No Use Crying Over…

See this? See ALL this? This is all the great frozen food I stocked up on last week. I was so proud of myself for scoring some great deals — and easy school day lunches. This was actually a bragging photo I forgot to add to my Grocery Geek post.

Today I headed to grab a couple bags of the new Bertolli Oven Bakes for the kids’ and my lunch. We’ve liked other Bertolli products, so I was looking forward to trying them.

However, I didn’t feel a blast of cold air when I opened the freezer. Uh oh. I didn’t hear the hum of the freezer. Uh oh. again. In fact, everything, except one bag of hashbrowns was completely thawed!

Yes, I cried.

And then I called my husband and cried some more.

Turns out the freezer was plugged into a GFI Outlet. Not a good thing. Don’t ever plug something important into a GFI!

The boys helped me empty the contents into a large garbage bag, and we mourned it together. It was about $30 of food that should have lasted about a month interspersed amongst other things.

But, there is no use in crying over un-frozen food.

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  1. Mrs. Querido says:

    Oh, what a bummer!

  2. Dear Daddy Blog says:

    Oh no I am so sorry. That is a real bummer I know. Hopefully some more deals will come along soon and push this memory in the back part of your brain. : )

  3. Yuck! We lost a large freezer full of ground bison and girl scout cookies once… the meat thawed and dripped onto my THIN MINTS! That was a horrendous smell – and it was when Addy was first in the NICU. What a mess to clean up.

    Hope your luck turns soon!

  4. Oh, that would have made me cry too! That’s a lot of food. Sorry!

  5. I have had a freezer go out. It is so sad when it happens. You just hate to throw stuff away. But I think it happens to everyone.

  6. That stinks! All the while we were evacuated for hurricane Ike, we were concerned about the hundreds of dollars worth of food in our freezers going bad if electricity was out too long. Thank God everything was fine when we got home. I really feel the prayer I said over our home & property made all the difference! God Bless you!

  7. Oh man, thats one of my biggest fears! Ive got a lot of $ invested in my freezer in the garage! So sorry!

  8. Oh man I hate when that happens. My freezer died last week (dh told me to stop buying them at garage and estate sales and bought me a brand new one!) I lost about $200 worth of food throwing it away made me sick to my stomach but eating i was out of the question! We are slowly restocking it (thankfully I had not yet gone to the meat market or I would have lost much more something told me to wait another week before I did that!)

  9. Donna(mom24boyz) says:

    Maybe it is a good thing that my freezer is pretty much empty anyway?

    What a bummer!

  10. Angela Fehr says:

    That is my worst nightmare right now – we just bought a quarter of beef, and didn’t realize until we got the bill that they’d given us a half of beef instead (that’s half a cow, about a year’s worth of meat!). Way more than I wanted but not returnable. I open my freezer at least once a day so if it did crash I would know before we had to pitch everything.

  11. OH NO! Bummer.

  12. Crystal says:

    Benn there.. we lost an entire freeze due to electrical problems.. it was full of meat and veggies..that was for the upcoming winter… needless to say My MIL bought us a new one.. she felt horrible cause it was one she gave us

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