My Mom

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  • She’s raised five children: three girls, then 2 boys.
  • She’s taught kindergarten, Girl Scouts, and college.
  • She’s been blessed by the arrivals of four grandsons and now four granddaughters. (Nanna is her name).
  • She’s always had a fierce love for us kids. Her favorite saying, though grossly inaccurate, is “my child is always right.” While if we’re honest, each of knows she’s wrong, it was an encouragement growing up to know that our mom had such confidence in us. Though the whole world may be against us, Mom was on our side.
  • She’s always demonstrated a cheerful attitude about being a mom even though life was far from perfect. Through her profession as an educator and parenting consultant, she has always had a passion to help moms and dads do their best for their kids. I am so thankful for this gift. She has encouraged me to strive to be a better mom. We haven’t always agreed on the methods, but she has supported me, nonetheless. I am a better mom because of her.
  • She’s my mom.
Happy Mother’s Day, Mom!

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  1. Just read about you at Crystals and was touched by it.
    I have had 3 miscarriages. 2 in my younger yrs & 1 last May. I even had a tubial reversal 4 yrs ago. But God as a timing that we truly don’t understand all the time.
    It was so strange how I forgot things to get pg in May I didn’t remember until now. I used progsterone cream. I made the mistake & quit using it after I got pg & lost the baby. But it took me a year of praying and talking w/a friend, God helped me to remember that I needed to use this cream. God talks to us in our thoughts and this is one I can’t take credit for. We really need to be open for him. His timing is perfect b/c I would have a hard timing carrying a baby and helping my hubby w/his business. Now dh is working outside the home and the work load is off of my shoulders. God knew this. But I think he was also warning me things needed to change. And they did. I can’t wait for the pitter patter of little feet.