‘Nother MOM Deal

Just got back from Target where I saw that they have another great cereal deal going this week:

Buy 4 Cheerios for $11, get a gift card for $5. As is, this would make your cost $1.50/box which is pretty good. But combine it with coupons and it would be stellar.

For instance, if you joined the Cheerios Challenge, you should have received a coupon for a free box, as well as 6 $1 coupons over the course of several weeks. Depending on their expiration dates, you could do this:

Buy 4 Cheerios for $11
Minus free box coupon ($2.75)
Minus 3 $1 coupons.
Pay out of pocket $5.25 + tax
Minus $5 gift card

Get 4 boxes of cereal for a quarter! Whoo hoo! Fits my cereal rule to a T.

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  2. that is a really good deal! I’d do it except we already have soooo many boxes of cherrios, free with coupons of course! Yes, California does have good deals too.

    I’ll be praying for you this week.

  3. We live in Massachusetts and our Target ad states that you get a free gallon of milk with the purchase of 4 boxes of Cheerios. Just thought that I would give a heads up. I will still do it because we drink about 5-6 gallons a week around here and my son would live on Cheerios if I let him!!

    Thanks for the tip! I signed up for the Cheerios deal but never got anything-wonder why. I do have a few $1/3 coupons though.

  4. Wow, thanks for letting us know about this. I still have a ton of coupons from the Cheerios challenge. Mine let me print them twice!

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