to do today this week this month

to do today this week this month

If you can’t see the image below, go here to download the pdf.

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  1. this post is so awesome, thank u! i just printed it out and can’t wait to use it. btw, I’m a little neurotic haha with my post its and I’ve ordered them in white from amazon and love them! if you’re interested, here is the link: thanks so much for the download!

  2. I currently have a system where I have broken down all the categories of tasks in my life, from gardening, to homeschooling, home repair, animals, volunteer work, jobs, yard work, etc., into the months of the year. But I have always had trouble assigning those tasks to a week and then to a day. Now that I see your form, I realize that my problem was that I couldn’t see the month, week and day all on one form. I will probably make post-it notes that say Week 1, Week 2, Week 3 and Week 4 all at once and keep the three that aren’t for the current week on the back of the page. I will save those weekly post- its so it will help me organize the weekly chores the following year. I also plan to keep my monthly menus to aid in planning the following year since we change our menus each season.

  3. Bonnie Barnhill says:

    I love your printables! I hope this will help me to break up some tasks and feel more accomplished. I try to keep lists on my phone in my notes, but it’s easier for me to physically see my lists or they might not happen. Thank you!

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