My Own Indiana Jones

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A few weeks ago the kids and I ran to Target after school. One of the tasks at hand was to take advantage of a granola bar deal. Buy so many boxes, get a $5 gift card. Since they were some of our favorite bars, and I had good coupons, I was all for it. When we came home, we unloaded the bags. I found that a box of bars and a few other items were missing. I searched high and low all over the house and they were nowhere to be found. I called Target but no one had turned in a bag. However, Customer Service was very nice and said that if I brought in the receipt, they would replace the missing items. Very generous of them.

On our date night that evening, FishPapa and I stopped in and got the replacement items. My brother was babysitting. I asked me how it went. He got this funny smile on his face and proceeded to tell me the tale of his evening.

FishBoy5 had acted rather mysterious at bedtime. He and FishChick had sequestered themselves in the laundry room with the door shut. Uncle Jace called them out to brush their teeth. It took quite a bit of coaxing to get FishBoy upstairs. As soon as Jace turned his back to brush FishChick’s teeth, FishBoy had vanished. UJ found him in the laundry room again, hiding behind the door, scarfing down granola bars. All told, he’d eaten THREE in lightning speed. In unloading the bags earlier in the day, he had diverted his sack to the laundry room!

We now call him the Raider of the Lost Bars.

(And what a story I had to tell the people at Customer Service to explain where my missing sack had gone.)

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  1. This is just the kind of laugh I needed this morning – thanks for the lift and your great blog! Boys will be boys, eh?

  2. I'm assuming your brother's name must start with a J, because I have an Uncle Jim, that I call UJ, too!

    I guess great minds do think alike!