New Year’s Traditions: Sweet Days at the Beach

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For everything there is a season. Like when do the seals camp out on the beach? When do the whales migrate? When are oranges and avocados and lemons in season? Um, I think that would be winter.

And, winter holds special memories in family life, too. For us, now back in California, winter means that most of the tourists have left “our” beaches alone. No more crowds. We’re free to roam the sandy stretches and not trip over coolers, blankets, and wayward sand toys.

Member when we did this last New Year’s?

Well, this week is no different. We plan to play at the playa all week. We’ve got friends heading in from the Mid-West, so I’ve got fish tacos and beach days all lined up.

Yesterday the FishFam piled into the van and headed to La Jolla — because we could. Five years in Kansas City has made me very thankful for beautiful weather.

Believe it or not, it can be “cool” at the seaside and I was also thankful when I saw FishPapa had packed a coat. I am always cold it seems. HOW did I survive 5 years in Kansas?

Eventually, the sun peeked out, and it was a fantastic day. We saw the seals basking on the beach, watched the body surfers, and splashed in the tide pools.

Note to self: take your shoes off when you go to the tide pools! Lesson learned and duly noted. Squooshy shoes are no fun. It was fantastic to get my bare feet in the sand. I haven’t done that in months. Why not?!

We ended the day by grabbing sandwiches and picnicking by the seaside. What a sweet day at the beach!

What sweet New Year memory are you reliving this year?

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  1. I'd love a day at the beach about now. I'm in KS and we've had over 18" of snow so far this month and it's snowing again today. right now. plus, arctic air on the way tomorrow just in time for 2010.

  2. What a fun tradition! For us, New Year's always centers around celebrating our youngest son's birthday. He's FIVE today!

  3. You just brought back so many memories. We were in San Diego 5 yrs (wow, too long) ago & family took us to Point Loma Seafood (I think it's by La Jolla)& they had THE BEST FISH TACOS.
    Also (I'm sorry I'm not sure where you are exactly) but in San Diego there is/was a chinese restaurant that was named Arizona & we had to order in spanish….just the thought makes my chuckle.
    oh, oh, oh & then there is another restaurant in Old Town, the Mexican Cafe that makes the best carnitas; small crispy on the outside moist on the inside chunks (I still can't get the recipe right)
    Okay, I'm officially hungry

  4. What a great post…we moved from the cold in Wisconsin to the beach in Florida and love it when the tourists are gone and the beach is ours again. Maybe we'll make going to the beach a New Year's tradition too.

  5. I just found your blog from Money Saving Mom 🙂 We live in San Diego and go to the beach alot too its so nice to be the only ones there 😛

  6. I have lived in Minnesota all my life so I forget that people go through Christmas and New Year's with warm weather! We got a foot of snow on just Christmas Eve and Christmas day alone here and it has been snowing on and off since then. We normally don't do much for New Year's now that we have kids. The year we got married we went to Florida on Jan. 2. We were one of the very few "weirdos" at Wet 'N Wild Waterpark in the 80 degree weather! I guess they just don't go swimming in the winter!

  7. Last year I went to the worst New Year's party ever. No music, no games…only small talk with people I didn't know for 5 hours. This year I'm opting to host my own New Years party to ensure that I'm with friends I love AND that my girls will be in bed at a decent hour.

    laurie @

  8. I would love to live near the beach! I'm about 7 hours away from the closest one though. 🙂

    It looks like ya'll had the best time!

    Happy New Year!!!!