of extra butter and kettle corn!

  141. I like Life as Mom and Orville on Facebook!

  142. We already eat a lot of Orville. I’d love to try the extra cheese.

  143. White cheddar, for sure.

  144. I am a big fan of plain popcorn (salt only. ) However, I certainly would be inclined to try their new flavors, especially since the seasoning is “on the side” and I can add as much or as little as I want. Great idea!

  145. I would love to win and would love to try to white cheddar. I hope it tastes like the smart food!

  146. I’d like to try the vinegar but a bar and fix your own would be fun

  147. I would love to try the vinegar flavored popcorn.

  148. We typically pop our popcorn on the stove but the cheddar variety sounds very delicious!

  149. I might! We are also cheeseheads…so if we ever get a sample of the popcorn and try it…we might buy it!

  150. I would love any of the new flavors but the sea salt and vinegar sounds yummy!!!
    GO PACK GO!!

  151. I like Orville on facebook!

  152. OH MY GOODNESS! My sweet friend! Thank you for all the special goodies. I’m thankful for all the years of our friendship(and that you are only 3 hours away now!) and the special ways you use your thoughtfulness and creativity to show your love. I am blown over by the generosity of this gift. Love, Jessika

  153. I’m a plain kind of person, but my family would love the different flavors. I’m a fan of O. R. popcorn. He’s from Nebraska, I am thinking, and that’s where I’m from too. It pops better than other kinds. I like that.

  154. I am really excited about trying the new flavors and the first one will be white cheddar for sure!

  155. I liked Life as mom on FB.

  156. I think white cheddar pairs perfectly with popcorn! What a creative idea to have flavor packets – that way you can control how much seasoning you add!!

  157. Mmmm, I love sea salt and vinegar – I’d love to try those!

  158. I’m a fan on Facebook!

  159. OH I’m definitely excited to try the new flavors. We like to sprinkle things on our popcorn, and I love that the packets come “on the side” so we can make big batches and let the kids flavor theirs in smaller bowls. The sea salt and vinegar sounds awesome — we love those in chips, but this will be much healthier way to get those flavors!

  160. I like both Orville and you on FB.

  161. Jessica you always amaze me with how creative you are.

  162. megan bergman hughes says:

    So So fun to open up this email from LifeasMom and see an old friend’s face. Jessika and I served together at a Young Life camp in Colorado while we were still in High School. Your words about her now are true to the ones I would’ve used about her 20 years ago. Now, that’s something!! Fun to see your face, Jessika.

    While I live nearby Cheesehead land, I too would rather talk with the folks watching the game than watch it myself. So funny.

  163. I love popcorn and once long ago one of the microwavable popcorn companies made a marshmallow flavored one. It was by far my favorite! I’d try the new popcorn flavors.

  164. You had me at seasoning on the side – I too am an on the side kind of person. And white cheddar sounds yummy!

  165. Orville Redenbacher is the only brand of popcorn we buy-love the movie theater butter and regular butter flavors so we would definitely try the new flavor. Would be excited to try it!

  166. I am thinking that the “on the side” is the selling point for me! White cheddar sounds great!

  167. I love trying new flavors!! I love all that Packers stuff! Big fans here even though we’re in Minnesota, thanks!

  168. I love their caramel popcorn. I’m up to trying new flavors!

  169. The white cheddar is right up my alley! I would want to eat it daily!

  170. I liked you both on FB!

  171. i’d try the new flavors, but i really just like my plain popcorn…with a bit of butter. i could eat popcorn all day. yum!

  172. I would want to try the extra cheese. Sounds super yummy! I would eat that more for sure. 🙂

  173. Yes, we will try those. I would love the salt & vinegar.

  174. I would really like to try the salt and vinegar. I love that flavor on chips and I may really enjoy it on popcorn. If so, then I would definitely eat more!

  175. Ooh, the salt and vinegar sounds yummy. We already eat a TON of popcorn around here—it’ll be tough to eat more, but we can try. Thanks!

  176. I might be interested in trying other flavors of popcorn. It does sound yummy!

  177. I like your page on FB. 🙂

  178. i love this popcorn and would like to try the extra cheddar

  179. MamaFeelgood says:

    I love popcorn and will be trying the white cheddar one

  180. Colleen M. says:

    My family would love the sea salt and vinegar! White cheddar would also be pretty popular! 🙂

  181. I’ll eat any flavor!

  182. We have popcorn numerous times a week at our house. I am a big fan of cheesy popcorn (pre-packaged) and would like to try the microwave version. If its to our liking, you can bet it’ll become a staple!

