Nobody Doesn’t Like Sara Lee

Remember that commercial from when you were a kid? Recently, I had the opportunity to revisit a taste from childhood, Sara Lee poundcake. Read my review here.

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  1. Is it really "Nobody Doesn't Like Sara Lee"?? Oh my goodness!!! I have spent my whole life singing "Nobody Does It Like Sara Lee"!!! LOL! And no, I can't write a sentence that doesn't end with an exclamation point! :o)

  2. Southern Gal says:

    Yes, and I always thought it went "Nobody does it like Sara Lee." Until recently.

  3. Southern Gal says:

    Ha! Theresa and I commented at the same time and we both thought the same thing! That is so funny! (I like !! too.)

  4. Anonymous says:

    I am 50 years old, and also recently noticed a Sara Lee truck pulling into a Walmart that said Nobody doesn't like Sara Lee. I am sure I grew up hearing the commercials say, Nobody does it like Sara Lee. Has this slogan been changed?

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