Not So Random Acts…

I’ll never forget the day my neighbor Wendy showed up at the door with a lasagna and garlic bread. It was no special occasion. No new baby from the hospital. It was no trying or tragic time. There was no obvious need that she was filling. She just wanted to do it, she said.

We hadn’t been close friends prior to that moment, so her action spoke even more loudly of hospitality and being a good neighbor. We enjoyed a fantastic lasagna that night. And not only was my tummy warmed, but my heart was also.

Doing something just because is a beautiful thing – for the person you’re blessing as well as for you.

JessieLeigh has been doing a series on these kinds of “sacrifical acts of hospitality.” Her creativity and her care for others are so fun to watch. Makes me want to get in on the action!

For our part, the boys and I are discussing what we can do to help others. I’m hoping that we will be able to collect a huge box of toiletries, snacks, and groceries to take to the San Diego Ronald McDonald House. I know of several families who have benefited from RMHouses. It seems like an easy way that the kids and I can work together to serve our community and to do it in a way that easily fits into our life and our budget.

What are ways that you have or can serve and care for those around you? Let’s brainstorm in the comments section!

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  1. JessieLeigh says:

    You already know how important the RMH was in my life! Bless you for wanting to help out these families who already have so much on their plates with having a sick child. I truly believe it’s a fabulous way to give and I am forever astounded at the generosity of individuals. I think your kids will enjoy it too. 🙂

  2. topaztook says:

    I find the site Doing Good Together to be a great resource for this kind of discussion. The site founder is the author of The Busy Family’s Guide to Volunteering. There are project ideas and resource lists (books on a variety of service/giving projects) on the site — I just used it to find books on autism for my niece who wanted to know what it was. I’m also thinking of doing some of the projects where you make cards for kids in the hospital with my almost three-year-old, and/or filling a birthday bag for our food shelf around the time of her birthday.

    It’s hard to find things that get one so little really involved, though, so I’d love more great ideas.

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