New Years Traditions: Make Some with Your Children!

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My New Year’s Eves have never been the ballgown and dancing shoe variety. Even before children came on the scene, FishPapa and I were more the “be cozy at home” kind of celebrants. Yummy food & a fun game to play are more our style.

This makes it easy to include our kids in our New Year’s Traditions. But, over the years we’ve made some new ones to add to the snacks and games. I’ll be featuring a new one every day this week in anticipation of the ball dropping on Thursday. In the meantime, I’d love to hear what you do in your family to celebrate the New Year.

Got a plan already? Share it with us!

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  1. Our family likes to stay at home on New Year's eve, too. We always have fondue for dinner. My kids think it's so much fun, they start talking about it weeks ahead of time.

  2. We stay home, too, and pretty much always have. In recent years, I have allowed my older son to have a few friends over for a sleep over (they get here before dark and leave around lunch the next day so no one is out driving in all of the madness). Assuming all healthy on Wednesday, we will invite a few of his friends over again for Friday!

  3. We stay home too. My husband and I have the tradition of having a late fondue dinner after our boys are in bed. We watch a movie or tv while nibbling on cheese and chocolate. We're usually in bed and I'm asleep before the ball drops though.

  4. New Year's Eve is my oldest's birthday so the day usually revolves around him. We have a party and then he gets his choice of dinner. Then we usually have snacks and watch movies or play games until the ball drops and we hope that everyone can stay awake that long!!

  5. New Years Eve is pretty quiet here compared to Christmas, and we don't really have any traditions (apart from staying at home).

    Would love to start some new ones with our kids, so hoping for some inspiration here!

  6. This New Year's will be the first one that we won't have kids with us; now that they're teenagers, they have their own plan. Hubby and I plan to go to a late afternoon matinee of the new Sherlock Holmes movie and then we'll be home for the evening. Not even sure I can stay awake until the balldrops.

  7. Oh yes! Home and cozy is the order of the day for us too. Hubby may work that day and then we plan to have either a fondue supper or something simple like pizza and chips.

    Including the toddlers will likely mean watching a movie together (in PJs with popcorn) and Mom and Dad staying up to play games, watch movies and eat junk until we fall asleep.

    Good Times.

  8. We have root beer floats, these are a real treat since the kids don't drink soda. My kiddos are still young: 8, 6, 3. So we watch movies, play games, etc until the kiddos fall asleep. We're all usually asleep before midnight:-)

  9. We stay home with the kids. My husband has to work on NY Day so he has to get up at 3am. He will go to bed by 11.

    As for plans, so far I know we are having take-out Chinese food. Then playing games with the kids. Besides the 2 youngest, those who can stay up until midnight (without getting in trouble) can.

    My oldest will be doing the polar plunge on New Years Day.