A New Sunday Morning Ritual

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It all started when Crystal posted about making cinnamon rolls for the 4th of July. And since my dad had bought me this, I knew I could do it with some degree of success. And now it’s been about four weeks and we are sucked in. Completely. From FishPapa to FishChick.

Cinnamon Rolls are right up there with Saturday Morning Pancakes as a FishFam Tradition.

And even though I not the fantastic food stylist and photographer that Pioneer Woman is, I hope you’ll believe me when I say, this is a tradition worth keeping!

Of course, I’m using a recipe from the best bread machine cookbook of all time. If I posted all my favorite recipes from that book, I’d be in big trouble. So, you will have to go hunt it down for yourself. (But, because I love ya, I googled the author and found a different cinnamon roll recipe that she created. You can try that one and let us know what you think.)

So, my Saturday night ritual is to make up 1 1/2 batches of Morning Sticky Buns. The 1/2 batch gets made “sticky” and the full batch is straight up cinnamon roll. After all are formed and panned, I cover them with plastic wrap and let them rest in the frig overnight. I bake them all in the morning and whip up some powdered sugar glaze that the kids spoon “on the side” for dipping.

And, oh, do we have a good time at Sunday morning breakfast!

Have you got any weekend breakfast traditions? Share them with us!

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  1. Mother of Many says:

    Fishmama, you are the best. I wrote about you today… Would you be my mom? I’m only 32? Is that too old, I really want some of those yummy rolls…I guess I’ll just have to try them myself. I’m praying for you.

  2. M.o.M., I can be your bossy big sister. I’m only 36, thank you very much! 😉

  3. Mother of Many says:

    Well, that all depends, do little sisters get those rolls? Just Kidding. We always have a fun Sabbath breakfast. I normally buy mine, not very frugal, but fun nonetheless. I should try these. Thank you.

  4. Briana Almengor says:

    There’s no stopping you! 🙂
    I wish I ate at your house on Sunday’s.

    We have what’s become a tradition, I guess. The boys get to stay in their pj’s to come down to eat breakfast and don’t have to make their beds like they do during the week.

  5. My hubby & I met & married in the south (AL) so we love good southern buttermilk biscuits. We started to make them ourselves a few years ago and the best part of this tradition is that my hubby makes them! So I get a morning off. It's awesome.

  6. AHighandNobleCalling says:

    I didn’t think recipes were copyrighted? Am I wrong? I know you can’t do a whole book or anything, but I thought a few while giving credit to the autor was permissible?

  7. According to my understanding of recipe copyright law, the “formula” cannot be copyrighted, but the words used to convey the formula are….basically the directions and how everything is worded. So, if you paraphrased and gave credit I think you would be totally fine. However, to do that too much, I think, is just going a little over the line. So, I figured I’d play it safe. Hope that makes sense. 🙂

  8. AHighandNobleCalling says:

    Thanks for clarifying that! I didn’t know what the exact copy rights were.

  9. Chawksgirl4ever says:

    tuesdays and wednesdays are my husbands days off so those days he makes french toast or blueberry pancakes.I used to cook like that but have been on pregnancy bed rest for a couple months now.

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