  183. I think the White Cheddar one would be delicious!

  184. I am obsessed with salt and vinegar chips so I would love to try the new salt and vinegar flavored popcorn!

  185. I “liked” Orville on FB!

  186. We love popcorn in our house and having a variety of flavors might make us eat even more. I would love to try the salt and vinegar. If it is anything like salt and vinegar potato chips, I’ll be happy. 🙂

  187. Sea salt and vinegar popcorn!?!? I’m in heaven! Yes – I will be eating a lot more popcorn now. Yummmmmmmmm

  188. Like you and Orville on FB (SusanB)

  189. I had no idea that these flavors were available, but I’d definitely love to try the salt and vinegar one!

  190. I liked Orville on Facebook (I’ve liked you for a long time on there!)

  191. I didn’t know they had new flavors but I love flavored popcorn, so yes, I’d be more likely to snack on it!

  192. White chedder yum!!

  193. I liked you both on Facebook!!

  194. Love to try the white cheddar or quite honestly any of them I love popcorn

  195. like u both on fb Julie Scott Laws

  196. I love any flavor of popcorn! I would try them all.

  197. I’d like to try the white cheddar. I love salt and vinegar chips, though, so maybe I should pick that flavor.

  198. I’m not a big fan of flavored popcorn – unless it’s butter or caramel flavored :). But I’d still love to win this – we are huge Packer fans!

  199. Jessica T. says:

    I love popcorn. I want to try the sea salt and vinegar flavor.

  200. I love popcorn and can’t wait to try the white cheddar!

  201. I’d definitely love to try these fun flavors!

  202. i like Orville Redenbacher’s on facebook!

  203. and i like life as mom on facebook 🙂

  204. sea salt & vinegar for me!

  205. I’m sure we’ll be eating more of it, especially the white cheddar!

  206. I liked both on Facebook. Thanks!

  207. Yes, already loved their popcorn but am now looking forward to trying new flavors…esp the white cheddar!!

  208. We eat popcorn every night so it would be hard to imagine eating more due to flavors but we would love to try it!

  209. I like lifeasmom on fb.

  210. Popcorn is a favorite here. White Cheddar sounds like a good one to try. Nothing too spicy

  211. I love the idea of popcorn with favor packets!! We love to have popcorn during football games and having several bags with different flavors is a great idea. My hubby would love the salt and vinegar. I think the cheddar sounds wonderful!

  212. I love plain popcorn but cheese is good, too!

  213. White cheddar is my favorite! Would love to try this.

  214. although it sounds odd, I would love to try the salt and vinegar.

  215. I “liked” orville and life as mom on facebook!

  216. I’m not sure I’d snack on it more, unless the flavors are also ‘light’.

  217. I became a fan of FOOTBALL..BECAUSE OF MY SONS!!they both play HS football is a big event in the house!!and as popcorn..WHAT WILL BE A NICE EVENT WITHOUT POPCORN??love it!!!white cheddar is a winer!!!

  218. I would definitely like to try the new flavors. cheese popcorn is so yummy. yes I would probably eat more popcorn after finding new flavors I enjoy!

  219. Terra McDonald says:

    Would definitely give Orville’s White Cheddar a try. With 3 babes in the house I’m sure the bowl would empty quickly!! I also liked the Nacho flavour of popcorn but still a fan! of the classic Butter flavour! 😀

  220. I’ve grow up with popcorn memories all around me.. as my Grandma would say “Let’s go scorch us some corn” She would have loved (and I for sure will try) ALL flavors but I’m betting white cheddar will be my Bestie! 😉

  221. michele malone says:

    probably. we love popcorn and the nacho sounds wonderful!

  222. Wow, this sounds awesome, we love popcorn in our household, so yeah, we’ll be trying these seasoning packs out! And the White Cheddar sounds yummy to me. 🙂 creedamy [at] yahoo[dot] com

  223. Kacy Brown says:

    I love to try any kind of flavored popcorn. I haven’t found any I like better than O. R. Natural Salt and Pepper though.

  224. Kacy Brown says:

    I’m already a long time fan of O. R. on facebook, but I did like Life as Mom today. Thank you! Go Packers!

  225. We love Orville’s in our house. We have the plain corn in a jar for our air popper and the pop-up bowls–great invention! I’d love to try the cheese flavor. Go Niners!

  226. I have been following you for over a month now and THIS IS BY FAR my favorite post!
    I am a HUGE Packer fan and in my house that is a BIG deal! Hubby is Cowboy fan, middle son is Colts fan…so it gets rough here! 🙂
    So if I win…you can just carbon copy…LOL!!! great idea…need to mix one of these up for my family in AZ…they are all Packer Fans!!!!

  227. Suzanne Ruckman says:

    We live Orville’s movie theater butter, so I don’t know if we can eat any more than we do, but salt and vinegar sounds great to me!

  228. Suzanne Ruckman says:

    I like you on fb.

  229. I would definitely be interested in trying the extra cheese flavored popcorn.

  230. I liked you and Orville on facebook.

  231. I like the traditional, but my hubby is always interested in trying the new flavors!

  232. amanda l h says:

    Probably not. I love butter popcorn.

  233. amanda l h says:

    Facebook fan of both
    amanda luchansky harris

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